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A sacrifice on the altar of science Arte efmero t The old

A sacrifice on the altar of science Arte efmero t The old


A 300-year-old fresco by Andrea Pozzo. The entire ceiling is flat

Aztec Art 14

davidjulianhansen: “ Lambert-Sigisbert Adam Bust of Neptune, 1725 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California.

Carafa Chapel 1489-91 Fresco Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Roma

Mexican art

Original creation by lordofmasks.tumblr.com

Limestone, 52.4 × 24.8 × 37.5 cm, 51 kg / Kimbell Art Museum[/caption] > Kimbell Art Museum in Texas Acquires a Rare Modigliani Sculpture nyt + The Kimbell ...

stardustonfire: Ernesto Muñiz: La sacralidad de lo efímero

Art and Nature, Books and Philosophy, Magick and Mysticism

مساعي السلام العربية الإسرائيلية - الأصول التاريخيةinfo_outline

Damien Cruz Virtual Art Gallery

Find this Pin and more on Efímero by 451AH.

Ghostweather R Blog: Mayan Art


ceramic artists inspired by nature - Google Search

Hand-painted portrait collage street art by Don Mateo

The Caterpillar: profesores y estudiantes de la ETSIE construyen un prototipo de pabellón efímero |

New York's Museum of Biblical Art is about to close down. What a shame: religious art may not attract wealthy donors, but the Bible has always been – and ...


Junior Illustrator and Concept Artist

Brandt Elling Peters – Pop Efímero (Yokai)

Andy Goldsworthy art

Viva Mexico, Mexican Art, Mexicans, Hispanic Heritage Month, Spanish Class, Important Dates, September 16, Altars, History


A Maya mural at Bonampak, 8th century AD.

A live album from this British band I know absolute nothing about. This album was sold to me as a Genesis copycat, the Peter Gabriel era. I was fooled.


Brian Clarke also commented on the studio's state of disorder. He first visited it late at night, when the artist was still alive and without his knowledge.

Ephemeral art - me messing about with stones on a beach.

Bug Farm Old Route 66 Conway, TX Route 66 Landmark, Roadside Attraction | Parody

Ceshtje Te Marreziseinfo_outline

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Art, music, dance and more.

The Mass of St. Gregory, feathers on wood panel, the oldest dated feather work with a Christian subject. Made by or for Diego Huanutzin, ...

Red Guard Fantasies and Other Storiesinfo_outline

Algunos ángeles y otras esculturas en dependencias del obispado de Cádiz.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

... in on Indian modern art; Stein's photographic legacy; a new audience for Old Masters telegraph 29Mar > Esportazione di beni culturali, cinque Paesi a ...

... Joan Miró, 'Personnage', 1975. Huile sur toile, 61 x 50

[NOTE: This map was submitted to be printed with my article on TEXAS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY 1776 in the July 4, 2017, issue of the Corpus Christi ...

Valérian Goalec uses existing forms in order to develop them, alter them, and take them elsewhere.

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Accumulation Crisisinfo_outline

From cradle to tomb. Isn't that long a stay. Life is a Cabaret, old chum, Only a Cabaret, old chum, And I love a Cabaret!"

... alien alien_(franchise) breasts eyeless female lips model sculpture solo unknown_artist xenomorph | xenophil | Pinterest | Alien alien, Xenomorph and A…

Publicación "Arte desde Andalucía para el siglo XXI" (Tomo I) by Programa INICIARTE - issuu

His friend and official biographer Michael Peppiatt has assembled Studies for a Portrait (Yale, £18.99), a marvellously absorbing book of essays and ...

dylan bringing it all back home

Música: John Kirby & His Orchestra Humoresque (1939) (Antonin Dvorak)

Rare works about Francis Bacon defy art auction gloom

Monday, 28 November 2016

... Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report: Key Findings artbasel - Globally: The art market achieved total sales of an estimated $56.6 billion in 2016, ...

Como sí lo hizo Schjeldahl: “Mis notas de la visita a su nueva retrospectiva bullen de una indignación que procuraré modular. No tiene caso mantener el ...

Tainted Sourceinfo_outline

Orson Welles on Shakespeare: The W.P.A. and Mercury Theatre Playscriptsinfo_outline

Lenga de Selknam

Painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe, including scenes of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Juan Diego by Josefus De Ribera Argomanis. (1778)

Casa donde se Reunió el Congreso de Tucumán Blasco Ibáñez, Argentina y sus grandezas

Bertolami > Art Impressionniste et Moderne . Christie's · Sale total: €10,801,72 · SOLD: [caption id="attachment_54181" align="alignnone" width="359"] ...

Collection of found objects arranged as a small altar of offerings 1968

Upper East Side: Linger (Quietly) for a While

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A bronze casting (1888–1889) of Nezahualcoyotl, by Jesús F. Contreras at the Garden of the Triple Alliance, Filomeno Mata street, historical center of ...

Literary History & Literary Theory

The Sound Of Fighting Cats: Orion - La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui Critique... (1979)

Sunday, 15 March 2015

En Valencia se extermina fríamente a artistas de aquellas Bellas Artes a quienes habían tenido años y años diseñando y esculpiendo emblemas del ...

Bonhams · Sold: $11,250 - 1,750 -Picasso, lots 116 - 142 $8,750 - 2,000 -Miró, lots 97 - 108 $10,000 - 4,375 -Dalí, lots 55 - 60 19-20Apr > Pintura y Artes ...


Oswald Mosley and the New Partyinfo_outline

Aquí haciendo Historia de la Filosofía Occidental

El Velorio by José María Jara 1889

As Marshall McLuhan said in The Medium is the Massage: We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.

Final Fantasy art by Joe Madureira (from PSM #43)

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The Art of Our Perverse Political Culture ...

Two Cows Explain Economics Better Than Any Class

Kirsten's exhibit on the left is called "Altars of my past" and include mini-altars dedicated to her Great-Grandmother Brown, her Great-Great-Grandmother ...

اصلاح‌گری معمارانهinfo_outline

A Guide to Countries of the World (Oxford Quick Reference)info_outline

... Revenue from worldwide Contemporary Art Auctions / artprice

Art Electronix