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I hate slugs so why are snails cute Pink and sparkly t

I hate slugs so why are snails cute Pink and sparkly t


i hate slugs, so why are snails cute?

Closeups iPhone Wallpaper | Mariusz Dabrowski Blog

I can see how one might become addicted to this. I can feel it as soon as it goes in like I'm floating. Sleepy time.

35PHOTO - Алексей Дранговский - про улиток. Alex Drangovsky

crema alla bava di lumaca per il viso http://kepago.it/

Snail by Brigitte Lorenz

Mission: To find out whether snails, when removed from their feeding and resting sites

Snail family by Martin Cauchon .

A tiny snail hitching a ride on the shell of a larger snail.

Sorry, I still can't get Radio Luxemburg! At bedtime I loved listening to the latest music on this station (when I could tune into it)

I hate to be unnecessarily negative and stuff, but good golly, can people just eat a stinking pickle? An avocado is never going to give the crunch that I ...

'Nacktschnecke' (slug; literally - 'naked snail') Credit: Rudolf

Snail - Claude Amandine EVANNO Crystallopsis hunteri (near Suhu village,Marau)

Leopard Slug by Photo Packer

A snail crawling on a wall

Slug by by OctoberRainne on deviantART

Fractal on Fractal - Two Natural Fractals Together (Snail & Romanesco Broccoli) Photo by Diane Ozdamas


Don't forget to give them water !

Snail by Lessy Sebastian

I know, you are wondering how I can pin a banana slug as precious. These huge slugs are just so pretty and cool looking. Too adorable to kill.

I find it insulting when they say you have ride in the middle because your feet don't touch the ground!

Snail by Martina Rathgens

Giant African land snails are routinely confiscated at airports as they are very popular as pets in the Western world. The species isn't currently under ...


Snail's pace | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I hate that humans continue to mess it up.


My little Ryder loves snails :) too bad we don't have pretty purple ones in washington that I am aware of!


Pink Slug. Not quite as repulsive as the gray ones. :/

It's going upward for this two snails. On a rainy day in the Botanic Garden

Cute snail and frog. What are they saying to each other? ;)

Nature's solution: A protein found in the Conus Regius variety of snail could transform care

Amazing India Animals, wow is this real cause i want a bunch of them they look so colorful it represents me im so CREATIVE and LOVE art!

Snail on snail action

snail in the rain


PetsLady's Pick: Totally Cool Snail Family Of The Day ... see more at


Snail by Betina Juchem Clemens


snail mother baby

Ruth Brooks research into the curious habits of garden snails led to some surprising results

Live Better: Natural slug control

Snail {Talk about carrying a load! Are those other snails stuck to the big one or is it just amazing! It's amazing either way. Now I may never eat escargot ...

We think snails move too slowly, but I wonder if they think we all move too fast. Maybe we'd all do best to be a snail sometimes.

the beautiful snail

Who knew that snails could be this big! Giant African Land Snail wow and ewe

The Violet Snail is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia



Macro photography, this is amazing! I've never seen a snail drink water

Snails are adorable.


Giant African Land Snail vs. regular snail


Cute banana slug


harmless though they be, i freaked out by snails. snakes can handle it sure. snails not so sure

19th Century Hand-Carved Wood Escargot Folk Art Escargot Advertising Piece

knit slug




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Snails are so cute!


So how's it going?

PHOTOS: The Most Stylish Snails And Tortoises You'll Ever See.

Snail rocks

Air Poetry "Banana Slug" Isn't that the craziest mascot you've ever heard? Can you eat em? If people start starving maybe.

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crema alla bava di lumaca ww.kepago.it

Scientists have found that the relatively complex decision-making process in freshwater snails (pictured

Orange and Yellow Snail.

Snail is a common name applied most often to land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks

Snail by Thanit Koolkoksoong. Great color of nature.

cutest green snail evar! by ~MeganRockSocks on deviantART

UHM VIVIENNE!!!!! of course she makes beautiful snail jewelry that isn't corny as hell like other stuff I've found.

The snail's reflection appears in the gleaming surface of the bubble that was floating in a

pink snail

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A giant African snail

Photograph a Snail by Etha Ngabito on 500px

Rat-Sized Snails

At A Snail's Pace ~ Snails & Snail Mail.

Labour of love: It takes four hours to fill a 50g tin with each egg

Giant African land snail (Achatina fulica) is one of the largest terrestrial gastropods. They have an average lifespan of about years.

Banana Slug

giant african snail, Achatina achatina, blows my mind every time I look at it!


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Snails: Nature's noble steed

fenton glass snail...cute

Garden Snail

Es ist egal, wie schnell du gehst, so lange du nicht stehen bleibst.

Reaching snail