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West Midlands Police unveil new twinshot Taser t

West Midlands Police unveil new twinshot Taser t


The move is part of the force's 'round the clock efforts' to keep people

The X2 model allows two separate shots to be fired in quick succession

In 2016 WMP officers deployed Taser on 854 occasions but only fired them 162 times

Enhanced digital technology means more data can be recorded from the X2 and it is hoped

Police Sgt Ivan Merc from the West Midlands Fire Arms Unit demonstrates how to use the

Column: Pitt police, community get safety upgrade with Tasers, body cams

Watch out criminals! of the new TASER X2 Smart Weapon at Lincolnshire Police HQ Lincolnshire

Column: Pitt police, community get safety upgrade with Tasers, body cams

New Lincolnshire Police tasers are faster and travel further - Lincolnshire Live

PC Jemma Follows of West Midland Police, UK with Axon Body 2 body-worn

TASER CEW In Action / TASER Smart Weapons & Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs) have

Column: Pitt police, community get safety upgrade with Taser CEWs and Axon Body 2

Northumbria Ops Support on Twitter: "Public Order had a new class member today in

News about taser on Twitter

The production area at Taser International, is shown Wednesday, June 30, 2004, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Taser International Inc. won a $1.8 million contract to ...

Figures published in December showed that children were threatened with Tasers 538 times in 2015 in

Steve Tuttle, Director of Communications at Taser International, aims the Taser X-26 model, at a target, Wednesday, June 30, 2004, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

There is no doubt that West Midlands Police and Fire lead the field of Social Media. But, don't take my word for it, see for yourselves in these two ...

Pictured one of the Smart Probes that embeds in clothes of people hit by a TASER

Cincinnati Vice Mayor Alicia Reece holds up a local newspaper article on tasers during a hearing Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2003, in city council chambers in ...

TASER demo at Surrey Police, UK

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Pistola TASER. Rassegna Stampa - UGL Polizia di Stato

Pistola TASER. Rassegna Stampa - UGL Polizia di Stato

Kent mayoral candidate Ralph proposes body cameras for police | Kent Reporter

Police positive after one month of TASER X2 Smart Weapon. The Red laser dots show where the arrows hit. Demonstration of the police's electric shock weapon ...

... firearms unit at West Midlands Police and Nick Howe, a former police firearms commander who now lectures in criminology at Derby University, instead.


The new long-range Taser rifle, which can immobilise a suspect for 20 seconds

Knife-wielding schoolgirl Tasered by police officer after leaping onto canteen table during fight

A witness claimed police Tasered him when he tried to sit up with the knife (Image: REACH PLC)

Adrian Thompson, 34, died after being Tasered by police at a property in Staffordshire

If youre going to fire it, you need to feel it: X26 Taser (

Police conduct second raid in Nuneaton

Heavily armed and masked members of a police firearms team swarm around Borough Market and The

Tower Hamlets MPS on Twitter: "#ResponseTeamB since the introduction of BWV on Tower

TASER Training / Various TASER training shots

If youre going to fire it, you need to feel it: X26 Taser (

Pc Richard Mayes was found guilty of gross misconduct and misconduct.

Oxford Mail:

National Taser survey for serving officers

PCB opts to buy new Tasers - News - Panama City News http://

723 Pins

Police at the scene of a stand-off in Briscoe Road, Holbrooks, Coventry

Senior officials say it is too difficult for counter-terrorist and undercover firearms officers to

BTP East Scot on Twitter: "We're delighted that our colleagues @ScotRail

Private security firms and councils have been issuing enforcement officers with body-worn video cameras

The move comes weeks after it was announced the number of fatal police shootings in England

The cameras, fitted to baseball caps and ballistic helmets, are being issued to all

Axon HQ Building / TASER is HQ'ed and manufactures in a high-tech

Axon Body-Worn Cameras - Wearable Tech / Axon's body worn camera that provides point

Axon on Twitter: "WOW!! Fantastic issue of #WomenPolice mag by @

If youre going to fire it, you need to feel it: X26 Taser (


Suspect on the run taken down by a Taser (PHOTOS)

... West Midlands Police officer. Body worn cameras (VideoBadge) are being trialed by officers in Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Police Scotland Vauxhall Astra Estate in Edinburgh

Evening Standard on

Stay Protected with West Midlands Police Free Alert Service

Armed police prepare to deploy from Hyde Park, central London, as Scotland Yard announced that the first of 600 additional armed officers were trained and ...

TASER Self-Defense

Police officers on the streets of London close to London Bridge where three terrorists attacked on


Tom Surridge, 23, a former forensic scientist at West Midlands Police, is training

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson

And here it is again in FULL FRONTAL. | This Is What It Looks Like

The first of 600 new armed counter-terrorism officers were deployed from Hyde Park in

West Midlands police under scrutiny

Scarves, flowers and messages of remembrance lay at the foot of the Hillsborough memorial at

Expected to hit the roads by the end of the year, these robotic vehicles wlll be equipped with biometric software which can scan for wanted criminals and ...

Actress Stephanie Davis accuses her on-off boyfriend Jeremy.

(Image: West Midlands Police)


David Jamieson, police crime commissioner

Police Evidence