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QuotFirebirdquotby Antonio Stradivari One of the few violins named for its

QuotFirebirdquotby Antonio Stradivari One of the few violins named for its


STRADIVARI - "Firebird" by Antonio Stradivari. One of the few violins named for

Antonio Stradivari was without question the great genius of violin making. The master of craftsmanship and tonal engineering, he transformed the instrument ...


The 'Salabue' is the best-known instrument by Francesco

Antonio Stradivari, Violin, Cremona, the 'Soil'

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Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1727, "Barrere"


Emiliani 1703, the Stradivarius played by Anne-Sophie Mutter


Antonio Stradivari "IL TOSCANO" Cremona, 1690 Carlo Vettori Maestro Liutaio - Magazine Arte

Viotti' Antonio Stradivari violin 1709 poster

Stradivarius violin, This is one of the most famous violins known.

Antonio Stradivari Copy ! A T19+ Violin Fine Tone,Fast response in

Second to none. John Stillwell/PA Archive

11_07_stradivarius_04 Violin ...

Ingles & Hayday - The Ex-Croall McEwen - Antonio Stradivari Violin

Antonio Stradivari made over a thousand violins in his long lifetime. They're considered the most perfect violins ever made, and the 650 surviving ...

The Strad Library - 'Alard' Amati violin, 1649 Poster

Music History For Violin Students December 18 Antonio Stradivari

Lady Blunt Stradivarius

Rachel Barton Pine Foundation Acquires The Arkwright Lady Rebecca Sylvan Stradivarius

The 1689 'Quarestani', which shows the young maker's inexperience, but also some of the hallmarks of his mature style. Photos courtesy of the Museo del ...


A stolen Stradivarius, recovered in June 2015 when a woman had it appraised after inheriting it from her late husband. (FBI New York/European Pressphoto ...

Stradivarius in his Nineties- Great Violins in His Last Years

Scientists are trying to uncover what makes Stradivarius violins special – but are they wasting their time?

Tatsuo Imaishi makes an adjustment on the Ames Stradivarius violin in New York. (Photo

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Stradivarius - Antonio Stradivari violin of 1703 on exhibit, behind glass, at the Musikinstrumentenmuseum

1718 Stradivari violin 'Maurin' (with caliper, mm) Back 355 Upper Bout

Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work (1644-1737)

The violin is named after its first known owner Lady Anne Blunt, daughter of Ada. Stradivarius ViolinAntonio ...

Chapter Two, Stradivari's Violins (Part Four)

... cremona-violins

Paganini Quartet. Stradivarius 1680 ViolinPaganini

A 1737 Guarneri del Gesù, the "Panette" that once belonged to renowned Polish

... especially among luthiers, the people who craft violins and acoustic guitars, there is no name more legendary than Antonio Stradivari.

stradivarius violin

... Antonio Stradivari Violin, 1683

If designed like most modern buildings, his violins would play like tree-trunks. Stradivari's structures are balanced natural systems: no imitations of ...

1721 Lady Blunt Stradivarius Violin

Violin back Violin back

Front view of viola d'amore


Yehudi Menuhin's Stradivarius: uniform density of wood is key to quality

And in the Tuscan-Medici Strad viola of 1690 we see the most favored ratios present:

Photo Gallery: Dietmar Machold's Stradivarius Scams

The 1679 “Hellier” by Antonio Stradivari and the Henry Jay, showing similar styling in the soundholes, along with the arching suggesting the violin was ...

Tuscan Traveler's Tales – Cremona, City of Violins

In 1698 Antonio began making a slightly shorter model and, between the years 1700-1720, which is considered his “Golden Period,” the violins had higher ...

Meet Italy's next-generation of violin makers

The Stradivarius violin gets its name from master craftsman Antonio Stradivari. When he died in 1737, his secrets died with him: No one has ever been able ...

A precise replica of a Stradivarius violin from 1704, made using X-ray images

There are a few pochettes in musical instrument collections. The Burrell Collection in Glasgow has one, which can be seen here, but it's not nearly as ...

Lady Blunt violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1721

Seventeenth-Century Italian Violin Pattern. The name of Antonio Stradivari and the date,

by Antonio Stradivari 1693. Possibly the finest “Long Pattern” Stradivarius in existence. This is a good example of what the varnish looks like when ...

Orch. Dork Vacations - Where to Travel to See Stradivaris, Guarneris & Amatis. Part 1- U.S.

Greiner models his violins after those created by Antonio Stradivari in the 17th century. "

A Stradivarius in the Palacio Real collection

Violin by Mathias Albani 1670

thumbnail image: Chemical Secrets of the Violin Virtuosi — Part 2

Who Invented the Violin? http://www.connollymusic.com/revelle

Antonio Stradivari was an Italian from the town of Cremona, and his violins are renowned as the greatest of all time. The film The Red Violin was based on a ...

Investing in Rare Violins and Cellos


Strad PG Form Pollens w 400

Purists may argue that a Stradivarius by any other name is not a Stradivarius at all. However, many blind research studies have indicated that most ...

Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari: Treatises on the Life and Work of the Patriarch of Violinmakers.: Herbert K. Goodkind: 9780960049813: Amazon.com: ...

Guildhall School of Music and Drama student Samuel Staples poses with the "ExCroall; McEwen

... ebay-fake-stradivarius-violin-photo ...

Last week my 2nd grader decided he wants to play an instrument. His school offers a strings program, so we talked about the violin and he is very excited to ...

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Andrea Mosconi plays instruments by Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari at the violin museum in Cremona. Credit Dave Yoder for The New York Times



Shortly afterwards the Violin Society of America commissioned a group of independent climatological scientists to arbitrate between the two results.

Throughout his life Antonio Stradivari crafted roughly 1,000 violins and a few cellos and violas. Somewhere around 700 violins still remain today.


1. The Lady Blunt Stradivari. Most Expensive Violins

Strad on the run: Rare-instrument restorer accomplishes task of a lifetime

Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Violin?


The Palatine Quartet or Quartet Decorated by Antonio Stradivarius at the Royal Palace in Madrid

Photo by Christian Kerber