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Wow Compuserve that takes me back way back Computer Geek

Wow Compuserve that takes me back way back Computer Geek


Huh, CompuServe actually got that about right.




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Fujitsu Cultural Technologies WorldAway Graphical Multiuser Online Chat World on CompuServe First Advertisement - 1996 “

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Know Your Nerds!

The Anatomy Of Nerds+Geeks

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Geek or Nerd?

FARK.com: (9803257) Compuserve officially shutting down December 15. In other news, Compuserve still existed

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Internet Archive link.

GEnie Price “cut” back in 1989 actually raised prices for non-prime time

20 years online

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Computer Components Ad. Wow! Only $3500 - this is a bargain!

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Advert for Mastersound 2 for the Atari ST


Comparing today's computers to 1995's

Ah, Gold Box. We were so happy to have graphics, most of us didn't notice these were actually pretty dull.

Snowden made cyber-geek nightmares true. Can 'private' be normal again? | Dan Gillmor | Opinion | The Guardian

The Geek Zodiac

Atari Home Computers. I knew they made games, but not home computers. You mean I could've had a home computer way back then and didn't?

Wow even the smallest one is really overly thick

Surf the Web With a Stock Browser

YouTube / SataiDelenn

Venture capital has long poured into technology designed to invade our privacy, so it's gratifying to see some investment going the other way.

Create a Password Without Numbers or Symbols

... a subsidiary of Japanese electronics giant Fujitsu, released this online experiment in multiplayer communities. It debuted as part of the CompuServe ...

MSX Computer/TV Combo

Page 1

Many tech geeks will often say that their first forays into cyberspace began with a 300 baud modem and a BBS. I'm a little younger than that (finally, ...

Internet Archive link.

It was a familiar looking keyboard, but it was detached from it's computer. Now, I remember way back ...

Page 1

... he actually talked me up on the spec, and I ended up with an SE/30. If you know Macs, you'll know this was, at that time, much more powerful than an SE.

Internet Archive link.

Bubble Bobble

Newsletter from Intuit announcing release back in 1991

reviews foreMarketing: the essential guide to online marketing first edition “Quirk's eMarketing handbook covers ...

Hacking into computer system beginners guide sadii by Sadii Casper - issuu

20 Years of Computing: Comparing 1995's tech to 2015's

Once you've gotten your race, class, and name picked out, you're introduced to your race's struggle within the World of Warcraft through a brief panning ...

the sad truth is… it's never worked for me.

Hacking into computer systems - a beginners guide by akrotopo akrotopo - issuu


Finally, here's what the Simon website looked like back then; notice the old Dejal logo, and the rather dated design:

your first computer

Keep it going in the comments (obviously tech related lol)

at home

Streaming video still does not function, but then again I have never had any luck getting Ubuntu to work with video stream's in SL.

CompuServe Fujitsu Cultural Technologies WorldsAway mousepad scan - 1995

Found a Commodore 64C in the trash today.

Internet Archive link.

Mosaic in a Box - back

Pay Tethering Fees

Only the more advanced computer users in 1996 had state-of-the-art software: Microsoft's latest operating system, called Windows 95.

The 1990s

12 People Way Too Obsessed With Computers And The Internet

'Maybe even sexy': This glamorous 1971 advert is trying to sell a modem

Post ...

It seems they made a ton of stuff out of that formaldehyde laden cheap stuff way back when. I guess they have kind of phased the ...

For MODEMs, the quick answer is we used them to (among other things) browse BBS (Bulletin Board Systems):

fall 1995 computer

The thing was a beast, I remember it was very heavy and see by the specs that it weight 26 lbs, but it was essentially portable. As I was using the computer ...

WINDOWSA(r) 95 version includes advanced &apos;Wor&apos;

the Inn! 1a radical game an Hue lump-lie: ls ulna-i

Terminal coolness

Pay Someone to Upgrade a Computer

Remember when a an 8 GIG Hard Drive was standard on a $3,000 computer? I do. Those were the days. I was thinking about my first computer the other day – It ...

img.fark.net ...

I ...

Man does this thing bring back some memories. We never had a lot of money as I was growing up. We were never very stereo orientated.

At the time my family was pretty strapped for spare cash, so this kit you see here with the C64, tape-deck, joystick (the first of several) and some ...

CompuServe SPRY Internet In a Box Advertisement 1996

This is, of course, a Roleplaying Game and RPGs are nothing if not fighting intensive. Combat has been as carefully considered as all other elements of the ...

Back in September of 2012 they announced that the original Darkfall would shut down on November 15th to make room for Unholy Wars, which was slated to ...

Madmaze Title Screen

A typical MUD session

&quot;Lette rs Gaming College 1 rooerttly read your amch aGaming Goes to

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Stop back throughout the week, as I create my avatar, grab some free-bee's, and start exploring this Virtual World.


BioWare's Baldur's Gate single-handedly brought AD&D back to the masses.

... 28.

He did unlawfully between June 7, 1988 and June 8, 1988 use a computer

Jack the Ripper From rhe i!ctional Sweeney Todd (0 me infamous Boston Strangler

3–2; 6.

That's the IBM 3730, which used 8″ floppy disks. We had one in our office. What you got for your $5k was storage and the ability to produce mass quantities ...

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