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World39s oldest known seabird still astonishing researchers lays egg

World39s oldest known seabird still astonishing researchers lays egg


21. wisdom laid her egg a week later. Photo: Kiah Walker/USFWS. The world's oldest known seabird ...


Wisdom and her just hatched chick on Midway Atoll NWR. Photo credit: Ann Bell

World's oldest known seabird, Wisdom (right), “talks” to her egg shortly after laying her egg on November 28. Photo: Dan Clark/USFWS.

... the World's Oldest Albatross, Laid an Egg. This is about the 35th time Wisdom has been a mother-to-be

Wisdom and her new egg. Photo by Greg Joder via USFWS Pacific Region on Tumblr. Awesome news!

Wisdom incubating her egg on the same site she's used for many years (Albatross and many other seabirds exhibit nest fidelity – they return to the same ...

Wisdom the albatross. “

Wisdom, the world's oldest banded wild bird incubates her egg last year

The oldest known seabird lays an egg at 66

world's oldest albatross and baby

Wisdom, oldest wild bird in the world lays egg at 67.

World's Oldest Banded Bird Likely To Give Birth Again

Wisdom the albatross lays an egg at 67 years old Wisdom, the world's oldest known ...

World's Oldest Known Wild Bird Lays Egg at 67

World's Oldest Bird is Ready to Do the Unthinkable - Have Yet Another Baby

image: Wisdom, left, attempts to nudge her mate off the nest for her

Image credit: USFWS via Flickr

Wisdom, the World's Oldest Known Wild Bird, is a Mother Again

3 months ago Wisdom, the world's oldest known living wild bird laid an egg, to add to her tally of 36 she has notched up over her nearly 7 decades.

The largest seabird research project ever carried out in Malta has nearly come to an end with surprising results - almost one third of Maltese waters are ...

64-year-old albatross Is Oldest Known Bird To Lay An Egg (PHOTO

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Wisdom returns to feed her chick.


Wisdom is pictured incubating the egg before it hatched on February 4. The Laysan species

A guillemot sitting on its egg

Wisdom lays only one egg per year and will spend 365 days incubating and raising her new chick. Photo by Greg Joder via USFWS Pacific Region on Tumblr

The Laysan species of albatross traditionally mate with one partner for life and lay only one

Seabird Conservation News

blue footed booby and two eggs

Wisdom is pictured incubating the egg before it hatches

A field of nesting Laysan albatross at Midway Atoll, the world's largest nesting albatross colony

Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica) in the Faroes


Wisdom, the world's oldest known banded bird in the wild, sits on an egg

A Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) in flight Sand Island, Midway Atoll, National

At 63, World's Oldest Known Bird Is Expecting Another Chick

Wisdom brooding chick February 8, 2013. Photo: John Klavitter USFWS


Courtship - Peacock courting peahen (publi domain) According to researchers ...

Hummingbirds are some of the fastest, most incredible pollinators on the planet! New research

Challenges ahead

Common murres

Are Gulls Jerks? They steal food from other birds (and British teenagers), and eat baby seals alive. Still, some signs point to “no.

New works explains why eggs vary in shape; still to come: why their colors and sizes vary so much as well.

Volunteers count Albatross nests on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific Ocean.

White terns enjoy growth with the help of humans

Prior to the 16th century, the species was so abundant that colonies consisting of hundreds

Short tailed Albatross1.jpg

At 62, the Oldest Bird in the World Is Still Hatching Chicks | Smart News | Smithsonian

laysan chick

Wisdom, the world's oldest known albatross, is still breeding at age 67

Ospreys' cherished Easter egg is earliest ever laid in UK | Nature | News | Express.co.uk

The world's oldest known wild bird is about to become a Mum at 67, baffling scientists (Midway atoll, USA) | The ocean update



Penguin laying an egg

Wisdom is the world's oldest known banded bird at 70. Pictured is Kukini, her most recent banded, chick. To date, Wisdom has raised at least 30 chicks!

The bird incubates an egg at the same nest she uses each year with her mate

Laysan albatross

Puffin Trio by Steve Kress

Plover admirers, this is the week to wish your neighborhood kolea safe travels. Soon most of Hawaii's birds will be heading to Alaska, flying nonstop over ...

Gila Woodpecker © kojihirano/Shutterstock

Historically, hunting seabirds has been a distinctive feature of Nordic coastal culture. Should it still be?



An Albatross with its chick

Boobies of the Galápagos are replacing their disappearing food source with junk fish

Sagebrush Ranger Rick April 2017 2

Black-browed albatross preening its chick (New Island, Falkland Islands). Albatrosses

Project Puffin in the News

George the peregrine falcon soars over San Francisco Bay as scientists remove eggs laid by Gracie

leucistic laysan albatross chick spreads its wings

albatross chick photo

A rare white kolea has been spotted at Heeia Kea Small Boat Harbor. The bird is likely a leucistic animal, as it has nearly all white feathers but also ...

Albatross may find it hard to adapt to changes in prey availability. DeAgostini/Getty Images

PRESS RELEASE: Breeding habits of albatrosses - News - British Antarctic Survey

Two Albatross courting

64-year-old bird is ready to do the unthinkable — have yet another baby - Pacific - Stripes

A Laysan albatross and chick at the Ka'ena Point Natural Area Reserve on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. (Courtesy of Lindsay Young)

Wisdom Hatches Another Chick!

Egg Rock Update Newsletter (ERU)

Chatham albatross chicks (covered in gray down) spend four to five months on chimney-shaped nests constructed of dirt, rock chips, feathers and guano, ...

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