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QuotRussianborn French professional wrestler Maurice Tillet also

QuotRussianborn French professional wrestler Maurice Tillet also


Shrek was based on wrestler Maurice Tillet, the French Angel. Speaker of 14 languages and sufferer of acromegaly which causes the bones to grow abnormally.

maurice-tillet-the-original-shrek-or-the-french -angel-dorian-leigh-american-model-icon-america-france-usa-fashion-supermodels-paris-rome-new-york-london- ...

MAURICE TILLET 'The French Angel' Wrestler

Was a 1940s Wrestler the Inspiration for Shrek?

Long before Karl was known for his training and management of Maurice Tillet, The French Angel, Karl was a Olympic / Amateur wrestling international ...

"The French Angel" Pro Wrestler, Maurice Tillet is widely believed to be the Model for Shrek. Dreamworks Animation Staff have never confirmed or denied this ...

Maurice Tillet Picture

Maurice Tillet

"The French Angel" - Maurice Tillet - Russian-born, French professional wrestler, rumored to have inspired Shrek ...

I first heard about professional wrestler Maurice Tillet in the early 90s. It was the period of late college for many of my friends, and a curious period of ...

The French Angel Wrestler, Maurice Tillet, Death Masks, and how he inspired Shrek

Maurice Tillet in 1953

The more I considered the evidence, the more I found it a real possibility Maurice Tillet, The professional wrestler known as The French Angel, ...

Wrestling Facts on Twitter: "The movie character Shrek is based on wrestler "The French Angel" Maurice Tillet.… "

Maurice Tillet and his Death Mask.

... Maurice Tillet's "French Angel" http://gimmick.as a matter of fact,shady promoter Jack Pfefer modeled a line of gimmicked "Angel" character in the mold ...

The real world SHREK!!!

Born to French parents in the mountains of Russia in 1903, Maurice Tillet€™s life was never going to be an easy one. His father died when he was 14 and ...

Maurice Tillet in his element!

Maurice Tillet- French Wrestler after whom the Ogre character Shrek is said to be created, suffered from acromegaly. Since his problem started late, ...

Shrek is based on 1940 French Pro-Wrestler Maurice Tillet, who had a rare

TIL Shrek's appearence is based on that of pro-wrestler Maurice Tillet, a man born with a rare disease called acromegaly.

maurice tillet


Maurice Tillet - The French Angel Wrestler - Death Masks on .

Maurice Tillet in 'UN SOIR DE RAFLE' 1931

Maurice Tillet

Maurice Tillet as Neanderthal Chicago Field Museum early 1940. Footage from "NBC Sportsworld 1985 A Look at Professional Wrestling part 3"

Maurice Tillet (October 23, 1903 – September 4, 1954)[1] was a Russian-born French professional wrestler known as The French Angel.

» Meet Maurice Tillet, The Man Rumored To Have Inspired Shrek

Andre the Giant

The French Angel aka real life Shrek


by Taboola by Taboola

Introducing the professional wrestler Maurice 'The French Angel' Tillet. Tillet was essentially '

Maurice Tillet (real world Shrek) the french angel was a very intelligent man who spoke 14 languages, he was a poet, writer, and a prof wrestler.

Maurice Tillet Newspaper Article


Maurice Tillet - Interesting enough for Harvard to Study!

THE FRENCH ANGEL ON SUBMIT TV. Expanded Wrestling Universe

Hans Schmidt

Maurice Tillet - French Angel in Barcelona Spain at Price Theater 1948

"Russian-born French professional wrestler Maurice Tillet, also known as “The French Angel” is the real life Shrek. Tillet has such a unique body because in ...

Known as 'The French Angel', Maurice Tillet was top of the bill heavyweight wrestler in the 1940s. Born to French parents in the Russian Urals, ...

Meet Maurice Tillet, The Man Rumored To Have Inspired Shrek,Maurice Tillet (October

Shrek 3 Trailer.. Maurice Tillet ...

The Artist of Pro Wrestling ft. Franklin O'Neal

Danny McShain - Google Search. Professional WrestlingThe French ...

... that my obsession with Maurice Tillet started with one death mask, mine. It was set in motion with the death mask Patrick Kelly donated to The Wrestling ...


Title History

Maurice Tillet, a Russian-born French professional wrestler & Dorian Leigh. According to some, he was the inspiration for Shrek.

There is now known, four finished Tillet busts, referred to as “Death Masks”. One went to wrestler/strongman Henry “Milo” Steinborn.

List of All Old School Wrestling Stars Who Passed Away & Their Cause of Death

The French Angel Wrestler, Maurice Tillet, Death Masks, and how he inspired Shrek

Saxon Huxley

netnel: “Maurice “The French Angel” Tillet.

Maurice Tillet, a professional wrestler. He was the real life inspiration for Shrek

Karl Pojello The French Angel Wrestler Maurice Tillet Death Masks and how he

Tillet's Career In Professional Wrestling

▷ Maurice Tillet - NBC Sportsworld 1985 A Look at Professional Wrestling part 3 CUT YouTube 144p - YouTube

Maurice Tillet (The Angel) vs Jerry Monohan Toronto March 7 1940 - YouTube

Whoever compares Shrek to Maurice Tillet will notice many similarities. Tillet was a Russian-born French professional wrestler who was diagnosed with ...


The French Angel was a wrestler in the 1940s named Maurice Tillet. He suffered from agromegaly, the same disease that Andre the Giant had, and it caused his ...

André René Roussimoff (May 19, 1946 – January 27, 1993), best

6 Maurice Tillet Became a Model for Shrek Character (14 pics)

CLETE KAUFFMAN cuts an imposing figure in this photo taken in 1920. He parlayed a

Shrek Gerçekmiş - Maurice Tillet

The French Angel: aka. Maurice Tillet, A Russian-born French wrestler who became a huge box office draw and at least two time world heavyweight champion in ...

27 best Crazy-Ass Old Wrestlers images on Pinterest | Lucha libre, Professional wrestling and Wrestling

The Dan Gable Museum is more than just a place to learn about wrestling. They also host clinics on a weekly basis in the Dan Gable Teaching Center, ...

Also I just wanna give a quick mention to Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) the first wrestling promotion here in The Philippines.

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Maurice Tillet

Maurice "The Angel" Tillet.

Shrek's character was inspired by a Russian-born French American professional wrestler Maurice Tillet's look.

November 8, 2017: Wrestling personality Bruce Prichard reminisces about his friendship with French wrestler

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No colo dos Deuses ( smiling Maurice Tillet, The French Angel.)Maurice Tillet (October 1903 – September was a Russian-born French professional wrestler ...

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The grave of professional wrestler, Maurice Tillet, whom he shares with his lifelong friend and manager, Karolis Pozela.

The French Angel Wrestler, Maurice Tillet, Death Masks, and how he inspired Shrek

31 Jul French Riviera, France --- Famous French wrestlers, (L) Cheri-Bibi and (R) Andre Roussimoff, best known as Andre the Giant.

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Maurice Tillet Shrek

The Russian Stomper

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This poster for New Haven, Connecticut in 1946 features a main event between Martin "The Blimp" Levy and the original French Angel, Maurice Tillet.

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