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We always called this a jar flyphoto by Joy Fussell Butterflies and

We always called this a jar flyphoto by Joy Fussell Butterflies and


Jar fly photo by Joy Fussell. Find this Pin and more on Butterflies and Insects by djaf. We always called ...

people always say i look mad.

Adult praying mantis of the species Blepharopsis mendica.

Amazing Photos of the Earth's Weirdest Creatures at the 2013 Insect Academy Awards

Artistic-realistic nature - 💙 Lets Dance on by Hasan Baglar, Cyprus.

carpenter bee

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A close-up of the magnolia green jumper.

The praying mantis, or should that be preying mantis, will consume lots of bad garden insects.

cyan-biologist: “ Order Strepsiptera, Kirby, 1813 Strepsiptera (translation: “twisted wings”) are a commonly unnoticed group of insects, which are known for ...

Phyllocrania paradoxa, common name Ghost Mantis, is a small species of mantis from Africa remarkable for its leaf-like body. It is one of the three species ...

Goliath beetle. heaviest insect in the world. Up to 3.5 oz

20 Spectacular Examples of Insect Photography

Plistospilota guineensis, Deroplatys desiccata & Rhombodera basalis

Magnified a hundred times, the inner workings of a freshwater flea emerge in a picture

Violin Beetle

Peacock photo by Joy Fussell

Mourning Dove...photo by Joy Fussell


...photo by Joy Fussell

Cock's comb photo by Joy Fussell

Windowsill garden.....geraniums in January...photo by Joy

Harrison's new filly photo by Joy Fussell

Christmas 2010 photo by Joy Fussell

A Visit from Jack Frost photo by Joy Fussell

Drawing Challenges

Steve McCurry, Flower Seller at Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, 1999 © Steve McCurry.

Barns of Madison County photo by Joy Fussell

Mermaid drawings

A Summer's Day photo by Joy Fussell


Hilda Kovács


Mom's at Christmas photo by Joy Fussell

Elena Vizerskaya [Елка Визерская] - Kassandra, is wonderful talented Russian photographer specialized in photo manipulating.

Memories of The Farm photo by Joy Fussell

Sunset on the Farm photo by Joy Fussell

tulips...photo by Joy Fussell

Sunrise 11-3-2011 photo by Joy Fussell


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