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Thranduil39s elk really did exist shame it39s extinct though t

Thranduil39s elk really did exist shame it39s extinct though t


10 extinct animals science could bring back from the dead. My vote is for this incredible Irish Elk.

A model of an Irish Elk.

Extinct in the Wild :Pere David's Deer This species is listed as Extinct in the Wild, as all populations are still under captive management.

Irish Elk With no living relatives alive today, and the latest fossil record dating back

Megaloceros (Irish Elk Giant Deer) http://en.wikipedia.org

Pere David's Deer ( Elaphurus davidianus ) is Extinct in the Wild. Known in Chinese

Giant Elk

Découvrez les images des 10 animaux disparus que la science pourrait ressusciter

Artists concept of wolves hunting an ancient (now extinct) Irish elk

It's funny, deer are very careful but not that afraid, nor shy

ImageDeer with another deers head stuck on its antlers ...

Schomburgk's Deer

Elk come home to Virginia

Mountain caribou can weight up to 600lbs. Biologist Mark Hebblewhite of the University of Montana

extinct animals: Irish Deer: the largest deer that ever lived (extinct about 7,700 years ago) [Wiki - Photo: (c) The Field Museum, CK1T]

Greater Kudu

Easy Target / There's a plan afoot to eradicate the white fallow deer in Point Reyes -- but could there be another way to keep rangers, ranchers, ...

The legendary Thylacine or Tasmanian tiger was assumed to be extinct in 1936 when the last known individual was said to have died in captivity at a ...

... to the brink of extinction by early European settlers in Tasmania because they thought the creature was killing their livestock when it's actually feral ...

Only one Quagga was ever photographed, the female above, taken at the London Zoo

These cattle almost look ashamed of their tendency to hang around in water.

Elk - North American Wildlife of the Frozen North - Amazing.

Thats a HUUUUUUGE Elk!

Irish Elk

I can't imagine seeing this jump

Arizona Elk Hunting

"The Irish Deer or Giant Deer was a species of Megaloceros and one of the largest deer that ever lived. Its range extended across Eurasia, from Ireland to ...

concept of runaway selection to interpret a number of biological traits considered to have possible connections in driving certain species to extinction.

Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?

The Thylacine was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is commonly known

With all its ferocity, the tiger is a very useful animal to its habitat, much like any other apex predator on earth. Indeed, our favorite big cat plays a ...

These Amazon Animals Would Still Go Extinct Even if Deforestation Stopped Tomorrow

Carnivore extermination damaging ecosystems : Timber Wolf hunting American Elk, Yellowstone

Amazing Extinct Animals If you were to look at the time that humans have been on Earth, you'd be surprised that we're just a small fraction of what has ...

Design and Illustration for extinct, prehistoric animal specimens and fossils, natural history museum signage.

There really was a Giant Irish Deer; sometimes also called a Giant Irish Elk. Can you imagine hauling that huge rack around?

Hunting is NOT a sport!

It's an extinction burst. "INCOMING!"

Thylacine, a marsupial commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf. It is thought to have become extinct in the century.

I'm not sure the exact name of this beautiful animal, but I'm sure it's in the Cervidae family which includes deer, caribou, moose & reindeer.

The Sammy Walker buck aka Louisana Freak or "unscoreable buck". He was shot in 1965. It's a Cactus Buck. Never shed it's antlers..was shot back then using ...

Moose (or Elk if you're in Scandinavia). Despite many, many visits to Norway, I've never seen one of these! There are signs everywhere to warn motorists and ...

This is the only decent photo I could find of Edinburgh's Irish Elk specimen, chosen because it's the only one mounted on the floor and not a pedestal

Thylacinus cynocephalus | Thylacinus cynocephalus (Tasmanian wolf) thought to have gone extinct in the

"It's a really romantic story," Utah State University ecologist Dan McNulty said. "It's a story about a world that doesn't really exist."

Idaho Wolves

Dr. Kroll just returned from a week of filming two North American Whitetail TV hunts, taking two great bucks in South Texas. His first hunt was with Living ...


xglan: Cold mist by Félix Morlán González (Vintage Home)

... EBOOK EXTINCT MONSTERS *** Produced by Chris Curnow, Tom Cosmas and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net (This file was ...

If large mammals did not exist, then would we humans be farming Protoceratops for their


Mama Moose doesn't look too happy with someone getting so close to her babies.

Kirk's Dik Dik

Top 10 Most Amazing Extinct Animal in The World

There's a revolution that needs to happen and it starts inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with the Earth.

I don't know if another planet is on its way.

so I know it's not a horse and doesn't belong on this board but they are Beautiful and Graceful. Beautiful stags in the fall woods

It's a shame when any species goes extinct, but it's almost a special flavor of shame when it's an animal as unique as the gastric brooding frog.

Doug Clark: Officially extinct: North Carolina cougars are long gone

Ave elefante

Stag in Mazeres, Midi-Pyrénées_ France

The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction | Environment | The Guardian

Achlis - elk-tapir-looking thing - Roman Mythology; Because of its long upper lip it was said to graze backwards. Also, its hind legs had no joints so it ...

An elk in Yellowstone Park.


An interestingly-posed thylacine from the Muséum-Aquarium de Nancy in France.

This animal is suffering terribly and the first thought to cross this hunters mind was not to end the ...

... destruction of everything internal comes from stories surrounding the early deployment of the military version of the rifle. Again, this wasn't an AR-15 ...

It's so sad. We need to talk about it more but we don't coz we're ashamed of what we've done.

Chinese water deer also known as the vampire deer Once thought extinct, researchers recently found

This is how religious people think, if it doesn't fit into their delusional

A slaughtered elephant is seen in Bambara-Maoude, Mali, 10 June 2015

Dinocrocuta gigantea by PineRain on deviantART Dinocrocuta is an extinct genus of hyena-like feliform carnivores. It lived in Asia, and Africa, ...

Flying Horror of New Guinea. There are those out there who still believe that dinosaurs

The short-faced bear (Arctodus Simus) would put the modern bear to shame

THIS ain't no lie: The Pinocchio lizard was thought to be extinct for 50 years, but has been rediscovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador.

UK species come back

Bull elk near Canyon

Wallace, A. R. 1905. My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 2.

“The average African IQ is 70” | Abagond

Cecil was so beautiful. It's a senseless shame that he was killed - especially for the vanity of a very selfish ...

A poster showing information about the extinct Tasmanian tiger.

Marchant, James ed. 1916. Alfred Russel Wallace letters and reminiscences. New York: Harper & Brothers.

June 2007 - B333, before he was collared, near a road-killed elk

Credit USFWS

Kan We Help is a local Government Watch Dog Group made up of local businesspersons and activists that know in Lassen County the "Good Ole Boys", if they ...

ivory billed woodpecker A North American bird so endangered it may actually be extinct

A distant relative of the modern-day fallow deer, the Irish elk was a

A rare species of parrot, once thought to be extinct, has been re-

Piebald whitetail deer. By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via

Dairy farming

Startlingly different ...

Yellowstone biologist Doug Smith said the herd remains healthy despite its smaller size. The number is more in line with historic levels since wolves were ...

I haven't told you about any extinct animals for a while, but today I am going to tell you about the Irish Elk.

20 Animals That Are Likely To Become Extinct animals nature animal interesting wild life facts wild

More than 99 per cent of species that once roamed the planet are now extinct .

I thought this was an albino lion, but it is a White Lion. Very beautiful and quite rare.

Giant Ground Sloth Megatherium | Giant Ground Sloth | Extinct around 10,500 years Before Present (