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Which group is more famous?? EXO or BTS both groups have handsome and talented members, which group have shot your heart EXO or BTS, which group is it??


It makes me sad that EXO M are always overshadowed by EXO K, especially since M have more talented members. I mean, come on, Sehun, Kai and Suho can't ...

... of what's wrong with K-Pop -- all style, no substance. All flash, no foundation. Of course at this point we're not sure if EXO have actual talent, ...

EXO Dominates 2016 With Over 2.13 Million Albums Sold!

Even if you dont love EXO as your bias group, you have to admit they are talented. They sing, they dance, some play instruments, others can compose, ...

They're both extremely talented and beautiful. I don't even have a main bias cause Joshua, Vernon, Woozi, and Dino are all so good looking.

The truth about Exo band

As a sportswriter with a particular fondness for the Olympics, I've been following the Pyeongchang Games closely, especially via all the various sports ...

Their relationships are stronger than EXO. For example, EXO came back this summer without Lay. BTS would never do the same.

K-QUIZ: Which member of EXO is your perfect match?

Who is the best Korean Boy Band for ...

Which group is more famous?? EXO or BTS both groups have handsome and talented members, which group have shot your heart EXO or BTS, which group is it??

... Talented Fan artist Fanmade goods that starts trend PS: Even our fanfics are epic All is possible coz we are loved! #엑소6주년 #6YearsWithEXO # EXO ...

Which K-pop groups are performing at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics?

EXO 엑소 'Monster' Dance Practice

8 Times EXO Slayed As Actors

exo kings • 세훈 BUSTED on Twitter: "nine boys nine visuals nine talented guys nine kings the group who started from the bottom and now, they're conquering ...


EXO KLM Vote on Twitter: "EXO Group of Talented Humble young Men , They're always surprising us with their powerful , amazing Voices ❤ #WorldMusicDay ...

Exo (Korean: 엑소; stylized as EXO) is a South Korean boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve ...

I definitely recommend a group called highlight, formerly beast. They used to be under cube ent and have a 6th member but he left then the other 5 guys left ...

With the debut of Winner, we may finally draw comparisons between the next generation boy groups of the Big 3. Which group currently has the upper hand?

Ok but seriously chanyeol has so many talents if u didn't know. Rapping, singing, acting, piano, guitar, drums, being tol (yes, im counting this as a ...

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SMent_EXO! on Twitter: "160905 #EXO Vyrl update: EXO's ALL RIGHT! SPAO, ad filming! Part 1 https://t.co/aRnUJS3agR https://t.co/iCVw6IeZjh… "

but i think exo loss something that stop them from growing since 2014, i expected them to be more successful around 2017 but they did not.

GOT7 to me is better than EXO (my opinion, it's okay if you don't agree)

100 idols vote on the best looking, funniest, and the most talented fellow idols!

I agree that SM is a very unjust company but you have to admit, with out them, EXO wouldn't be what they are today without them. They aren't considered part ...

Well, I don't care who you are, if you put 12 handsome and talented boys on stage, they are going to be a hit.

6 Talented Male K-Pop Groups That Are Hiding In The K-Pop World

Anyways EXO could sell 5 albums and be the least selling group ever and I'

Q: Why do you like EXO?

My talented children need more love! Both are in EXO, a popular band but they are easily overlooked by the other members. I was thinking about putting ...

EXO fans angry over 'MelOn Music Awards' giving 'Album of the Year' to BTS

So,you see both are hardworking and some of the fans like one group more than the other,like I like BTS more,but I won't go on fighting EXO fans about.

EXO has involved in a few big names in fashion industry such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and much more. They are also models for SPAO ...

EXO Is So Popular That They Got The Most Viewed Boy Group In Wikipedia

#EXO #Power #ThePowerofMusic

EXO- Exo are my babies, they've got abs (shh, my baby, Kyungsoo). They are all just GLOWING, RADIATING HANDSOMENESS. I mean, they all could be models and ...

EXO-M Profile

True EXO Personality Test

EXO's Chanyeol creates improvised track from EXO-L's comments! | SBS PopAsia


Korean girl groups are so popular around the world. They are known worldwide - not only for the music they make, but also with their amazing dancing skills, ...

The band is currently divided into two: Exo-Korean and Exo-Chinese. Each group has talented amazing boys who sing and dance very well.

It's characterized by powerful songs and live performances, and it's impossible to pull off without talent. The fact that we were even honored this ...

Super Junior

I've been holding off listening to some M versions but I just listened to M playboy and oh boy, I usually tend to like M versions a little less but damn ...

EXO and NCT show off their close relationship with each other at the Seoul Music Awardsand fans couldn't help but smile at their closeness with one another.


... last night watched by millions worldwide, an influx of interested viewers surrounding EXO flooded SNS. We screencapped some of the comments we found.

4 years after SHINee made a big wave into the music industry, SM Entertainment brought out another talented boy group, EXO-K, whose members began their road ...

[ IMG]

When EXO debuted, they formed 2 subgroups: EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Chinese). EXO-K sang in Korean while EXO-M sang in Mandarin.

Not really a fan of girl groups, but they prove it otherwise. Basically a rookie group but watch out for the power packed talented girls.

Hyoyeon thanks EXO for being the only junior group that came to greet Girls' Generation


Join us on their stories (mature). Someone once joked they should form a kpop group. Well, they're all handsome and talented, who could argue with that?


Uncontrollable Fangirling: EXO - Call Me Baby

12 of the Best Non-Title Tracks in K-Pop

SNSD will always be THAT girl group. All are talented, uniquely beautiful, great

Pack PNG #73 Xiumin and Tao (EXO NEXT DOOR) by XieraaaPark ...

Emphasizing the members' involvement in creating each album, Woozi stated, “Every member gets very serious when making our albums.

6 years with these wonderfully talented men. Words can not express how special this group

Second generation: Success of TVXQ with full talents and visuals, brought idols back to the industry.

'China's Best Paparazzi' Zhou Wei reveals how Kris talked bad about the EXO members

This is such a great pic of all the different eras, from left to right: Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Min Yoongi (Suga, August D), Kim SeokJin(Jin), ...


Baekhyun: There aren't any divides between age groups within EXO-K. Sometimes we're like a family, sometimes we're also like friends.


Cube Entertainment

EXO, BTS and TWICE still need to improve their weaknesses despite being famous in KOREA

exo baekhyun

9 Gorgeous Spanish Songs by K-Pop Artists

2:30 PM - 28 Apr 2018


Ranking of Top 10 Boy and Girl K-Pop Groups by Fandom: July 2017

Ivanka Trump's Meeting With EXO at the Olympics Causes Backlash | Teen Vogue