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Working VINTAGE IBM 5160 Desktop Computer256k 2 Floppies

Working VINTAGE IBM 5160 Desktop Computer256k 2 Floppies


Working Vintage IBM 5160 Desktop Computer 256K 2 Floppies Hard Drive

IBM PCjr Racore Expansion

IBM PC XT 5160 Dual Floppy Drives with 5153 Color Monitor

Working VINTAGE IBM 5160 Desktop Computer-256k, 2 Floppies, Hard Drive. CPU Only | Ibm

IBM first personal computer | one of the most anticipated arrivals to the personal computer era. IBM .

IBM Personal Computer (PC) with software and manuals, circa 1983

ibm_pc_5150.jpg (1977×1833)

Model 30-286 IBM PS/2

IBM PC-XT Model 5160 Computer w/ DOS & Vintage IBM Computor Monitor model 5154


The first computer was invented by Philip Don Estrigde and the IBM company in 1968.

Original IBM Personal Computer (PC).

#vintage ibm 5150 (xt) computer 5153 cga monitor ibm keyboard flash hd from

IBM 5150 Personal Computer - loved that first IBM PC and the box of floppy disks

Working VINTAGE IBM 5160 Desktop Computer-256k, 2 Floppies, Hard Drive. CPU Only | Ibm

IBM PC XT 5160.

Powering Up A New-Old-Stock PS/2 Model 30

IBM 5150 Personal Computer https://telegram.me/e3rafHome

IBM PC XT with green monochrome phosphor screen and 10MB full height 5,25"

In 1981 IBM began marketing the IBM PC. They were

Vintage Commodore Colt PC20-III 8088 IBM PC Clone MS DOS 3.21 640kB RAM, TESTED

Vintage Texas Instruments Portable Professional Computer

IBM 8525 PS/2 Model 25 SYSTEM UNIT w/ 640K MEMORY * VINTAGE *

The IBM PC/XT. Worked on these early on. CAD/CAM with serial interface to Machine Tools. In GWBASIC. (Believe it Or Not).

IBM PC-XT Model 5160. One of the first home computers we had.

Sharp PC 7000 Portable Desktop PC


Radio Shack Model 1 - The first computer I ever touched. This is my oldest and favorite vintage computer.

teste-maq-fuji-0661.jpg (4288×3216)

IBM PS/2 Model 25

Vintage IBM Personal System/2 P70 386 Portable Computer 8573-121 ...

IBM PS1 Computer.

Vintage 5511 IBM PCJX Computer

IBM PS/2 Note N33Sx Type 8533 (before the Thinkpads)


IBM PC Portable Model 5155

Vintage IBM ThinkPad 701 CS Laptop Computer w Butterfly Keyboard | eBay

Vintage IBM PC Jr Serial 4860 970 Computer Entire Salesman Unit Sales Slips

Vintage Brand Olivetti Computer 80286 3 5 5 25 Guide Original Keyboard

Famously featured on the cover of the 1981 Kraftwerk album “Computer World”.

It only had the monochrome display and two floppy drives. I have added two more drives, so I have a quite beefy Rainbow I ...

IBM DOS 2.10 PC operating system 5 1/4 inch diskette

IBM ps/2 Model 25 Computer IBM Model M keyboard

German kid on an IBM Personal Computer XT (Type in Sparkasse program, 1988

Vintage 5150 IBM computer

The IBM PS/2: 25 Years of PC History | PCWorld

Retroinformática: IBM PC (1981) - Neoteo

IBM PS/2 Model 80


Displaywriter. Old-school word processing.

Explore these ideas and much more!

Retro Computer Friday - The Apricot Xen from 1985! An IBM AT clone, Apricots

Sew What, Sherlock | Take Apart a Hard Drive for Craft Parts | http://www.sewwhatsherlock.com

Russian IBM PC XT Clone Electronika MS 1502

IBM AS/400

1ibm5170.jpg 518×428 pixels

The IBM Personal Computer, commonly known as the IBM PC, is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform.

Vintage Apple Macintosh SE/30 Computer

Macintosh IIfx. The 40 MHz Macintosh IIfx was introduced in 1990 to be sold for

IBM PS/2 (Model 80 (1987).(also known as how IBM screwed itself in the PC market)

monochrome-monitor: IBM PS/2 55SX (1989) ♥1• #IBM_PS/2

LGR - IBM PS/2 Computer Motherlode A show and tell of sorts, talking about my massive retro IBM computer haul! PS/2 systems, monitors, software, peripherals ...

IBM 5150/5160 XT 1503968 8-BIT ISA Floppy Drive Controller Card XM *FREE SHIP

IBM P70 386

NEC ProSpeed 386 Microcomputer Vintage 386 Laptop Computer. Laptops OnlineLaptop ComputersIbmDesktopDesk

IBM Model Personal Model 70 enhances the IBM Personal family of systems by offering a new level of performance in a desktop unit.IBM Model 70 The Personal ...

IBM 5155 (8088 / 640Ko)

Vintage 286 Computer Carry-1 in Computers/Tablets & Networking, Vintage Computing, Vintage Computers & Mainframes | eBay


IBM PC 5140 (Convertible) 1986 Sustituyó al IBM Portable y se vendía por 1.995

monochrome-monitor: “ Apple “Classic” Macintosh Personal Computer (1984).

Vintage 1989 Zenith Minisport ZL 2 Heathkit 8088 Laptop Computer

This site contains personal reflections on the IBM Model 70 Microcomputer. One item in a vintage computing collection

russian computers vintage

This is the kind of computer I remember working on in grammar school!

VINTAGE 1991 Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System 5.0 on 5.25 Floppy Disks #1-

Kaypro 4 (1983) - This was quite a find with all the original software

Come sarebbe stato #Twitter negli anni '80? Un #video te lo mostra

HP Pavilion p6300 Desktop PC series - HP Pavilion p6374es Desktop PC Product Specifications - c02060181 - Centro de Soporte HP para Empresas | HP ...


IBM RS/6000

Vintage IBM Personal System/2 Model P70 386 PC Computer - http://

IBM PS/2 Model 30 (1987) - This was our family computer for

IBM 5150 Personal Computer

old computer - Google Search

Ibm, Computers, Decoration Pictures, Art Pictures, Homes

IBM PCJR Complete Computer System with 3 sidecars

Commodore 64- my mom probably still has the floppy disks somewhere

Ordenador Amstrad PCW8512

how to add an SSD drive to xiaomi mi notebook air 13.3 - Mi Notebook Air

Franklin computer , Franklin Ace 1000 computer : Apple clone.

Revised RARE Vintage IBM 5322 Computer

Eagle personal computer - CHM Revolution

(1) Sept 30, 1988 IBM Announces Shipment of 3 Millionth PS/2

1987 MagiTronic IBM clone