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Why has there been a disproportionate amount of EDL arrests in

Why has there been a disproportionate amount of EDL arrests in


Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaking court rules'. Tommy Robinson has been ...

Members of Unite Against Fascism organised a counter protest (Image: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

UK: Arrests made as EDL clash with antifascists in Liverpool

Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League is escorted by the police as

Britain First Leaders Arrested in Belfast For Making 'Anti-Islam' Speeches

287208. The EDL has ...

The EDL founder's arrest caused a huge backlash (Image: Cover Images)

Tommy Robinson was jailed for contempt of court

EDL Tower Hamlets march: 300 arrested

Riot police arrest 12 as anti-fascist protesters clash at EDL march in dramatic scenes

... have been arrested. Clashes: The English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham today

... he go caught up in.

The EDL will be banned from centre of Tower Hamlets tomorrow but threat of clashes remains (GETTY)

Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL, is arrested.

EDL Bradford march: Hundreds of English Defence League supporters met with strong police presence - Mirror Online

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More than 160 arrested at EDL Tower Hamlets march

Paul Whiteside, the EDL lead for Lincolnshire, campaigned against child grooming (Image: Grimsby Telegraph WS)

Police arrest eight after protest led by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson in Manchester city centre 'turned nasty'

Tommy Robinson arrested outside Leeds Crown Court

Britain First and EDL protestors clash with anti-fascist groups in London

Hundreds of Tommy Robinson supporters (pictured) flocked to Downing Street on Saturday to demand

Tommy Robinson being arrested outside Leeds Combined Courts on 25 May 2018

In Britain, any filming and recording of courts and court precincts is illegal under section

An EDL march in Newcastle in 2017

EDL founder Tommy Robinson filmed punching 'migrant' in the face before claiming it was 'act of self-defence'

Police make 14 arrests as rival groups clash at joint Britain First-EDL protest in London | The Independent

Tommy Robinson jailed over Facebook Live video that could bring down trial costing taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds - Mirror Online

Tommy Robinson arrested outside court for 'breaching the peace'

By Kasia Delgado

'Wanted by al-Shabab'

A large police operation has been launched in the heart of the city to keep rival

The ...

Tommy Robinson seen recently filming for his new venture, The Rebel Media

EDL leader Stephen Lennon given suspended sentence for headbutting fellow member

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson addresses a rally in Walsall in September 2012.

Hundreds of protesters in England have assembled outside the place of Tommy Robinson's arrest in a bid to secure the former English Defence League (EDL) ...

Journalists have won a legal challenge to report on the arrest and subsequent jailing of English Defence League founder “Tommy Robinson” after he live ...

Arrests made as antifa corner far-right EDL in London

Kevin Caroll, EDL deputy leader, addresses supporters of the far-right English Defence


Ex-leader of far-right EDL Tommy Robinson arrested trying to 'video Muslims

74 arrested in Bolton EDL rally protest. Seventy-four people have been ...

Members of the far-right anti-immigration English Defence League (EDL) march

EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are arrested while trying to march through Whitechapel,

Street protest organised by the EDL in Newcastle, England. (The placard reads "Shut down the Mosque Command and Control Centre.")

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson arrives at Canterbury Crown Court,

Police officers hold back members of the public protesting during the event

EDL supporter with mosque explosion tattoo is arrested

Tommy Robinson supporters from around the world have taken to the streets to protest the former EDL leader's arrest in Leeds on Friday.


... EDL were long gone), around 280 of them were arrested and bussed out to various police stations around London. (I was also arrested – you can read about ...

Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced within five hours. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA

Numbers. EDL supporter and a police officer at an EDL march

EDL 'Helping' Manchester United's Premier League Chances, Thanked For Bringing Friday Night Football Forward

No to the Nazis' and 'black and white, unite and fight, smash the EDL' as the English Defence League (EDL) gather for a demonstration in ...

EDL leader Tommy Robinson was arrested afte attempting to visit the spot where Lee Rigby was

The EDL - definitely not fascists, honest!

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EDL protesters have caused controversy in demonstrations across the country. Recent protests in Luton ended with violent clashes.

As you will no doubt have realized from the photo above, I do not think he is a hero for our times. In fact, I do not think he is in control ...

A member of the EDL at Saturday's march in Doncaster.

EDL founder Tommy Robinson has been jailed.

Counter-protest to the EDL organised by the Unite trade union, held in Newcastle in 2017

Arrests as angry anti fascist demonstrators clash with EDL thugs in Nottingham – The Sun

Tommy Robinson is an Idiot!

Joint EDL leaders Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson are arrested by police on June 29,

Robinson has a sleeve of patriotic tattoos, and has England inked on his leg

RICHARD PENDLEBURY Tommy Robinson becomes global celebrity | Daily Mail Online

Figures shows that 26 per cent of all child arrests are youngsters from ethnic minority backgrounds

In this October 16, 2013 photo, Tommy Robinson the former leader of the far

Six others from Todmorden, Chorley, Clitheroe and Blackburn were given suspended prison sentences, after admitting using threatening behaviour as part of ...

Some members of the group ended up tussling with the police when the silent protest became

Racists ...

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson

EDL thug Gary Skerritt and His Violent Attacks on Women

This thinly veiled attempt at justifying withdrawal of funds for Muslim organisations, andstirring of Nationalist pride will act as a rubber stamp for the ...

Thomas Mair Jo Cox MP

EDL leader arrested on Lee Rigby march

under license to London News Pictures. 11/12/2010. Continuing their.

Anti-fascist campaigners gather to demonstrate against members of the English Defence League in Birmingham

Robinson with EDL demonstrators in Amsterdam in 2010

Two men who were arrested during a demonstration in Dewsbury have appeared in court.

Are British soldiers joining the English Defence League? – Channel 4 News

Anti-Islamic groups across Europe to attend far-Right rally

His real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon; “Tommy Robinson” is an alias

An interesting discussion has ...

Tommy Robinson during an EDL and Britain First demonstration on April 01, 2017 in London, England. Picture: Matthew ChattleSource:Getty Images

Arrived in Bradford just after 10 and scouted the area where the EDL were due to assemble, there were maybe 50 there. At the UAF the same sort of number ...

Tommy Robinson (Image: PA)

A man eats part of pigs head during a demo in Manchester city centre

'Anti-Islamic group Pegida are coming to town. We can't afford to laugh and dismiss them'

Tommy Robinson

Who is Tommy Robinson and what is the EDL?