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The marauders things i wanna know about marauders era part 3

The marauders things i wanna know about marauders era part 3


the marauders - things i wanna know about marauders era part 2

the marauders - things i wanna know about marauders era part although I thought that Remus was head boy.

The Marauders - Vow of Silence: A Oneshot part

The Marauders - Remus Lupin and professor McGonagall part 3

James Potter, professional quidditch player part 3. Find this Pin and more on The Marauders ...

The Marauders and McGonagall part 2 by http://minerva-mcgee.tumblr.com/

The Marauders: Remus and Lily

I don't know if I agree with this headcannon but it's pretty hilarious. Little baby Remus < < < I want to see the constipated face of Slughorn.

the marauders and lily - Opening the Map part 3 by http://betterinbronzeandblue

Then after Snape catches Harry with the map, lupin was probably like "knew it.

“He finally did it, huh?” Sirius said to Remus, sitting beside him as they both…

The Marauders Asking McGonagall how to Become an Animagus

The Marauders and McGonagall part 3 by http://minerva-mcgee.tumblr.com/

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Peter should have died for them, as the Marauders - Sirius included - would have died for him. Now, we all know about Pads' nobility and bravery, ...

But in a more fleshed-out reply to the theory, another Tumblr user challenges the initial character pairings . . . and we're inclined to agree.

We dive into 20 things Potterheads want to know about the Marauders' Era, from their time at Hogwarts to the First Wizarding War.

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Marauder GR: A New Era Of Figure & Gaming Miniature Gear

Betting With The Bad Boy//Sirius Black-Marauders Era

Which Marauder Would You Date?

Remus: What part of : “I'm studying, do not bother me.” did not you understand?

Marauders: Truth or Dare [completed]

Kids Aren't Alright - A Tribute to the Marauders' era | Fatima Fati

The Demigod Potter *Marauders Era/Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicals Crossover*

Have you all seen Beauty and the Beast?!


The Marauders Read Fanfiction (And lots of drama) - Wolfstar One-shot - Wattpad

Future In Ink | Marauders Era

... HP:marauders' generation by viria13

The Missing Marauder: A Harry Potter FanFiction

Post by Lizor on Oct 26, 2014 at 3:32pm. Welcome to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, during the Marauders era!

(James Potter x Oc marauders era)

The Girl Marauder(Book One)

Marauder's Imagines

Exceptions to use. "



Marauders Imagines

The Marauders: Year Three | #Wattys2016 by Pengiwen

3.Next, glue the big sheets together, resulting in what looks like the marauders map. Make sure to align them well. The blue lines are where it should be ...

Harry Potter Marauder's Map

[ • James Potter • ] Part 3 of my Marauders series!

I just feel like James would be the perfect beast. He is kind off arrogant at first and puts himself above everyone and everything.

In J.K. Rowling's magical world, the Marauder's Map enables mischievous young wizards to navigate Hogwarts Castle's complex halls and secret passages, ...


The Marauders in their Animagus forms

Turn back time - Hermione Granger in the Marauders era

hpfemslashbigbang: “ Hi, and welcome to the first Harry Potter Femslash Big Bang!

Marauder era by lady-voldything ...

Harry Potter Marauders Era RP. Spots open: See Aa

Shared Folder / Marauders Era. JUN. MAY



A Marauder Story

Marauders christmas

HP - Marauders Era 1 by DraconisCrescendo ...

Hogwarts Imagines

Marauder's Comic Cover by blargberries ...

marauders image

• harry potter Fanart severus snape Sirius Black james potter remus lupin marauders era And Finally the willow prank bloodyhellharry •

heartsknowbest 3 2 Harry Potter Meme 2 by heartsknowbest

The Infamous Willow Prank: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four (the end)

The Marauders | Looking Too Closely

marauders' era


Marauders Era Fancasts (The Black Family)

Accepted. It's got to be true

(Marauders era Fanfiction.)

ALL 30 items currently available in the MTF WWII Kickstarter Event:

Coiled spring: Interpol (left to right), Sam Fogarino, Paul Banks and

The Marauders

marauders era fanmix

Special abilities of the map


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The Marauders Era (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

3 Inches Of Blood - Night Marauders

{ft the glorious art of @atalienart }

your soul (marauders era couples; 26k)

... Marauder :3. And I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this so let's just start with


Interpol 'Marauder' Cover Art

The Marauders Era