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How to repair wool garment CFW Blog Mending t Blog

How to repair wool garment CFW Blog Mending t Blog


Patch Hole Jeans with Sashiko Mending

Mend Fabrics in Ten Different, Creative Ways

How to mend a large hole in a pair of jeans. Tutorial by Threading My

how to repair wool garment: CFW Blog | Patching and Repairing | Pinterest | Blog, Helpful hints and Sewing projects

D&G Portholes

The best tutorial I've seen for darning. Can be used to mend thinning areas or simply add decoration and reinforcement.

sashiko worthy : garment no.6

how to repair wool garment: CFW Blog | Patching and Repairing | Pinterest | Blog, Helpful hints and Sewing projects

Mrs Pademelon Repaired Visible Mending by Tom of Holland closeup

Repairing hems by machine

Visible Mending Programme - invisible mend on sleeve

Great way to mend moth holes: Visible mending by Lou Tonkin - Art & Graft

How to Mend Your Knits: Darning Holes, Snagged Threads, and Frayed Buttonholes | Martha Stewart

Needle felted wood applique ...

Clothes Patching Guide via DesignMom.com - 4 Secrets to Patching Clothes for a Well

Last but not least I would like to explore more mending techniques, and in particular learn more about darning and repairing woven textiles.


Tutorial: Sew a Curved Hem 4x (CHARLOTTE KAN - Sewing Blog)

Continuing with our “Make Do and Mend” theme this month, we sat down with the incredible and talented Tom van Deijnen, AKA Tom of Holland, to discuss the ...

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Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Sewing 101 - How To Mend

Fixing a Hole

Torn Pocket Mend Tutorial


i've fallen deeply in love with mending, darning, patching and repairing old denim for recycling . love mixing different techniques to create a beautiful ...


The Visible Mending Programme - repaired jumper. “

CC BY 2.0 Star Athena

Home >Blogs > Invisible and visible mending

Blog | Karen Barbé | Textileria: Fantasy darning

The Invisible Mend of a Donegal Tweed Jacket REFERENCE reweaving in a Threads Magazine back issue

How to Easily Mend Stretched Ribbing on Clothing ~ Threading My Way

In ...

Knitting and Crochet Guild Commission in colour

Mending my jeans

(click to enlarge)

Fix rips in lightweight fabric with stitch witchery and cut-away stabilizer

The Visible Mending Programme - Shoulder and Sleeve Detail

Making a feature of the holes in this moth nibbled blanket

The back is the worst.

mended torn edge on a Pennsylvania Tulips quilt http://annquiltsblog. blogspot.

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Flanelette Plaid shirt darning by tomofholland

The Visible Mending Programme - stitched logo

And with a little helpful instruction, you can learn how to sew hooks and eyes the right way — by hand.

I've got a super simple mending tutorial on the blog today👆🏻How



knit fabric fix 2

the Outdoor Gear Addict: How to darn(repair) a Smartwool t-shirt (base layer)

Crochet Mend for a Knit: I saw this rather recently and decided to patch up a small hole with a bit of wool crochet. The hole was much smaller so the ...

Next, make a stitch near the top left hand corner of your hole and begin to weave your yarn down going over, then under, then over, then under, etc…, ...

A beautiful knitted jumper, with darning in contrasting colours, how could I not like this mend?

We have been lucky to get contributions from people in the wool world from many quarters – I still feel inspired!

Layered, detailed, textured, and warm. Shades of rust/brown, purple, blue, green. I bought it at an upscale consignment store and it had wool moth holes.

Only the spinach has bolted, and I didn't bother growing arugula this year or it would have bolted by now too.

I keep thinking about the symbolic meaning of repairing our clothing through mending. I keep returning to the dictionary and thesaurus and thinking of the ...

If you don't mind sharing, what type of machine do you use for mending? Do you have any suggestions for someone who would like to mend their jeans using a ...

Mend It Better: Creative Patching, Darning, and Stitching: Kristin M. Roach: 9781603425643: Amazon.com: Books

okuso kimono with asagi patches, with nice information on blog site

Martha Stewart actually has a good little graphic showing how to darn, and the link to it is on my 'Make Do and Mend' Pinterest page, along with some other ...

Good idea: Bias cut patches for Repairing Jeans with stretch (inner thigh repair)

Ladulsatina sewing and DIY fashion blog - Moth-eaten wool sweater - Fashion Fix

Make it Do: How to patch a hole-y butt

handmade mieke: Een jeans herstellen. Ripped JeansFabric SewingPatching JeansClothes ...

visible mend, with a thick metallic thread (like an un-separated embroidery floss

Yarn Advert Bellmans WW2

TomofHolland workshop - darning, mending knitted garments at Hope and Elvis 2014

How to Mend Clothes

4. murdock smed ash 4. Repairing ...

I knew I could mend both with darning but I also wanted to reinforce the elbows so it wouldn't happen again. Also, how adorable are leather patches on ...

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Shannon Sews: How to fix a hole in your t-shirt: tutorial

This week we're lucky enough to have a special a guest editor, Mr Anthony McGrath of the award winning, leading Men's style blog Clothes Make the Man.

He quickly brought up the practice of mending his wardrobe and offered to write an article for my blog explaining why everyone interested in menswear should ...

With visible repairs, you can trace the history or a gament

I may actually wear it out before I stop loving it, and then I will mend it! Sweater success at last.

The fix in this one was easy - one of the buttons was broken. So I replaced the buttons and put the others away for another project.

Shirring a waist

Boxpleat Jumper in Daughter of a Shepherd Hebridean Yarn

Wool / silk scarf by Anderson & Sheppard – This versatile spotted scarf is made from a wool / silk blend and looks equally at home when teamed with jeans ...

sewing blog 607. This is what it looks like after the mend:

Monday, May 29, 2017

It's in the jeans.

Making Good: Ripara strappi nei pantaloni con il rammendo creativo! Usa la tecnica di

Socks present, after much sewing in of the millions of ends, are the colourful fair isle socks. How cool do they look inside out.

Know the faults in the fabrics and clothing you buy, but keep an open mind about the creative possibilities of adding mends to them for art's sake.

How To Fix A Dropped Stitch, Dayana Knits blog