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Wellknown logos deconstructed and rearranged t

Wellknown logos deconstructed and rearranged t


Well-known logos deconstructed and rearranged - NBC, designed by Chermayeff & Geismar, 1985.

#Logo - Tangram logos (Well known logos deconstructed and rearranged)

HSBC logo tangram

Deconstructed and rearranged versions of the logo started to appear. Ludicrous conspiracies alleging it to be a swastika or spelling ZION went viral.

Most people don't realize the origins of famous brands and their names. These are the amazing stories of how these 30 famous brands got their names.

how famous brands got their names, logos

1 | Infographic: The Cost Of A Famous Logo? From 0 To 211 Million

Holiday Inn logo deconstructed into tangrams - The Tangram Series

Famous logos deconstructed and rearranged, by Vandana Jain

Discovery Channel : The original and current form of famous logos | StockLogos.com



Hipster Branding logo. “

Logo Aleph-Beth by isotype75, via Flickr

An Interactive Guide to Famous Logos & their Secret Meanings #dhlogofacts #logodesign

Vermont Insights Logo

The ...

Too Long Don't Read (TLDR)

The ...

Famous Logos & The Secret to Successful Branding

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Famous rebrands, branding changes and logos of now famous companies.

Deconstructed and rearranged versions of the logo started to appear. Ludicrous conspiracies alleging it to be a swastika or spelling ZION went viral.

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Yorkton Film Festival, Yorkton

"Dog Sees God" is the final production of Vagabond Theatre Company's eclectic 2016-2017 season, which included "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Last Days of ...

These viral anti-logos were for a while a phenomenon, they defined their moment, and demonstrated the immediacy with which ideas of spoof and protest could ...

Rebus logos

uark uhaul logo 1920x1080.jpg

UICA Enmeshed Exhibition logo

Portland Mural Initiative


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Alphabets for Designers // John Lewis (1912-1996) was a typographer,

MaMoMi Initiative


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Coco soundtrack.jpg

this summer we also returned to gent for a visit of the SMAK. well, even the second visit didn´t correct the first disappointing impression from (i guess) ...


Your education doesn't have to stop once you leave school—freedom from the classroom just means you have more control over what you learn and when you learn ...

International trailer DIDO DIDO - Nicole Beutler Projects & Silbersee i.c.w. Ulrike Quade Company

by: Erika Ryan

She didn't seem into it before but is pissed she didn't win. We've been vidchatting ever since. Daisy says she's billing the time as ...

Services for Hire, 2013

That's the big secret." Haiti stubs out her cig and gets up, heading toward the Clubhouse. "But I'm sure we can't just do us. No one wants that."

... famous auction houseLeave a comment · Reflex at Unseen

I-ll See You in My Dreams lo res.jpg

Expanded view of the Layout Objects Inspector in FileMaker 16

There is a how-to- guide to drawing your own 2102 Olympics logo. A guide for Fakers. In many ways this is odd, mainly because there are so many decent size ...


The ...

How to Rearrange Deckchairs on the Titanic

BAA // Guidelines that explain how the BAA identity should be used in printed communications

LCP Staff News // A newsletter for College staff,1965. Image Courtesy of

Scrolling through my ACS Matters newsletter, I came across an interesting program I hadn't seen before:

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Dieter Roth Prints, Litbra Logo design 1960

The gods are felled by a group in reduced price t-shirts with code. And then it just feels like everything is compost, which it is really, ...

McDonald's logo

“There's a comforting thoughtfulness and erudition in the way Brandon approaches life and music. You'll feel inspired by his drive, whatever your art form, ...


“Ok guys, get out and get it done and get in touch. Let us know what's happening so all benefit. That's our biz, isn't it? Discovery! So go disco!


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Send These Valentines To the Architects You Love

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Recombinant Lactobacillus plantarum induces immune responses to cancer testis antigen NY-ESO-1 and maturation of dendritic cells

Letterstacking Logos

You've ...

Computer scientists and app developers are quantifying realities, recording every moment and nuance of a person's life for greater control of the future.

the con in constructionism


Time is money. It's a cliché but still very true, especially in running a business. The longer it takes to get things done, the more costs you'll most ...

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Adidas logo

Legend gives some sweet life advice sometimes


Don't Believe the Type

Out-of-the Box Educational Solutions

Waqas Khan ...

Trying not to feel some type of way, I close my eyes and count to ten. We're three days into the trip, in the vast central territories, dimly lit and weakly ...

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British Medical Association // The BMA is the trade union that represents general practioners and