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If i ever get gages Piercings t

If i ever get gages Piercings t


Pretty sweet piercings. I'd probably get this done if it weren't for the piercings I already have. Except for the gages. I don't like those.

Will My Piercing Holes Ever Close Up? A Guide

I don't have gauged ears and never will but if I. Gauges PlugsGauges PiercingSnake ...

Thinking about getting gages... ^^ It's not called Gauges, it's plugs, tunnels, or stretched ears, and in this case tunnels

fake gauge, fake piercing, black, fake stretching earrings, faux ear piercings,

If I ever get my ears gauged, I WOULD SO GET THESE.

Ear Gauge Piercing Closure by Beverly Hills Top Plastic Surgeon - No Scar No Pain w New Techniques - YouTube

This won't apply to sizes much greater than that, but a good surgeon should be able to close any size holes down for a few thousand dollars.

Gorilla glass plug with cartilage piercings

So it's relatively (if not perfectly) reversible. Of course, people who are into body modification generally aren't too fussy about being able to maintain a ...

Gauge. Get Your Piercing

Jack Gunzenhauser shows off his gauges. Photo credit Steph Herr

I want them to be able to go back to a regular piercing size if I want them to in the future.

On the Way by docmonstereyes, on Flickr “

A 00 gauge ...

How to Stretch Your Ears - Step 4 - Aftercare, Healing & Cleaning

bodyartforms-gallery.bodyartforms.com DSC_0411.JPG

Does everyone who gets flesh tunnels regret the decision?

4 gauge, second holes, third holes, daith, surface tragus with a surface

GREAT reference to how different sizes appear in your ears. There aren't enough

Aliexpress.com: Comprar BOG 1 Par Corazón de Acrílico Hueco Doble Llamarada Túneles Del

Playstation Plugs Ear Gauges

Most awesome ear piercings ever! Getting mine done like this! Already got a small

Industrial rook lobe triple anti-tragus tragus forward helix cartilage conch

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 1

One student flaunts off their facial piercings. Photo credit Steph Herr

Dead Skin Cells

I'm reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I'll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular 'lip window' body ...

Don't gauge things that big. Who in the world

I want those gauges so If anyone wants to find me

20 Gorgeous Examples Of The Daith Piercing That Will Make You Want One ASAP

Piercing Hoop Earring Gold Thick 12 Gauge Plain Endless Single

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 7

Photo of Mission Beach Professional Piercing - San Diego, CA, United States. Stretched

Zero Gauge Punch on Another Piercer- Pangea Piercing- Episode 21 - YouTube

A typical ear piercing is done with an 18 or 20 gauge needle.

If you're thinking of a facial piercing, consider your options.

How to Fix blowouts from ear stretching with gauges « Fashion :: WonderHowTo

I will never have gages..but if I did..I would own

How to Clean Ear Gauges

Ear Gauge Problems


Find out where tragus, anti-tragus, conch, and daith piercings are and

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 2

Image titled Hide Gauges Step 1

Difference Between Plugs and Gauges-1

Snake Eyes Piercing

Mall Piercing Gun vs Piercing Studio - Our Ear Piercing Experience

How Do They Pierce Your Ears With Gauges?

4 of 5

Next, you'll want to decide what gauge you want your lip piercing to be. The standard sizes range from 16 gauge to 14 gauge, but most lip-specific labrets ...

wtf flesh tunnel gauge oreo

Conch Piercing

Tragus Piercing

What If They Make a Mistake When Piercing Your Ears?

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced

Stretched piercing, stretched earlobe

Piercing Blog

Newest hipster trend: cheek gauges ...

Ear Gauge Infections

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 15

Ashley Rhinehart sports her eyebrow ring. Photo credit Steph Herr

Seth's 2 Gauge Piercing

How to Insert double flared plugs and tunnels into ears « Piercing :: WonderHowTo

How to put in and take out little hoop earrings

14-septum-piercing tumblr_nyotzpmyr11tn8rd1o1_1280

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 3

Ear Piercing

Double Helix and Triple Earlobe Piercings

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gauged earholes shrinking

A stretched earlobe without jewelry in it

After previously touching god knows what throughout your day, you may want to reconsider absentmindedly fidgeting with your new piercing.

How to Clean Your Gauges & Plugs/Tunnels

wtf flesh tunnel gauge grass

Beyoncé's Piercer Is Sick Of You Judging His Gauges

Image titled Gauge Your Ears Step 11

Nora Swearingen

“Adventures ...

“Ew ...

Large gauge helix piercing and stretched earlobes

Large gauge conch piercing

Stretching My Cartilage (16 G to 14 G)

fake gauges fake piercing red black 4 ...

This is what a 00 g plug looks like in an ear. That's not my

Conch Piercing