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What to do In a posterior labor Mothering the mother t

What to do In a posterior labor Mothering the mother t


Wish I had understood this better before labor, since my little man turned himself to the posterior position after my water was broke.

As soon as you get pregnant, people start telling you their birth stories. Why

This woman, who we will call Alyssa, began her labor at 4am the morning that she was 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant. At around 5am or so she began to have ...

What if we stopped telling women to push when they're in labor? That's what a new program at a U.K. hospital has decided to do, and the results might ...

What to do In a posterior labor

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Occiput Posterior Position--Where OP Babies Get Stuck in Labor--Spinning Babies

Occiput Posterior: Does It Affect Labor And How To Manage It?


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Vaginal exams are an expected part of prenatal and labor care, offered as early as 35 weeks to many expectant moms. However, mothers may not realize the ...

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When a newborn's tongue isn't able to move well, it can cause major breastfeeding challenges. But, while tongue tie most often comes to mind, ...

Posterior Baby Position And What To Do About It

... How did we get to the current maternity care climate where many women know almost nothing What ...

Posterior Baby

Natural breastfeeding allows you to use natural behaviors, equipped by Mother Nature, to help you successfully feed and nurture your newborn.

Generally speaking, these are not what are usually referred to as fun to do (

Expectant mothers can make a respectful space where she feels safe during the natural vulnerability of

Nurture Nature Photography and Erin Wrightsman -c- 2013 [email protected] 2013040920130409

After having an intervention full birth with our first beautiful son and PND I decided that when I had my second baby that I would enlist a doula to work ...

If you are wondering what labor will be like, what to expect and how to

Our birth story begins with our Tuesday afternoon prenatal appointment with Roxanne. We requested a cervical exam and found, to our delight, that our little ...

She's had four natural births: two days of labor at home concluded with a hospital birth, a water birth in a birth center, a home birth, and, by accident, ...

5 Things Your OBGYN Won't Tell You About How to Have A Better Birth and Postpartum


Posterior Baby Belly

Induction Math: The Importance of the Bishop Score

... I can't imagine giving birth to my 6th baby without it. My love of music is something I am hoping to pass on to my children. So far so good, I think.

Heather Hepler Doula and Birth Photographer - The Mothering Doula - Doula and Birth Photography Services in Charlotte, NC

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Giving Birth: The Endocrinology of Ecstacy

I don't know if it came from Yogi Bhajan, ancient yogic tradition, observation of auras by those who can see them?

Posterior presentation

Rebozo to turn a posterior baby :). Can you imagine what this lady in a rainbow sweatshirt and floral skirt is saying to the pregnant woman?

Isn't she lovely?

For a few moments I pondered this. And for a few moments I felt a little bit guilty for not loving to share my babies. But the more I thought about it, ...

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I believe that God designed a perfect way for babies to be born naturally...I believe when we tamper with the natural birth process it is risky business for ...

The Importance of your baby's position for labor

Amy Gilliland, Madison Area Birth Assistants booth, Oct 1993, Madison Women's Expo

Is Your Uterus Where It's Supposed to ...

Birth Partner 5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions: Penny Simkin: 9781558329102: Amazon.com: Books

It implies that mothers who choose home birth are irresponsible. That they care more for low lighting, eating and drinking, and romantic photographs of ...

Before my fifth birth, I was heart-broken when the “mother blessing” some sweet friends hosted for me didn't go quite as I had hoped.

They added four, only FOUR new studies – and none of them advanced our research conclusions in any significant way. Birth doulas ...

Tips On Birth, Feeding & Recovery

Through June 18, you can have your baby in this fully-equipped yurt in the middle of the Amsterdamse Bos. No charge to use the yurt. Sponsored by Birth ...

The hormones of birth

As labor approaches, the cervix starts to lose its firmness and starts to soften in response to the presence of prostaglandins in the blood.

We utilize the peanut at Embrace Birth Center and think it's an extremely useful tool for mothers to promote dilation and increase comfort.



I still live in my hometown and I found the most amazing midwife who had apprenticed under my mom's midwife who delivered me ! Before I was pregnant,


I gave some of this tea to some of my birth clients before I had Rory. One of my clients served it to me during a post-natal visit.

How Long Will Labor Last?

Ecstatic Birth – Hormones in Birth

I just wanted to push. I just wanted the painful, exhausting contractions to end. With each labor I go through I always tell myself there's no way I can ...


At my 20 wk ultrasound I asked the tech where my placenta was located. She

We'd love a brief description of yourself, and what number baby/birth you're sharing with us.

Natural childbirth V: epidural side effects and risks

Birth Warrior

At 6 cm dilation, you are in active labor. Your contractions will be more frequent, regular, and stronger.

Mothering the Mother with a Rebozo

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Exercising just three times a week may shorten labor!

I Can't Pee After Giving Birth! (What the Birthing Books Don'

comfort measures for labor and birth (page 2)

mother love 14

Even though when we are born we do physically separate from our mothers, “ mother nature” herself immediately prompts us to seek her again with all our ...

The “station”

Mother Nature's hormonal blueprint

La Donna Gravida by Raphael

I just wanted to push. I just wanted the painful, exhausting contractions to end. With each labor I go through I always tell myself there's no way I can ...

While it's far from the ideal birth, I think

Is This Really Labor?

Well Adjusted Babies, Spiritual Midwifery, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering &

I wanted to give myself every opportunity of a vaginal (hopefully unmedicated) birth. I didn't want to experience a scary birth and regret not getting ...

A woman holds her baby in a pool after a natural water birth. Via:

Lastly, a special thanks to my amazing mom and husband who always work and support me so much during my births. I could NEVER do it without them. <3

The Birth Story Series: Carolina's Third Baby

Labor Patterns


Childbirth: Pain, disassociation and altered states of Consciousness: Birth as a hero's journey?

Building Your “Tool Kit” for Labor

(Day 7- Bellies, Birth and Babies)

A glowing Jaima & Tim and their brand new bundle of ...

The experience was painful and I have no memory of my second birth. I just know that I narrowly escaped the c-section and I did not like the effects of the ...

Did you “become a different person” when you were in labor?

I was in midwifery school during my third pregnancy. I was still traumatized from my two previous births, but I now knew what was possible.

In May of 2015, before my 5th pregnancy had begun, I had what I can only describe as a vision. I saw myself giving birth to a baby boy, my Elijah, ...

Top Five Tips for a Natural Birth