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Hanging in there apes t Monkey Orangutan and Animal

Hanging in there apes t Monkey Orangutan and Animal


Orangutans. The baby is hanging on to it's mom in such a loving way, like he…


Orang Utan, Semenggok Forest Reserve, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia.JPG

(Pb) Visual "Petting Zoo" on Pinterest | @djohnisee ~ PIC: Orangutans ~ " Monkey see, Monkey do"

Pin by Sheree Smiley on Primate Love | Pinterest | Orangutan, Primate and Animal


Orangutan Foundation International

Orangutan hanging out

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Orangutans are endangered animals despite their cute looks we almost resemble these beautiful apes The Young Orangutan Th..

Their feet can also be used for gripping, unlike our own, and even the most acrobatic among us would likely not have such flexible legs.

Early in life he eats plants which his mother chews up for him and transfers from her mouth to his. When he is one year old, he can feed by himself on ...

What makes an orangutan special?

History of Orangutans

Orangutans are endangered animals despite their cute looks we almost resemble these beautiful apes

orangutan babies hanging out ☆

6 things you may not know about orangutans

Chantek as an adult

Baby Orangutan - "Batman" by Dirk M on

1052 best Orangutan images on Pinterest | Orangutans, Monkeys and Rompers

Baby Orangutan on Exhibit

Big Face Baby Orangutan T-Shirt

Animal to man, fear of the next pandemic. Orangutan's ...

I am glad there are people who are helping to save the orangutan generation in the world

Orangutans sped most of their lives in trees and with powerful hands and legs they have no need to comedown as they get most of their food up there

During the study, a researcher made random sounds, varying the tone or pitch of


Orangutans, like this baby, spend most of their lives in trees and travel by

Sumatran Orangutan Hanging From Tree phone case - http://www.fancyasnuggle.

Hang in there

An orangutan baby instinctually hangs on to its mother's hair. Here, mother Indah inspects

An adult male orangutan

Orangutan and Baby Wildlife Animal Nature Art Print Poster

With a lot of habitat loss orangutans are left with little natural habitat in the wild and become prone to illegal animal poaching and hunting

Chantek is the only orangutan that has ever learned to communicate with humans, using sign

Orangutan at Semengohh Orangtuan Sanctuary, Sarawak


Orangutan Behavior – Orangutan Foundation InternationalOrangutan Foundation International

Linus, an orangutan at the Center for Great Apes near Wauchula, the sole orangutan

Sumatran orangutan male with cheek pads

Young Bornean orangutan hanging on to a branch and rope, Pongo pygmaeus

Smoking orangutan, Kori, Ape, Indonesia, Central Java, Solo, Funny,

A cheek-padded or flanged adult male has big, fleshy cheek pads on the

Orangutan newborn 2014. Photo by Stephanie Braccini/Saint Louis Zoo

A river trip through remote Borneo leads to endearing, if frightening, encounters with the island's rapidly disappearing primates

If there is a voice to help save the orangutans, everyone can help save these cute apes of Asia

Chinta hanging int he Trail of Vines in 2008. Photo by Dennis Dow, Woodland Park Zoo.

Laws flaunted: Flourishing pet trade threatens orangutans' survival

Orangutan,ape,moneky,indonesia,sumatra An Orangutan is hanging there ...

Orangutans can walk on branches with their feet (Credit: dbimages/Alamy)

orangutan hanging on branch photo

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Orangutan Hang Baby Onesie

A male Sumatran orangutan with his hand resting on the top of his head.

An orangutan adult with young. To assure genetic resilience, it is important that orangutan populations separated by fragmented habitat be able to meet and ...

Audubon Institute is all about the guest experience and they want to inspire people to care about the orangutans so bringing them as close as possible will ...

“I heard a rustling in a tree near, and, looking up, saw a large red-haired animal moving slowly along, hanging from the branches by its arms.

The sight of Kutai would stop zoo visitors in their tracks.

Monkeying around in Borneo: a voluntourism trip with a difference | Travel | The Guardian

Some orangutans are more social than people believe.

Orangutans need to be saved, their skulls their fur, their meet their babies is just not worth as these animals are fit to be wild in the wild. cute pic

... An orang-utan hangs in a tree ...

Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) in Kalimantan. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

... orangutans are relatively slow, solitary animals. They do not travel in big, noisy groups like chimpanzees, or in large families like gorillas.

This large male Orangutan has flanges on his face. Most females prefer males that have these and they tend to treat the ladies well, so one could say these ...

Have You Ever Wondered... What's the difference between apes and monkeys?

Orangutan hanging

Incredible footage shows monkeys using saw to cut tree branches and hunt bush babies with handmade spears

Great apes: New orangutan species found in Indonesian forest

Orangutan have powerful arms, which are used for climbing and swinging. Their hook-like hands allow them to move through high canopy by keeping contact with ...

Facts About Orangutans

A series of images showing a gorilla utilizing a small tree trunk as a tool to maintain balance as she fished for aquatic herbs

Saving The Rare Ape – Orangutans

Orangutans at Camp Leakey in the Tanjung Puting National Park (pictured) now carry a

Aisha the orangutan enjoys climbing

Animal, Ape, Mammal, Monkey, One Animal. Baby Sumatran Orangutan hanging ...

the orangutans that are taken from the wild end up as pets and live a miserable life in captivity

In orangutans, nursing may continue for more than eight years, longer than any other

Adult male orangutan in Sumatra, Indonesia

Hanging Orangutan Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic

orangutan extreme close-up

Orangutans and weapons



Male orangutan face with cheek pads

When they grow up the Orangutans stop hanging out and kindda prefer to be loaners, unlike Gorillas they don't really hang out in a clan, but they do come ...

Download Two Orangutan Hanging On A Tree In The Jungle Stock Image - Image of orangutan

Mama Orangutan Can't Stop Holding Her Newborn Baby

Sumatran Orangutan

LAMINATED POSTER Orangutan Baby Ape Monkey Baby Orang Utan Poster Print 24 x 36

Doeyo, king of the orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan in Borneo,

Siamang looks up tot he sky while touching his left ear with his hand, absentmindedly


The most beautiful orangutan baby and mother