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Insurrecti0nal tumblr insurrecti0nal Nice skinnies Skinny

Insurrecti0nal tumblr insurrecti0nal Nice skinnies Skinny


Bella Hadid is joined by sisters Marielle and Alana at jean launch

insurrectionary compassion

Cute ...

pinterest: @mylittlejourney | tumblr: @toxicangel | twitter: @stef_giordano | ig

bella hadid by ben rayner for wonderland september / october 2015 | visual optimism; fashion

Bella Hadid heads out, after her ex is seen in Italy with Selena Gomez

"Fully Insurrectionary Luxury Queer Space Anarchism - T-shirts, Stickers etc." Unisex T-Shirt by SimonCardew | Redbubble

bold colors to complement a lil baby bump // maternity style

Jewelry inspiration: Bella Hadid's Nineties choker obsession

No Good Denim Skirt

Anarchist and insurrectionary autonomous counter-information is one more method of subversion aiming at the attack against the dominant paradigm of the ...

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Sunglasses ...

tribal print top, love it!

'Beloved' Is Still a Testament to the Black Spirit - VICE

America's Queer Canon: from Melville to Moonlight, Harvard University Taught by Kathryn Roberts

I Apologize In Advance: Anarchism, the Occult, and Identity Politics

Ukrainian Black Army. Russian Civil War.jpg

The Syriza problem: radical democracy and left governmentality in Greece | openDemocracy

In a societal and political landscape shaped, like never before, by social media, the terminology we used to identify ourselves matters more than ever.

Protects your baby or toddler's eyes from shampoo and water. To prevent the shampoo & water touches the baby's face. Make the shampoo a funny experience for ...


I thought Salome making love to the unhinged head of a southern Baptist on a silver platter was harrowing, but the Boston Symphony Orchestra's sold out ...

Founded by Tovi Sorga himself, the label has developed a worldwide reputation for exceptionally beautiful leather design.

Image: riot police in Brixton

... queen of nice.

There's ...

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There seems to be a common theme in many of these pieces, contrasting hope and desperation. Superheroes also reoccur a few times. This is then contrasted by ...

... refusing my crummy materialistic gesture of covering his costs. I couldn't have been more affected... So, humble thanks, Genaro... You're a good man.

31st Mar, 2017

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11-21-2017 Anarchy Radio

Novels and fictional works

James Douglas

Review: Finn Daniels-Yeomans on Against the Anthropocene by T. J. Demos – Media Theory

image of imperialism issue logo

Carolina Caycedo, Dammed Landscape

xvi SOURCE: ...



Пётр Ефимович Тодоровский

Highway Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson hugs a protester

Retro Communist Propaganda Fridge Magnet Set by MusicEducationTools on Etsy https://www.

Hieronymus Bosch ...

Resources for Steal Something from Work Day 2018

What do the new JFK assassination documents reveal? - The Washington Post

Ricky Mathews


Three ...



Socsci 06 00010 g002 550

Photos By Aaron Lake Smith

Review – François Laruelle's General Theory of Victims (John Matthew Allison) – RELIGIOUS THEORY

By Richard Porton

For anarchists, the approach of May 1 brings the high riot season. Freeway underpasses in West Oakland have been freshly painted with the slogan “Smash the ...

Various Examples

Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Workout 1

And so I began a painting of an alchemist. This Alchemist is an artist and a young woman. She sits cross-legged in an arched palette-mandala of ...

The Argonauts is a hybrid memoir-essay by


Gravity Falls Wiki:Chat/Logs/14 August 2016 | Gravity Falls Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Democracy Without the People

London would have fallen in a Catholic rebellion conspiracy that included the familiar steps of decoy

(1) Tumblr

... take a peek at my ever-growing archival record of red squares in Montreal and on Montrealers at http://seeingredmontreal.tumblr.com/.)

Mary McCarthy, 1930s

De Felice wearing an Aggravated Assault t-shirt. AA is a nazi band comprised of members of ACS.

Pretty reminiscent of Candace Hilligoss's Mary Henry who would enact a similar musical and macabre prelude to threat and death in Carnival of Souls 1962.

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기분 좋게 취기가 오르니 젊은이로 가득한 관철동 바닥이 내 집 마당입니다.

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Trump's Birdnest by Mark Rain

"Journalists occasionally contact this page looking for answers and leave dissatisfied to rake their muck from danker sources, like the very-obviously-fake ...

The ...

Intent is not behavior. One can intend to perform a certain task--intend it really hard--and still not break out of the routine of current behaviors.


Bewery Gallery Kura, image and permission Su Grierson

“The defeated leader of the Sudanese (Dervish) forces at the Battle of Atbara, April 8, 1888, Emir Mahmoud, is interrogated by Director of Intelligence, ...


The Weekend's Listings for Stage, Dance and Comedy

Propaganda style meme of the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism

The contents of this chapter, except its 'Introductory Notes' and the 'Postscript', are based almost entirely on an article titled “An Assessment of the ...

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