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I want a tattoo under my boobs dnt knw what id get though this is

I want a tattoo under my boobs dnt knw what id get though this is


Take these broken wings and learn to fly Beatles lyrics. Tattoo. I really like

Sternum Tattoo- I really like the solid lines directly under the breasts. They really compliment the shape/size.

Side boob tattoos

I normally don't like tattoos on your chest but this one is pretty.

note: designs aren't mine, but im goving them to my artist so he gets an idea of what i want. He'll have creative control of where he wants to go from these ...


NO, an Under Boob Tattoo (UnderBoob or Sternum Tattoo) is not the new tramp stamp!


I'd want to get something like this but on my triceps. the water has been my best friend and greatest enemy



And part of it is just that it's the trendy thing of the moment in its own right. In an increasingly Instagram / Selfie heavy world there's a lot of ...

Small whale tattoo under the left breast. Tattoo Artist: Zihwa Pinned for placement




Bear paw tattoo... I like the placement, although I'd want it a bit higher (don't want to flash my boobs to show it off!) and definitely without words.

How I Feel About My Tattoos, Years Later

Stunningly beautiful mastectomy scar coverage by David Allen…


37 Beautiful Under Breast Tattoo Designs

Now part of that is tied in with a trend for Mandala & Lace tattoos in general:

Exactly where i want my next tattoo! Side tattoo inspiration Tat tat tat it up


Tattoo Rule No. 1: Pregnancy Can Stretch Tattoos, Big Time

Looks like i'll officially be getting a breast cancer ribbon tattooed on my body

28 Sexy Underboob Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP


If you're new to tattooing, there's no shame in starting small. Give yourself a chance to learn the process, how your skin takes ink, and how your body ...


Love Sarah Hyland's Arrow Tattoo? See 30 More Ink Ideas!

robin's vine tattoo by asussman ...


Like grief, tattoos are both personal and permanent. Unlike grief, tattoos are often on public display.

"Without struggle there is no progress."

The bra is detailed with curling leaves and dots and looks very much like a real

All about boob tattoos (update) & Why i decided to get a cover up ||

One ...

32. This triangle rose:

Get it? Just thought I'd make the joke first so you guys don't feel the need to in the comments section. And now for the aforementioned bloody boob pics.


Breast Cancer Survivor Opts for Ornate Tattoo Instead of Nipple Reconstruction


You'd never regret this beauty!

Changes in your body, including weight gain, pregnancy, weight loss or aging can impact the appearance of your tattoo. The impact of weight changes is ...

This tattoo will age well. Shame the person will rarely see it.

Is the Internet Ruining Tattoos?

Demi Lovato

via Bored Panda Try not to think about what kind of rubbing wore that down in a year and a half.

Those circle scars are where the tubes came out of my body. Also note the lumpy boob and the reason I considered getting the soft ...

The author gets her original tattoo covered with a design of an Atlas moth.

(Image: PA Real Life)

"Fate doesn't care about plans"

"I am enough the way I am"

Deciding on the size and placement of your tattoo ahead of time makes the process easier

I have a tattoo on my lower back. Stop calling it a “tramp stamp.”

Girls with tattoos?

'I carried his name on my body for nine years': tattooed trafficking survivors reclaim their past | Global development | The Guardian

PA Real Life Michelle's lingerie tattoo.

Tattoo Rule No. 4: The 'Skank Flank' Is the New 'Tramp

Female with chest tattoo

Here's the pic by popular demand

The closer to your breast the tattoo is, the better

29. More triangles:

Designs like this will hold up better. While line work is still executed crisply in bio-organic (and many other styles), the design lends itself to change ...

... getting your love interest's name tattooed. Edit : I got married to him :)

Sarah was unhappy with how these tattoo tributes to her daughters turned out as their names

Stephanie Kelly

I would also like to challenge the assumption that a woman has to be feminine to attract guys. Many men would find the picture of the girl that Garrick ...

Tip #7: Breast Reduction Surgery Results Do Not Look Like Breast Implants

If someone told me they think it's ugly, I don't get defensive or start regretting my choices because there's really famous and highly sort after art and ...

Check out Harry Styles and all his tattoos! The One Direction star

my cherry blossom ribs. Jason Hobbie, Absolute Art. Richmond, VA. (sorry about the half-boob)


The initial stencil. WATCH OUT! SIDE-BOOB!

If someone told me they think it's ugly, I don't get defensive or start regretting my choices because there's really famous and highly sort after art and ...

"I have two tattoos that cover self-harm scars. The first is

Life at the sharp end: Jessie Knight, Britain's first female tattoo artist

"Count every beautiful thing"