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William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive Suunto in

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive Suunto in


SUUNTO & William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record FREE-DIVE

SUUNTO & William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record FREE-DIVE

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive. Suunto

Steinlager CNF World Record Freedive 102m. William Trubridge

The Mental Game [3 of 4]: William Trubridge | Deep Sea Meditation. World of Adventure

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive - YouTube. See more. by MovesCountbySuunto · The world's deepest blue hole: Dean's Blue Hole, Long Islands, ...

william trubridge CNF 102M defiance. Live Televised CNF World Record Attempt: Is this the Future of Freediving?

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive

Freediver William Turridge, from New Zealand, won the world cup event in the Bahamas

(Sportalsub.net / Vertical Blue) – Leer en Español

William Trubridge - Dec 12th 2010 - 100m World Record CNF Freedive - Surfacing Video

William Trubridge

... legendary CNF record of 101 meters (331ft). William Trubridge, Dean's Blue Hole. Photo: Agustin Munoz.

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive - Coub - GIFs with sound

The quiet of the deep.

This Man Just Broke His Own World Record With a 334 Foot Freedive

Ryuzo Shinomiya of Japan in action during the Suunto free diving world cup

William Trubridge 101 CNF Record

William Trubridge

As freediver William Trubridge embarks on his attempt to dive to 102m unassisted in a single breath, he speaks to us about the future of the sport and how ...

Alenka Artnik - 85m CWT Bifin - World Record/Gold medal

William Trubridge preparing for a world record attempt dive without fins.

William Trubridge One Breath The Story of William Trubridge Shorter

William Trubridge from New Zealand (Photo by Daan Verhoeven). William Trubridge World Record ...

William Trubridge at Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas , where the CNF freedive record was broken. Screenshot from

William Trubridge. From Wikipedia ...

Record breaking, breath holding, William Trubridge

William Trubridge Sets New Constant No-Fins Freediving Record of 102 Meters

William Trubridge 101m CNF World Record Freedive 720p 30fps H264 152kbit AAC

There are also significant prizes on offer – including a purse of almost $20,000 in cash, as well as a selection of Suunto D4i and D6i dive computers from ...

William descends (photo © Daan Verhoeven)

#SuuntoDive / Dec 15, 2017 The freedive community raised $26,000 to help this hurricane-ravaged Caribbean island

William Trubridge's Amazing 407 Ft World Record Dive Into Dean's Blue Hole

William Trubridge 101 CNF Record погружение

Deisy Marquez of Venezuela in action

114m deep FIM dive of William Trubridge


Alexey Molchanov poses after setting a new CWT freediving world record at Suunto Blue Dive 2012

The AIDA Freediving World Championships – in pictures | Sport | The Guardian

Freediver William Trubridge, playing with an Atlantic Spotted Dolphin in the waters of Bimini,

Stig Pryds -deepest P.O.V. freedive in Dean's Blue Hole 3:57 Stig Pryds -deepest P.o.v. Freedive In Dean's Blue Hole. William Trubridge 101m CNF World ...

William Trubridge back from a deep 126 meters dive

IMG_7618 nick cnf down

William Trubridge

William Trubridge at Dean's Blue Hole. 11.2.2012, Dean's Blue Hole - Bahamas

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The first no fins, no suit freedive through the Arch, a long tunnel connecting Dahab's Blue Hole to the Red Sea at a depth of William Trubridge is t.


Suunto Vertical Blue 2016 - Tomoka Fukuda & Camila Jaber

William Trubridge (NZL) owns two World Records at the moment: constant weight without

"I definitely motivate myself and I feel like I have the same motivation now as I did 10 years ago."

Freediving 2011 Kalamata: Freediving 2011 Kalamata

... The Art of Filming Freediving Gillette World Sport ...

The competitors came from all around the world, to see how far they could dive

Suunto Vertical Blue Suunto veritical blue. William Trubridge

Speargun - Speargun

IMG_3588 george deep whole hole-2

William Trubridge's world record dive to 100m with no fins (CNF) · Suunto

Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF)

Freedive records

... Suunto & William Trubridge 101m Cnf World Record Free-dive. Alessia Zecchini World Record Dive to 102m CWT

William Trubridge learningvacationsreviewfileswordpresscom20100

@alex_zec after her #WorldRecord 102m CWT dive at #VerticalBlue by @FreediverDaan. Complimenti Alessia! #VB2017 #divelikeagirl #perseverancepic.twitter.com/ ...

Alexey Molchanov after completing world record CWT 126 meter freedirve

William Trubridge at Dean's Blue Hole

Will Trubridge ©Fredric Buyle

William Trubridge (NZL), the man behind the Vertical Blue freediving competitions in his

Freediver William Trubridge breaks 102m world record

World Record Dive 318,25 m

William trubridge (Photo by Daan Verhoeven)

The campaign motivated people all over the world to clean up their local beaches and waterways. Trubridge is also a vocal ambassador of a NABU International ...

Constant Weight (CWT)

... Freedriver Luke Maillis Beats National Record. Freediving fans can watch ...

Ashley Futral Chapman broke a world record during the diving world cup