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What people who don39t work in pharma should know World of DTC

What people who don39t work in pharma should know World of DTC


What people who don't work in pharma should know

DTC ad spending chart

The good people working in pharma don't deserve the criticisms


DTC overall spending chart

Do you take the warnings seriously on TV drug ads?

Pharma is Spending More on DTC Advertising But Its Effectiveness is Decreasing, Says New Survey. “

Where do you learn about new drugs?

Now to those of you reading this post you should know that there are a LOT of very good people working in the industry. I work with them almost everyday and ...

The pharma industry has been good to me and my wife. It has provided a good living and allowed me to grow professionally and personally.

Failed leadership in pharma

Some Docs Find DTC Helpful. “

What happened to the pharma industry?

When it comes to millennials, patient centricity pretty much equals authenticity, said John Vieira, executive director, global brand strategy at Daiichi ...

DTC Drug Ads Are Effective, But Confusing to Patients Say Physicians

Let's get this out of the way up front: For all the talk about digital migration and channel agnosticism, pharma companies remain huge fans of ...

One of the negative things about facebook is that if you do click on posted content you're going to see more of the same ads.

The best agency pitch I ever saw was from Ogilivy One when they came in and simply said “we don't know enough about your business to propose online ...

Direct-to-Consumer #Pharma Drug Ad Spending at an All-Time High

#FierceMadness, DTC Edition: Grab a bracket and get ready to vote for your favorite pharma ads!

Pharma doesn't seem to know what to do with — or about — the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER).

I continue to see hard working pharma people fighting for patients versus Wall Street but too often they lose. They lose because analysts and shareholders ...

Pharma Machine Illustration. “

The FDA recently published a DTC TV ad study that found shorter risk statements led to participants better remembering and recalling those risks.

The biggest challenge facing pharma? Its own organisation and culture


Why are YOU in pharma?

Failed leadership in pharma

Facebook will not help pharma DTC

Big Pharma's Celebrity Endorsements

What people who don't work in pharma should know | World of DTC Marketing | Pinterest | People

DTC advertising works for the US pharma industry, but its benefits for patients have been questioned. Image courtesy of Vichaya ...

Those of us who worked in or work with Biopharma clients know that most DTC marketers

Getting the right message to online health seekers | World of DTC Marketing | Pinterest | Messages

Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised Directly to Consumers?

If you think the above is frightening, there's another industry that should worry us just as much, if not more. It's as big, as bad and as dangerous as the ...

... 7. We have to ...

Making Sense of DTC Ad Spending

You know this sort of things everyone starts discussing to show off how cutting-edge they are? VR/AR advances have been spoken of quite much recently in ...

Pharmaceutical profits

The number of US Pharma sales reps

Drug-pricing pushback will hurt DTC spend in 2017: Consultant

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies 2018 #pharma #hcsmeufr

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Will pharma let agencies do great work?

"In pharmaceuticals, they are not laying off 500 people here and there," said Alma Azua-Cassady, who worked in health-care marketing until she lost her job ...

... pharmaceutical companies will move into heavily focusing on these methods. I will briefly go over what we may expect for each channel in the future.

DTC Vol 2 Supplement Cover

Patients are taking on DTC ads. How will drugmakers respond?

What people who don't work in pharma should know | World of DTC Marketing | Pinterest | People

Dorothy Gemmell, SVP, pharmaceutical and medical device markets, WebMD, observed that "as more and more consumers depend on and go to the Internet as their ...

Edible QR Codes Could Deliver Exactly What Your Body Needs to Heal #hcsmeufr #esante #digitalhealth #hcsmeu

DTC Perspectives Inc

Pfizer Continues to Dominate TV DTC Advertising Spending

I've shown the following chart before (see "Rozerem Ads Innovatively Ineffectual") that implies that these two products are the major contenders in this ...

With a vibrant programme of related events in place, the DTC offers researchers an excellent start to their careers.

Bob Ehrlich of DTC Perspectives Should Do Better Research & Fact Checking Before He Calls Out Media for "Misreporting" on DTC Off-Label Promotion

Will pharma let agencies do great work? | World of DTC Marketing | Pinterest

Pharma adopts data-science culture in move toward AI

10 things for pharma marketers to know about Facebook and Instagram

“Many marketing plans include multiple channels, but upon closer inspection, it's clear little thought has been given to how those channels actually work ...

... it makes some sense to “blame” the medium as much as the brand teams that are using it so inarticulately. “The reality is that no TV ad can do justice ...

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Klick Health

That's her on the left in the above image, which is a collage of two iterations of an animation of a rotating Ambien CR pill with what appear ...

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Direct-to-consumer drug advertising can empower patients, leading to better health outcomes, according to a pharmaceutical industry insider. STAT

... 6. 2016. Pharma Marketing Network.

Much better, don't you agree? And the blue shirt is true to the Lipitor brand color scheme.

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Our research also demonstrated that DTC supports a more common, better understood language about cancer. It helps provide patients with information in their ...

Mission T1D - Sanofi Diabetes is on a Mission to Support Children with Type 1 Diabetes through Gaming

Buried in OTC remedies? That's the pitch in Allergan and Ironwood's new Linzess ads | FiercePharma

Where is biotech and big pharma on social media?

Delhi Metro has been at pains to emphasize that it needs to boost revenues to retain

... 18.

number of publications about DTC prescription drug advertising in medical journals 1976-2013

Furthermore, how often do patients read their product information leaflet (PIL) – the multi-page, neatly folded papers that come with your medication?

My updated Pharma DTC Measured Media Ad Spend Trend Chart

Devalued and Distrusted: How Can Pharma Rebuild its Image?

... 8. 2016. Pharma Marketing Network.


Seeing a DTC ad helps cancer patients become more comfortable and educated. It also supplements the research they are already doing, and provides a comfort ...

AMA May Propose Eliminating Drug Marketing Cost as Tax Writeoff

... 11. 2016. Pharma Marketing Network.

AstraZeneca Mines PatientsLikeMe's "Dark" Data & Avoids Engaging ...

Turn on your TV set or open a magazine and it may seem that drug ads are everywhere. But the fact is, the rules governing prescription drug advertising in ...


The FDA may start cracking down on animated DTC drug ads.

Deal With Your Own Shit – Then Serve Others

DTC Advertising “Not Helpful” in Making Sermo Doctors's Jobs Easier

Lions Health

Don't Ask and Officials Won't Tell

... there was plenty of opportunity this year to criticize companies that violated their own pledges to abide by PhRMA's DTC Guidelines (see, ...