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Yemay by Andr Hora azx t Orisha Sacred feminine

Yemay by Andr Hora azx t Orisha Sacred feminine



Is your name Yemaya? Oh hell no, it's got to be Oshun!

Offering for Yemanja (Yemaya) - Google Search

The offering a oferenda by André Hora (Yemaya?

Es la Virgen de Regla. Viste de traje azul con adornos blancos, usa corona. Apuesta y bella como el mar. Suyas son las gav.

Yemaya assists and supports the rebirth process, cleansing and purifying the old…

Oya. Divine FeminineOya ...

Anoche me visitó Yemaya, me arropó, me dió un beso en la frente y me dijo tiernamente al oido: "Me haces otra de esas y te ahogo la próxima vez que te ...

Maferefun Yemaya every day! You are the Queen of Sea, Land and the Heavens above us. She is mother of all of us and all that lives, ...

Obatala & Yemaya

Yemaya-Goddess of the ocean, associated with the moon,female mysteries and childbirth

She is an Orisha and the mother of all Orishas. She is often syncretized with either the Virgin Mary, Our lady of Regla, ...

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Iemanjá · African GoddessAfrican MythologyIfa ReligionYoruba ReligionYemaya OrishaAfro ArtMerfolkDivine FeminineNymphs

Sou como o Mar, mudo de maremoto a calmaria. Cada um que se proteja

Singing to Yemaya – Mother of Oceans {Kimberly Moore} | The Motherhouse of the

Oshun corresponds to the zodiac sign of Taurus


Oshun (known as Ochún or Oxúm in Latin America) also spelled Ọṣun, is

Happy Earth Mother's Day – for All Our Relations and the Nigerian Daughters

Divine sisters Oshun y Yemaya

myoruba: “divinemoon: “ The Dance of Oshun Her dance is the most sensual. Laughs as Yemaya and shakes her arms to sound her 5 gold bracelets.

Yemaya oshun

Yemayá by Jorge Guanche-Garcia · African GoddessOrishaSacred FeminineDivine ...

Yemanjá art by André Hora ❤

Yemaya is the great mother who lives and rules over the seas. Water is essential to life, so without Yemaya, life on earth wouldn't be possible .

alternative spellings: yemaya, iemanja, yemoja, yemanja] is the orisa associated with the ocean and salt waters.

Yemaya-Iemanja by André Hora

IEMANJA · Yemaya SanteriaYemaya OrishaGoddess ...

Chango by Jesus Miguel Quintana

Yemaya's Afrocuban tools link her to the sea and Orisha Olokun, represented by a mermaid


Obaluaiye by André Hora

Oya by Claudia Krindges

Ochun y Yemaya


Yemaya Art gives me life

iemanja frases tumblr - Pesquisa Google

Yemaya by Claudia Krindges

Orula is the father of time and lord of divination. His other names are Ifa

Iemanja. Yemaya OrishaYoruba OrishasYoruba ReligionMystic FairThe OceanOceansMoonchildArchetypesDivine Feminine

Caldero de Orisha Yemaya Seven African Powers Santeria Yoruba Cauldron Sopera

Divine Feminine · Oxum na cachoeira by Júlia Rodrigues


Iyewa-show by Andre Hora ❤

Iansa Oya by Júlia Rodrigues · Oya GoddessShango OrishaYemaya OrishaYoruba ReligionDivine FeminineWarrior ...


Oxala byby Orádia N.C Porciúncula/ Licença Creative Commons 3.0 Atribuição - Uso Não-Comercial

The messenger between humans and deities. Orishas by Noire 3000 aka James C. Lewis - Eshu

Elder Oya.

Trono de Yemaya

Tú no estás solo, jamás lo has estado y nunca lo estarás, los Orishas

yemaya oshun · African CultureDivine FeminineBlack ...

Yemaya y Chango

Yemaya and Osun

Vintage La Yemaya Olocun Orisha Yemaya Statue Yoruba Religion Santeria 12 inches

Odoya Yemanja by Júlia Rodrigues · PaganismYemaya OrishaSacred FeminineDivine ...

Photo-manipulation by James C. Lewis inspired by Yoruba deities called Orisha - Found via Buzzfeed, artist's website here: http://www.noire3000studios.com/

Afro-Futurism and Fantasy favourites by on DeviantArt

Osun / Oshun / Ochun / Oxum by Felipe Caprini

Agodo by Oradine

Oshun, goddess/orisha of sweet waters, beauty, love, artistry, and

Título: "Oxum, Ora iê iê ô". Técnica: óleo sobre tela. Autor: Jean Louiss

Yemonja. Yemaya OrishaBlack GoddessDivine ...

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African Mythology, Pagan Gods, Bird Tattoos, Spiritual Awakening, Afro, Yemaya Orisha, Goddesses, Sagrada, Divine Feminine

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Find this Pin and more on Orishas by roliceto.

Oya corresponds to the zodiac sign Scorpio

O centro da terr.


Send An Email To, Orisha

Yemaya, by Mira. OrishaThe ArtistDr. WhoDivine Feminine PaganismWitchcraftWiccaPoemSpiritual

Black Goddess Oya Orisha by numythology

Picture of the Orisha Ogun

Nuestros Orishas

africanspirits | Pinterest | Orisha, Africans and Deities

Birth of Yemayá. Angel ArtOrishaWoodland CreaturesFantasy ArtDivine Feminine BirthReikiEspritLotus

Iemanja/ Yemaya. Priestess. Stunning she looks prettty

Mother Yemaya Yemaya is the goddess who gave birth to the fourteen Yoruba Orishas (gods and goddesses), and the breaking of Her uterin.

Yemaya Photo: This Photo was uploaded by ibcharms. Find other Yemaya pictures and photos. Yoruba OrishasDivine ...

Oshun - Chant More

The Orishas Yemaya,Oshun and Oya. Santeria is an African Diaspora religion centered in Cuba. It recognizes a collection of deities known as orishas with ...

Orunmilá by André Hora ❤


Yemayá Drawing, Illustration, Painting by Luis Bencomo · Cuba ReligionYemaya OrishaSacred FeminineDivine ...


Obaluaiê by Andre luiz ferreira ❤

See more. &.& #santeria #religion #orula #oggun #shango #obatala #

Yemaya is the Yoruba (West African) goddess of water and life. In the Yoruba religion, Yemaya is an orisha, an animistic deity who is a manifestation of one ...

Ossaim by Orádia N.C Porciúncula/ Licença Creative Commons 3.0 Atribuição - Uso Não-Comercial

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Yemanja · Yemaya OrishaDivine ...

:::Centro Cultural Brasil Africa:::

Invocation and Prayer ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ Yemaya shrine

Ọmọ Esú Ọ̀dára: ASÍNDE : Commissioned and SOLD: Crown for Yemoja/Yemanja/. Yoruba ReligionLa ReligionYemaya OkuteShango OrishaDivine ...

ORISHAS by Luis Bencomo, via Behance

ORIXÁ OXUM · Oya OrishaDivine FeminineSacred ...