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When you ask a pet owner to bring in a urine sample t

When you ask a pet owner to bring in a urine sample t


You may roll your eyes a little when we ask for a urine sample or to run a blood test on your perfectly healthy pet. Afterall, if it ain't broke, ...

Blood in dog urine is often difficult to detect, especially if your pet eliminates outside in the grass or dirt. But if you do notice a pink or reddish ...

9 Ways to Take a Bite Out of Pet Bills

Bringing home a new puppy: A man with a new puppy in his arms

5 Tips For Taking Your Pet's Poop Sample To The Vet

If a puppy is infected, his feces or urine might contain parasites that could be passed on to you. alexsokolov/iStock/Thinkstock


The Dreaded Euthanasia Appointment

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best potty training pads for dogs

Distended Abdomen in Dogs

prednisone for dogs_canna-pet

Take Your Best Friend on an Adventure With These 9 Great Dog Walking Apps

Is crating your dog OK?

Wait! I need that. By: MikeFinkelstein

Why People Care More About Pets Than Other Humans

diabetes in dogs

Make sure you're bringing poop. It sounds crazy but a clump of kitty urine can often be confused for cat poop but a cat urine sample will be rejected when ...

FREE PARKING for our clients in our parking lot behind the clinic. We also have underground parking, just ask us for the key.

Before we get too far, let's be clear that poor nutrition and malnourishment are two different concepts in the health of a pet. Poor nutrition, as cited by ...

Ask the Vet: My New Foster Pup Won't Pee January 23, 2014Ask the Expert, Blog2 Comment

Although the life span of dogs has increased over the years and there are better tools to manage their health, many dog owners still get confused when ...

Low White Blood Cell Count in Dogs

Tips on How to train a Yorkshire terrier to pee and poo outside and how to potty train a Yorkie

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Hypoglycemia in Dogs

3 Ways to Stage Your Home if You're a Pet Owner


Bladder Infection in Cats

Our now 8-months-old Amazonian street mutt Tara luckily didn't mind the airport noise and the whole flying business. She was cool as can be and patiently ...

... urine is called hematuria cat health

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brain aging in dogs, senior dog personality changes, dog behavior change

Dog lying on bathroom floor amongst shredded lavatory paper

... lost-dog-flyer

If you communicate telepathically with your pet, then you don't need blood and urine tests. But, if you can't ask your pet how it's liver, kidneys, ...

Bringing a pet into your life comes with many benefits like increased exercise, companionship, and even better immunity to allergies.

My Dog Needed a $6,000 Surgery to Save Her Life. I Didn't Pay.

FREE PARKING for our clients in our parking lot behind the clinic. We also have underground parking, just ask us for the key.

Vet checking dog's eyes by Shutterstock.

Part of the reason behind the increased spending on pet care is the rise in the number of households that have a pet. The number has risen steadily to the ...

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Dangerous Foods for Pets in White Plains, NY

Preparing a First Aid Kit for Pet Emergencies

She was there when Adam asked me to be his wife and she walked proudly down our wedding isle with my niece and nephew. She was with us in grief when were ...

Traveling With Pets in White Plains, NY

Don't Be A Pet ...

heartworm meds for dogs


Fever in Dogs

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Although puppies take naps throughout the day, they still should settle into a deep sleep at night. Mustang_79/iStock/Thinkstock

Some owners will, unfortunately, find themselves in that most difficult of dilemmas where they can't afford to pay for the treatment they need to keep their ...

Do Female Dogs Get Periods

Splenectomy in Dogs

Female dogs going into heat can be a trying time for everyone involved, and then some. It can be something of a hassle to take care of your dog doing these ...

Cat getting an ultrasound guided cystocentesis

labrador puppy sitting on steps

If you ever have questions about antibiotics being prescribed for your pet, or about pre or probiotics, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Mastiff Standing in Field

It's a lazy weekend at home, and you are going about your business, cleaning the house, making lunch, doing laundry. As you do, you notice your dog seems to ...

prednisone for dogs side effects_canna-pet

Causes Of Sudden Weight Loss in Dogs & The Solutions

More water, please! By: elvissa

As hard as it ...

Why use a dog crate - Puppy sleeping in a crate

A dog might be peeing a lot due to increased heat or increased thirst

I also had a vet come help our dog Scout, a shepherd-doberman mix, pass peacefully at home. She had cancer in her lungs—on the Xray, it looked like they ...

Is Apoquel Safe for Dogs?

Poop has a plethora of information!

... behaviour may be connected to this - so if it becomes a real problem for you, you could always have your dog desexed (that is if he is still intact).

During crate training, a choc lab puppy sleeps in a crate with face pressed against

Don't come with cold symptoms

A pet with a urinary obstruction is unable to urinate normally. Urinary obstructions may be partial or complete, and the signs you may notice at home can ...

Chuck was 10 when diagnosed and is 12 years old now. (Photo by Amber Avines)

Male Cat Urinary Tract Infections