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While some birds are facing their death as they fly through the

While some birds are facing their death as they fly through the


Save Birds from Kite-String Injuries. ›

The extinction of the dusky seaside sparrow was caused by habitat loss. Bird conservation is a ...

The birds that fear death

Raise your hand/wing if you have a question.

Black bird with white chest in flight with wings facing down and tail fanned and down

canada geese migrating

Have You Ever Wondered... Do birds get shocked when they sit on ...

Fledglings have that 'bedhead' look and often appear bigger than their parents. They hop or fly a few feet at a time and can appear injured, ...

Junco fledgling MAII illustrates the awkwardness via interpretive dance.

Sam Osherson. Source: Sam Osherson. A little bird—likely ...

If a bird is out of its nest and is not fully feathered, then you could attempt to return it to the nest. Use common sense when deciding whether it's safe ...

Short tailed Albatross1.jpg

An Arctic tern will travel almost 2.5 million kilometres in its lifetime

This fledgling blue jay is meant to be out of the nest as it's fully feathered and able to stand on its own. Its parents are somewhere close and feeding it.

Seeing a single crow is very unlucky. Two crows mean good luck! Three means health, Four means wealth, Five is sickness & Six mean death.

Birds as Spiritual Symbols of the Divine

When it comes to eggs in a nest, it's best not to touch them at all. Some birds will take this as a sign that a predator has been poking around and ...


A male named Sirocco on Maud Island

Older junco fledgling RONA

Junco fledgling AGYL thinks that is too many things to do at once.

A bald eagle flies from its nest as an eaglet looks on, Tuesday, April

What Is A Bird Strike? What Really Happens When A Bird Strikes An Airplane?

When you're told that you are going to die, the only choice to make is to try and live.

You can't see me!

Male_Cardinal_2-9-13. Male Cardinal giving a ...

The House Sparrow

His severed head is said to be buried under the Tower of London facing toward France, a possible origin for the keeping of ravens in the Tower, ...

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meaning of eagle spirit animal


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The brains of Common Ravens count among the largest of any bird species. For a bird, they display ability in problem solving, as well as other cognitive ...

Wandering albatross

Close up of a yellow faced honeyeater drinking

Drawing of Microraptor gui, Photo of a ...

Black-browed albatross preening its chick (New Island, Falkland Islands). Albatrosses

Image titled Calm Down a Bird Step 8

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Crow on a branch

Find out when to use first aid on your pet bird and when to get your bird to your avian veterinarian with these tips.

Albatrosses range over huge areas of ocean and regularly circle the globe.

Image titled Calm Down a Bird Step 7

Only a few weeks old above, pigeons Bizzy Bee, Chunky Monkey and Baby will

Don't Attempt to “Rescue” Baby Birds

After travelling more than 10,000km, some red knots will refuel in the south-east of the Gulf of Carpentaria before making their way to New Zealand.

All too often we take the sparrow for granted – small though she may be, she is certainly powerful. It is her slightness in size that gives her advantages.

Plastic from around the world washes up on Midway Atoll in the remote Pacific Ocean.

Adriana Palmer, an Audubon bird safety manager, bagging remains. Credit Benjamin Norman for The New York Times

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... injured bird that seems to be in distress—if that's the case, you can place it in a towel-lined box and take it to a local wildlife rehabilitation or ...


Pigeon entangled in manja during kite festival

When the Last of the Great Auks Died, It Was by the Crush of a Fisherman's Boot

Collared Kingfisher caught a frog…

What Do Birds Do for Us? Some might not realize the ...


Raven Spirit Totem Power Animal Symbolism Meaning 1200x1200

If your pet bird seems to "hate" you, chances are she really doesn't. Relax around your pet bird and reconnect with her with these tips.

This is an amazing photo of the raptor in flight.

Once you're certain that the birds have gone, you can remove the nests to discourage parasites and predators.

During the epidemic soldiers with a mild strain stayed where they were, while the severely

Wandering albatross male courting a female with sky-pointing, clucking, and wing-

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Red-tailed Hawk Cam image

Sudden chicken death syndrome: what it is, why it happens, and what you

5 Things the Dying Want Us to Know

Some birds have been transferred to predator-free islands in the hope that an easier

Jim Richmond/Flickr/CC by-SA 2.0

By the time they arrive in Australia, the world's record holders for non-stop flight have lost nearly half of their body weight.

Flightless terror birds ...

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A thrush eats berries on a tree


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Extreme aggression in Great Blue Herons. Wilson Bull. no. 96:318-319. Close Forbes and McMackin 1984). Bill duels, in which opponents alternately attempt to ...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Seagulls

Like many endangered bird species, takahe have proven to be slow and ineffective breeders.


An Australian Magpie stands with it's beak aloft, feathers bristled, singing gloriously as dappled