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What Every Cow Owner Should Know Should Off grid and Confine

What Every Cow Owner Should Know Should Off grid and Confine


What Every Cow Owner Should Know

how to milk once a day

Robotic milkers are expensive but pay off in long run

Jersey cow

Regardless of a plethora of by-laws, regulations and legislation, the common element is the fact that livestock on country roads can represent a significant ...

Preventing Milk Fever

This dairy is difficult to digest | Graham Harvey | Opinion | The Guardian

20 things you should know before starting a homestead or farm. Words of essential wisdom

Basics of raising cows – Homesteading Guide


What to ask when buying a dairy cow

Raising Grass Fed Beef Cattle - 5 Important Facts You Should Know

Can I Afford to Buy a Family Milk Cow

One of our goals with this house from the beginning has been to build a self-sufficient home. At the outset, I designed the largest continuous wall and roof ...

Dairy Cows. A dairy cow can ...

... explained that from a practical perspective, “The best thing to do when you come across stock on a road is to stop and wait. You normally won't have to ...

Cow pat lotto

Bale Grazing Lets Cows Feed Themselves

Keeping a Family Cow: The Complete Guide for Home-scale, Holistic Dairy Producers

The Homestead Survival | Drilling a Water Well on Your Land: What You Should Know

132 best Family Milk Cow Basics images on Pinterest | Homestead survival, Backyard farming and Homestead living

farmer milking cow

A bit to the left: The Luna spa brush at work.

The perfect small cow for the small farm. Can pull a plow or wagon, produces 1 - 2 gallons of milk a day and provides lean meat ( 250 lbs ...

Overview of all the body condition scores for dairy cows

How To Build a Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin for $2k or less. http://diyorganix.com/building-a-cabin-using-2000-or-less/

“I think that's something we should be encouraging. But we're not able to recognize the opportunity of this technology, because the Public Service ...

Along one edge of each pen was a concrete feed trough, which the cattle accessed by reaching their heads through the fence. A feed truck drove up to large ...

Off the grid living tips and ideas, the ultimate guide for Homesteaders! Amazing hacks & DIY tutorials.

New daddy from the rent-a-bull man.

Image titled Start up a Beef Cow Calf Operation Step 10

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132 best Family Milk Cow Basics images on Pinterest | Homestead survival, Backyard farming and Homestead living

We are the Wennesheimers - Emma, Lee, Ray, Lynelle and Paul.

Steve Jacobs of J Brand Cattle Company raises only grass-fed beef .

How to Raise Goats

It wasn't a friendly sort of puppy-tail wagging or a lazy shoofly motion. The half-dozen other cows also stopped snacking and all of them stared ...

You can also use the souk, but you must be accompanied by a connoisseur. This distribution channel is difficult and risks ranging from theft to price ...

We are the Wennesheimers - Emma, Lee, Ray, Lynelle and Paul.

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This is because it is sometimes covered by an area of law that dates back to ancient England and is aimed at ensuring animals don't constitute an ...

Small, individually owned farms are disappearing as Australian farming slowly transitions to the US industrial model. (AAP)

Before we moved to our homestead we purchased a longhorn cow from a neighbor through a herd share program. We arrived in Texas on the heels of the worst ...

Browse & download your free log home build plans here: https://knowledgeweighsnothing.com/11-free-log-home-plans/

Cows or cattle standing in front of a cattle grid in Somerset with fields and blue

As the number of hot days increases, livestock will increasingly suffer from higher temperatures.

Well I guess there is one problem, we were hoping for a bull calf, no such luck another heifer. We are 3 for 3. I would imagine this is not something you ...

... a high organic level without increasing costs; 16.

icelandic sheep in a meadow

Multi-purpose areas make the best use of space in a compact home. With exposed brick, and a reclaimed wooden desk, Lisa said the space was one of her ...

Once a Day Milking for your Cow or Goat

A neglected block of land has been given a second chance at life, resurrected from a deserted sand mine to a modern industrial off-the-grid home.

... as if she were a foal. Grooming, bathing, leading, tying, hoof handling. She also learned to tether, which is something horses should not do... Cows are ...

When milking is complete, I rub a protective salve onto each teat, mostly to help guard against frostbite. Frostbite creates a wound that cannot heal if the ...

Grain vs Grass-fed - What type of meat should we be eating?

The latest issue of New York Magazine includes an exhaustive list of foods—essentially, every kind of food—whose production inflicts a disturbing barrage of ...

There is implicit truth in what the ancient Indian texts say: 'If the cow is kept happy, the land is prosperous and the people are happy.' It is a chain ...

Latest market data

Walking the Talk part III

Jeff McIntosh/ The Canadian Press FILES

Author Nicolette

Evaluate Your Beef Cow's Udder Health

Southern Cape & Karoo


... factors to a successful future for our National and International Beef Industry and these attributes, combined with the Breed's thriftiness, hardiness, ...

A tale of two calves — one calf was fed on raw milk, the other on pasteurized

A great resource to help you give vaccines or injections to your livestock, whether it's

Calf Prices By Month. Evaluate Your Beef ...

This article is based on our experiences of the planning system at Bulworthy Project and the experiences of our friends. Neither of us had any interaction ...

Google Earth used to determine magnetic alignment of cattle

No decent family milk cow would ever think of goring her own people, but accidents do happen. And mischievous cows will definitely use their horns as tools ...

On balance, I must relate a brief, but disturbing moment regarding the local cows. At the beginning of September, I was driving on Highway 64 through the ...

We are the Wennesheimers - Emma, Lee, Ray, Lynelle and Paul.

6 Things You Should Know About Buying Off Grid Land Homesteading - The Homestead Survival .

Butt holes contributing to a self sufficient home

Off Grid living is about getting back to the basics! Its not about the cost of the solar array

cover of john robbins' no happy cows

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Annual Naked Day With A Twist

So speak up if you need to use the bathroom, stop for food, or if you're not comfortable with the driver picking up their friend along the way.

Beef cattle on a feedlot in the Texas Panhandle

Bison from the Laramie Foothills conservation herd on the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area are direct descendants of the Yellowstone National Park herd.

Why Dairy Goats Are Cheaper And More Practical Than Dairy Cows

Dexter Cattle make great family milk cows! Awesome family going off the grid !

WHY: For many years we fed our cows outside by hauling the feed to them and feeding on clean ground (where we hadn't fed yet) and by far that is the ...

Because everyone shares the barnyard in the winter we had put the cows out to pasture so we could get the sheep confined without any problems.

Follow along this young couple's journey of starting a homestead 100% from scratch, including

Also just because you have barn and animals doesn't mean that deep bedding is a good fit. The barn design is very important. We built this barn in the photo ...

... Anna & Pete Grugeon's off-grid house in ...

The price was an all-breeds Australian record, and most likely a world record for a herd bull.

A flock of sheep.

Jersey Cows - by C. F. Tunnicliffe from the book 'Both Sides of the Road'