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This is the strangest life i39ve ever known Sailor Moon t

This is the strangest life i39ve ever known Sailor Moon t


this is the strangest life i've ever known · Sailor Moon ...

awwww "cynical guy" and "dumpling head" hugging. Find this Pin and more on sailor moon ...

Usagi still can't use a computer (Sailor Moon)

/Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon/#1481669 - Zerochan. Cool stuff is cool.

This is a series of mobile wallpapers based around the Art Nouveau-esque artwork used in Sailor Moon Crystal! The sources are my own high-res screenshots.

Sailor Moon Best Arts — shiroiroom: It's tough…she is tougher.

skeletonchic: Here they are all together! The Sailor Scouts on.

Mid transformation because all I know is the transformation haha, fraud. Last one incoming! (Maybe, I actually think I wanna keep going) Suggestions for the ...

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Poster

Rei ain't afraid of no ghosts

We also had a chance to catch up with Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing at Viz, about the state of the Sailor Moon world.

I've always wanted to own the anime for myself...and now · Sailor Moon ...



Have you seen Act 14? “Conclusion and Commencement” is the final chapter of the first arc. “Conclusion” refers to Sailor Moon and Metalia's epic battle, ...

sailormoon1 Sailor Moon: Serenas arrival 20 years ago changed anime

Turn and face the strange

The 5 Most Insane (Types of) Sailor Moon Rumors We've Ever Heard!

... she can't go and kill Nemesis if she's all powerful. Instead, sending your daughter and leaving it up to your younger self is a lot of trust that you're ...

Sailor Moon x Harry Potter by lisGinka. I disagree with some of the sorting. Usagi should be in Hufflepuff along with venus

Sailor Moon (TV Series 1995–2000) - Sailor Moon (TV Series 1995–2000) - User Reviews - IMDb

Sailor Moon S Laser Disc cover

... empathized that.

Sailor moon

Now, this is more like it--in this week's episode, Sailor Moon takes on an ALL YOU CAN EAT CAKE BUFFET! Guess what happens? A new shop has opened in the ...

Anime Expo is celebrating classic and new "Sailor Moon" this year by hosting multiple

xD Usagi and Mamo-chan ♡. Find this Pin and more on sailor moon ...



“Trust me; I'm not above taking it off your corpse.”

Unexpected Events {Sailor Moon!Jake x Reader} by Pewdelia12 on DeviantArt

The original Sailor Moon series is full of key moments. We break down the best and most important from the first season.

I always had a crush on Darien Chiba. Color by karenpa on DeviantArt. Find this Pin and more on sailor moon ...

What Was Sailor Moon's Archery Attack?

Sailor Moon anime comic strip Jadeite's Great Plan featuring Jadeite and Queen Beryl of the Dark

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #17 - Sailor Moon's Power-Up! featuring

Because, you know, that tells me so much about why Urahara isn't over moe-ified and boring.

'Sailor Moon' Is The Best Anime In The World

Sailor Moon Origin 1 by Foxi-5 ...

I hope the power of this whole company makes you think “This series's musicals are great.” What do you all think? I hope you have fun.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the first fictional couple I ever shipped (though I had no idea I was doing it):. You may know them as Sailor Moon ...

For the first time ever, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is being officially released in English, via weekly new episodes on Hulu.com. LET'S WATCH 'EM!

While I've seen others posit this theory before, I've never seen one go into too much depth. It's the right moment for it, as in the most recent episode of ...

It's the weekend... don't ask

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Poster · Trailer

Usagi carrying Chibi-Usa

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Dream Arc

by こうき らん


Sailor Moon has spent years in ...

Usagi makes the decision to transform in front of Mamoru

In college I randomly got an email from a classmate who just wanted to say “I always had a suspicion that Sailor Mercury would end up studying at MIT, ...

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 9 Review

It all comes to this! The start of the two-part season finale of Season One of Sailor Moon...which was condensed into one episode by the original American ...

This was definitely not recommended by fans

We're back with another episode not part of the original American dub of Sailor Moon...because America cannot handle a show about extremely cute(?) ...

"In the name of the Moon, I WILL PUNISH YOU!"

Sailor Moon Origin 8 by Foxi-5 ...

Sample liner note translation (Vol 1., between Act 2 and Act 3;

... is a pretty big deal as a child watching this show). I much prefer the second arc to the first and the added layers of complexity with time travel, ...

There are about 1 bajillion Sailor Moon fanfics out there and the numbers are growing. What you'll find here are links to stories I've actually read and ...

"I've been waiting for an excuse to do that for months."

Essential Sailor Moon Episodes Every Fan Should Watch

I never imagined that she could've been a human in love with Endymion; this wasn't covered in the original anime.

Sailor Moon Crystal – 12

This week brings the closest thing to a Power Rangers/Kamen Rider crossover with Sailor Moon crossover when Sailor Moon (sort of) meets Monster Fighter ...

MoonSticks Sailor Moon Comic/Doujinshi #73 #73 Star Serious Plan featuring Sailor Starlights

Sailor Moon OCs

Hello AniTAY, and welcome to the first of my weekly articles talking about each new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. As you probably already know, ...

'Sailor Moon': Serena's arrival 20 years ago changed anime | Hero Complex – movies, comics, pop culture – Los Angeles Times

I've read online that Irwin's Sailor Moon dolls varied considerably, with some being "pretty" and some being "ugly". The "ugly" ones have flat faces.

The ...

Ranking Sailor Moon Characters from Least to Most Fashionable — EyeCandy Film Journal

Was Sailor Moon Originally Meant to Be Able to Fly?

Did this actually happen?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

“Usagi, it was a toy. “

Usagi Tsukino and Naru Osaka – BFFs

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sailor Moon - The List - Anime News Network

Ho ho holy crap why do I not own this album?

Sailor Moon Another Story box

Two Sailor Moon posters from Viz Media, both signed by Stephanie Shea (Sailor Moon) and Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask)!

It's a normal school day for 8th grader Usagi Tsukino – late for school and rushing out the door. In her hurry, she collides with a stray cat!


Now I've talked about the background of the series and my own history with it I just want to talk about my feelings on each season and in particular wax ...

Adult Chibi Usa by Yamigirl21 ...



Two Sailor Moon posters from Viz Media, both signed by Stephanie Shea (Sailor Moon) and Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask)!