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Goddess Voluptas is a Goddess of pleasure and a daughter of

Goddess Voluptas is a Goddess of pleasure and a daughter of



goddess Voluptas is a Goddess of pleasure, and a daughter of Cupid and Psyche.

Voluptas/Volupta (Hedone) - goddess of sensual pleasure; a daughter of Cupid and Psyche; often found in the company of the Three Graces (Gratiae)

Goddesses of Pleasure & Bliss - Voluptas and Hedone

redhead waiting alone empty room. Find this Pin and more on 04 HEDONE - T' Pleasure goddess ...

Venus forgot her anger, and Jupiter himself handed her a drink of nectar which made her immortal. She bore Cupid a daughter, Voluptas (Pleasure).

Ode To Voluptas: In Roman mythology, Voluptas or Volupta is the beautiful daughter born

Goddess Demeter


HEDONE Hedone was the personification and goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight, specifically sensual pleasure. Hedone, also known as Voluptas in ...

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Voluptas' eyes are fixed on Pulchritudo, for Beauty is the true source of Pleasure. Eros above is aiming his arrow at Chastitas who has turned her back to ...

Volupta, Voluptas, Pleasure

statue in the Schönbrunn palace in Vienna

The deification of deceased emperors culminated in Julius Caesar, who was the first and last Roman to become a living god (but he was murdered soon after!)

Voluptas Mors 1951

Psyche and Cupid have a daughter, called Voluptas (Hedone in Greek mythology), the goddess of "sensual pleasures", whose Latin name means " pleasure" or " ...


Voluptas. From Wikipedia ...

“ AERGIA Aergia is a goddess in Greek mythology, a personification of sloth, idleness, indolence and laziness. She is the daughter of Aether and Gaia.

Vouptas - Original Gallery Composition

“ KHIONE In Greek mythology, Khione was the daughter of Boreas, the god of

Earth, animals, & Goddess are CALLING - Learn how to Hear & Answer!

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List Of Wiccan Goddesses Cover

Pleasure Manipulation

Hebe ~ Harmonia ~ Hedone by ZoombieGrrll ...

The Tree of Life is a map, a flow pattern, that all the spiritual traditions are based on. Originating in the times of the Great Goddess, the seasonal cycle ...


Livia, wife of Augustus, dressed as the goddess Ops


Goddess Hsi Wang Mu Image

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Greek Gods and Goddesses Names Powers

"Psyche" by Steve Delamere (Source: DeviantArt)

I am always looking for common threads among them and there are many cross-overs. David and I have our roots steeped in Celtic folklore and we see many ...

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

On this fragment from a sarcophagus used in the early 4th century, Cupid and a butterfly-winged Psyche frame a portrait of the deceased, carried on an eagle ...

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The Muses. The Muses are the Greek goddesses ...

Punishment of Ixion: in the center is Mercury holding the caduceus and on the right Juno sits on her throne. Behind her Iris stands and gestures.

Hebe: Greek goddess of youth and cup-bearer of mount Olympus.



The Titans (Greek) Gaea Gaea is the Earth goddess.

How to Work With Pagan Gods & Goddesses

Goddess Pomona - Goddess of Abundance

... is a name for the owl She is the white Goddess of Death and Life in Her May-aspect, and part of a triad consisting of Arianrhod (virgin), ...

HEDONE: was the spirit (daimona) of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. As

In Voluptas Mors By Salvador Dali & Philippe Halsmann

Since no one in Greek mythology has a name starting with V, either in the original Greek or in one of the Latinized forms historically used, ...

Persons of low status might receive a simple burial, with such grave goods as relatives could afford.

(Pictured above are statues dedicated to the Moon Goddess and Horned God)

Three goddesses from the Parthenon east pediment, possibly. Hestia, Dione, and Aphrodite, c. 435 BC (British Museum)

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Aphrodite (Venus)

Psyche | Greco-Roman mosaic From Samandağı C3rd A.D. | Hatay Archeology Museum, Antakya

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Eros Greek God

Buddhist Goddesses, Thimphu - Bhutan


John William Waterhouse: Psyche Entering Cupids Garden - 1905

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C. A. Cupid aesthetic

Goddess Hestia Image


Sangre de Fruta Voluptas - Face Oil ...

As a result she sends her son Cupid to exact revenge. But this was not what happened but Cupid falls in love with her and wanted her for him.

Greek Goddess Persephone: Queen of the underworld

; 7.

Celtic Gods and Goddesses. Warhorse head emerging from a column in Persepolis, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran.

Prosperity Light of the Goddess Euthenia Attunement



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Monuments and Sculptures of Greek Mythology honoured in Australia

C.A. Cupid, daughter of Eros.

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The Romans gods were :- Abundantia god of abundance.

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An Aladdin's cave of colour, design and texture

Daughter of Eros Annabeth Chase

The child god depicted nude, standing in a languid pose with his weight on his



Psyche and Cupid have a daughter, called Voluptas (Hedone in Greek mythology), the goddess of "sensual pleasures", whose Latin name means " pleasure" or " ...

Goddess of strategy

The goddess Venus standing on a sphere crowns the head of those fallen at her feet once they had been hit by Cupid's arrows; following the path to Vanity ...