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Why pastors can never be real t

Why pastors can never be real t


How Pastors Can Keep Going When Times are Hard

Prospective pastors face a similar challenge. At first glance, the church might appear uninviting. Quirky points, odd traditions, and dubious teaching ...

Is God Calling Me to Be a Pastor?

10 Things Pastors Never Want to Hear

Questions the Congregation Would Never Ask the Pastor, But Would Love to Know the Answer

In all his years as a pastor, Soto had never had an atheist at his service. In virtual reality church he founded, VR Church, atheists regularly came to ...

“There is too much pain in the world today. Let's not add to it with our words.”

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Small Church Pastor

But leadership development is one of those really important things that never seems to fit on the schedule. With ministries to run, services to lead and ...

I never envisioned becoming a senior pastor. I wasn't even sure women should be pastors. In college, I was a history major. I spent time interning within my ...

10th anniversary interview with our pastors


Pastor Porkchop says “F*** being an Israelite/Son Of God, I'm about Money”!

Mitch Ross is a Systems Integration Specialist for a power company. That has something to do with computers, but he's never been able to explain it in ...

Where Can Pastors Find Real Friends?

preaching 2

Why Your Pastor Doesn't Have Friends at Church

... guards will be definitely be unaffected. When you see videos of supposedly great men of God who orchestrate mind-boggling episodes of inducing people to ...

God Remembers, every trial, problem

10 Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry By Jim Fuller

The Preachers Keep It REAL

April 20, 2017 Advice for pastors wives / Ministry Struggle

NAIJ.com on Twitter: "Opinion: Pastors are the real robbers of God Read more: https://t.co/RwyCFXyShH… "

I've never met a senior pastor who didn't have the ability to do an outstanding job leading their staff, but I have met quite a few who didn't have a clear ...

Praying for your pastor

Real Talk Kim on Twitter: "Excited! Preaching in my church tomorrow. Bring a friend! Church of the Harvest Fayetteville 1653 Highway 85 SOUTH Fayetteville, ...

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

Women can't preach in church and must be silent?

[On the transition into ministry] The plan was always to go back to uni and do journalism, but I just fell in love with The Church: with the role it plays ...

How can I consider someone you've likely never heard of to be one of the most important pastors in the world? Well, it's not because of his theological ...

stats on women pastors 2014

For some preachers, family dinners can be a rare occasion.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Confessions of a Pastor's Wife: 8 Things I Never Realized About Ministry Life

Tim Keller on fake Christians

When Churches Want a Pastor Who Can “Bring In Young Families”



And while I obviously can't speak for all pastors, I've spoken with enough to know I'm not alone in hoping I never hear these phrases again.

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

Pastor John MacArthur

Billy Graham at a crusade in Oklahoma City.

Women in prison inspire Iowa pastor's approach to church

Rob Bell, the former megachurch pastor who was condemned for questioning the existence of hell

After years of inquiries, Willow Creek pastor denies misconduct allegations - Chicago Tribune

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

The Rev. Andy Stanley, an author and founder of North Point Ministries, says

The Daniel Plan can help you. Pastor

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

... I never told her it should have been me,” said Ms. Gause, who did not attend the wedding. “But I knew for sure it shouldn't have been him.”

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

real pastor

You can speak with spiritual eloquence, pray in public, and maintain a holy appearance... but it is your behavior that will reveal your true character.

You know, the reason most pastors never visit the Holy Land is surprising.

How Pope Francis is changing the Catholic Church

Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church John Gray and his wife, Aventer, pose for photos

"The antidote to darkness is light." Head to #BishopsVillage to watch some of the sessions from the conference. ...

Thoughts On Selecting A Pastor

“You can't just pray about everything – what's happened for far too long. Prayer is good but having zeal without knowledge is uselesspic.twitter.com/ ...

Do ...

His Pastors are being so blessed through @JKJenkins @JEFFREYREAVESSR @drpetermwherry #KLVC14 #PUL18… https://t.co/7ZJL6HII7u"

How Pastors Get Rich

"People are always the goal, never a step to a goal." Q&A with Donna Crouch, one of our pastors and "special guests" at #HillsongConf 2018.

click to enlarge It was too good to be true. - ELI MILLER

What are you worth? Sounds like an interesting question and there are people who have tried to place a monetary value on human life.

Confessions of a Preacher's Kid: #4 - True ministry isn't easy or

Tim Keller, founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and New York Times bestselling author, is a powerful voice for Christian ...

Black pastor slams black people and their history

Why Joel Osteen Is the Most Popular Preacher on the Planet

8 Concerns that Church Members Seldom Tell Pastors

Things Nigerian pastors don't know and will never know

April 6, 2013 345 Comments

At our Midweek Prayer Meeting which is Day 4 of our Ten Days of Prayer Series, we talked about the Table of Showbread, a furniture in the Holy Place of the ...

While few significant pastors in Alabama are backing Roy Moore in his U.S. Senate campaign, there aren't many denouncing him, either.

4:31 AM - 1 Nov 2017

Funny Christian Story, Star Trek, Great Question

Virtual reality has provided a free zone for cybersex, porn, and trolling. But that same freedom, D.J Soto believes, can also provide a place where sinners ...

How to Follow a Long-Tenured Pastor

Image titled Become a Pastor Step 6Bullet2

I heard the news quite early but God forbid that this news be broken here especially when I prayed so hard that it wasn't true. It's been surreal.

Being a pastor is the one career/calling where God has undoubtedly put a message in your heart. Therefore, I have never met a pastor who didn't have a ...

In the climactic scene, Novalee gets a frantic call from Brownie, one of Lexie's kids. When she arrives, she finds Lexie barely alive with the two older ...

Pastor Jamal Bryant

God is never late...and doesn't fail. Friends lovers spouses family colleagues church members pastors can and...will disappoint you. They are only human.

Difficult questions people ask illustration by Cindy Caldwell, UMC.org.

Pastor's Corner Blog

From Devout Atheist to Skeptical Pastor: A Blog For Busted-Up, Beat-Down People (Like Me)

I'll never forget my first internship, my first Sunday morning the head pastor took the stage, paused, and went on to say, “For the past few weeks I've been ...

If you are human, you have secret fears. I don't mean ones like fear of snakes or fear of heights, but deeper ones. You may have never verbalized them to ...

Prophet T.B. Joshua Vs. South Africa's Snake Pastor

Pastor John Gray speaking at an event in Houston on Feb. 3, 2017 (Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)