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Zentangle pictures might build upon study of architectural forms and

Zentangle pictures might build upon study of architectural forms and


Zentangle pictures might build upon study of architectural forms and facades (onion domes, arches, minaret towers, etc.) of various cultures or geographies, ...

Coloring page flying city - img

Work in Progress: Zentangling the Chrysler Building as of 22May2012 by Pinay New Yorker,

Wonky Buildings. Zentangle ...


Make a Zentangle

zentangle patterns for kids

An exploration of architectural forms and typically European & North American patterns, intermingled in an abstract urban jumble.

Zentangle My Zentangle Doodle Reference Sheet #1

45 revolutions per minute.: studio in art - value worksheets

I have been busy and having loads of fun lately with an awesome art form. " ZENTANGLE" What is that.

Bamboo in zentangle

pattern city. Art EducationTangledZentangleBuilding ...

Here I was exploring architectural forms and typically European & North American patterns, intermingled in an abstract urban.

3 house zentangle

Zentangle: Merci Beaucoup by Maria Thomas, Zentangle co-founder

Texture and Pattern in Inorganic/Organic Drawing When we look at the world about us, we are conscious not only of form, space, color,.

Towering Building Illustrations to Explore

Imaginary drawing of New York in winter - drawings and paintings by Stephen Wiltshire MBE

Delightful tangled houses in "Schway" by Certified Zentangle Teacher Margaret Bremner

by Brinn McFetridge--love betweed border and quality of scoodle

_Zentangle art, graphic, zentangle inspired, zenart, artdrawing, artnet, hand-made, pattern, tangle, abstract, design, graphic, monochrome, blackandwhite, ...

do this...buildings with zentangled roofs

Zentangle Patterns

Breach by Itsuo on deviantART

Tall Building Form Generation by Parametric Design Process

Zentangle Inspired Art, Found on Etsy

Cartoon buildings, sketchy style

My first attempt at Zentangles

Dreamy Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

Zentangle Hands

This might make a neat handout for gemstone forms....hmmm, maybe a lesson on birthstones? It would make a link to symbols in art that way.

Jumpin' on the Zentangle Bandwagon : 4th

Zentangle Castles with Watercolor Middle School Lesson

Not as in 'tiles that you put in a house', rather 'Zentangle tiles with houses on them'.

zentangle sampler | I made this one specifically for my juni… | Flickr

A Tangle Grows In Brooklyn - Gallery - Zentangled Inspired. I really like the architecture

Guru Ganesh, writing new beginnings!

venice coloring

Templates to color and glue together pieces to make St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow,

Digication e-Portfolio :: Jeanne McDonagh NCHS-Digital Media :: Automatic Drawing/ZenTangles

Hand drawn artistically ethnic ornamental patterned Lighthouse with clouds in doodle, zentangle tribal style for

Architectural drawings of Doors by Annie Standard Doorway tattoo?

Enthusiastic Artist: Weekly challenge #109 by Margaret Bremner, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Expand your Zentangle repertoire by exploring ZIA (Zentangle-Inspired-Art).

hollibaugh with hollibaugh zentangle

Queen Of Hearts; I have been missing my acrylics a lot since past few days, so I finally used them in todays work. I couldn't resist using zentangle ...

It was a beautiful hotel and no matter if I was looking out the window or down at the carpet, it offered so much inspiration for Zentangle art!

A personal illustration made for my Mum for Christmas.

hand draw ornate decorative house drawing set . Raster version by karakotsya, via Shutterstock

... so many zentanglers out there who have similar ways of doodling. Incredible, isn't it? And just looking at a pattern will make you want to build on it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Imitates Doodles | Zentangle®, tangle patterns, & Zentangle®-inspired Art. Tutorials in drawing and some crafts. | Page 3

Great pen and ink.

In 2013, one form often presented itself in my personal Zentangle Botanicals. The S and C organic forms emerged from the SharlaRella Series.

Download A Cup Of Hot Coffee Zentangle Design For Coloring Book For Adult Stock Vector -

Many students bring Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art to share in the "Student Gallery."

Bordering On...and on.

Sahar's Blog 2015 07 14 Creative Meditation Zentangles and Coloring Books

Zentangle Pyramid Art Project Pattern Abstract Sculpture Lesson Plan and Handout

I've been work a lot in the round lately, creating mandalas on standard 3.5 x 3.5 Zentangle tiles.

Architectural presentation · free line drawing worksheet - printable teacher resources from the Student Art Guide

Zentangle I want to try this using different polymer clay canes

Use a pencil to add shading underneath some designs to make it look 3-D

for example these, Doodle by Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz,

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The Beauty of Zentangle(R): Inspirational Examples from 137 Tangle Artists Worldwide (Design Originals) Zentangle-Inspired Art from Suzanne McNeill, ...

We had a fantastic time learning to Zentangle with the rest of America...I can see what the hype is all about!

The next few days are dedicated to focused class time from 8:30am to 5:00pm on Monday through Wednesday. There are ample breaks throughout the day to keep ...

Folks brought lots of cool Zentangle Inspired Art in many media for everyone to enjoy.

The Beauty of Zentangle(R): Inspirational Examples from 137 Tangle Artists Worldwide (Design Originals) Zentangle-Inspired Art from Suzanne McNeill, ...

Tile 1: Paradox, Shattuck, Wibble, Rainbow Bridge, Cadent

Exterior home elevations by Anique Azhar - Architectural drawing / rendering / diagram

Hand drawn zentangle panda for coloring book for adult,tattoo, shirt design,logo

Courtesy of ArchSD

Zentangle is a conscious process that brings down your stress levels in a jiffy

... you might find it inspiring to look on Pinterest or Google for pattern ideas. You might also like to add colours to your Zentangle to make them even ...

Line: I am a calligrapher and letters are composed of lines. Traveling opens me up to new letterforms. I don't need to be able to read the signs to be ...

Zentangle Creation by Architect Bruce A. Cutler

Courtesy of Logical Process in Architectural Design

Tangles: SELJUK, Cubine, Dex, Knightsbridge, Yincut

... their patterning which inspires Zentangle® play! I challenge you to interpret their patterning in your own unique way. I have included eight tiles that ...

I'm a Certified Zentangle Teacher and career-long graphic and textile artist. I get this question quite a bit, and I'm glad when people want to have a ...

This March (spring break), marked the two year anniversary that I launched Dashtangles on social media. The first week I launched my Dashtangles Facebook ...

Spatial Model of Structure. Architecture ModelsKirigamiLpModelsModel BuildingArchitectural Models

zentangle sunrise

public square image

If you have never heard of Zentangle before, it is a unique type of artwork that can be created using repetitive patterns. It might be referred to as doodle ...

Courtesy of West Line Studio

I can't wait to tackle the pages with the entire female figure. I think the author got a little carried away with those, they are nearly all lying down in ...

This one is based on the Echo Lines techniques by Eni Oken, using one of my metallic textures.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Zentangle doodling offers a calm opportunity for reflection and thankfulness, whether creating a piece that expresses this or being mindful during the ...

And doodle

His work, “Zentangle Book in a Box,” is a 4″×153″ work of 18 quilted panels sewn together and housed in a hand-painted wooden box ...

There are many things that a person will experience while they are creating Zentangle artwork. First of all, they will become much more intuitive.