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Wapiti Also known as an Elk I spotted these creatures during my

Wapiti Also known as an Elk I spotted these creatures during my


myotherside — beautiful-wildlife: Red Deer by An De Wilde

Moose and elk / Moose animal pair bull and cow moose royalty free. Find this Pin and more on wapiti ...

Post-Rut Elk Hunting: When the Bugling Dies

Bull Elk - title "Proud" - by Sutkus Rolandas expressions-of-nature. Find this Pin and more on Wapiti ...

young elk

Elk in the bush

Rocky mountain elk


The Elk (Cervus Canadensis)

In my backyard, near Alto NM, a herd of bull elk visit each morning. Here is one of them. The elk in Ruidoso are moving into town more often now.

Look at this big guy! Our annual trip to Benezette, PA to see the

A close up of a tule elk in the Point Reyes National Sashore.

Bull elk on a captive range in Nebraska. These elk, originally from Rocky Mountain herds, exhibit modified behavior due to having been held in captivity, ...

Bull elk in sage brush with large rack of antlers during the fall rut (mating

Elk are social animals who live in same-sex herds of 10 to 20 individuals, that are loosely structured, and may come together in much larger groups, ...

At one stretch of the road we found a crowd enjoying these magnificent creatures, Elk, known to the First Nation Peoples as Wapiti.

Bull elk bugling during the rut

bull elk, wapiti, Rocky Mountain National Park, Cervus canadensis

It has small ears, a small tail, and a dewlap hanging on its throat. It has powerful shoulder muscles that give it a humpbacked appearance.

elk Facts

Depiction ...

Moose in Sweden

The Majestic Elk and Their Habitat

May 2013 - Rocky Mountain Elk

Male Moose, White Tailed Deer, Wapiti, Caribou, etc. Vintage 1984 Animal

Elk-- In northern Wisconsin we have ELK in the Clam Lake area. one year I saw 92 elk.

Vintage lithograph of the elk or wapiti from 1956(Etsy のOjiochaPrintsより) https

Bull caribou bedded on Autumn tundra in Denali National Park, Interior Alaska ~ by Milo Burcham. Find this Pin and more on wapiti, elk ...

Cervus canadensis (North American elk) 9 (8290359165).jpg

Elk Habitat. Roosevelt elk reside in the ...

Trophy Elk in Westcliffe, CO


Elk are generally peaceful, social creatures that live together in large herds and cooperate to protect themselves from predators. In late winter and spring ...

Perhaps you were not a fan of John Denver's 1970s, folk-country music, but one line of his signature song is still engrained in my mind after all these ...

A Banff National Park Wapiti

Elk – Great Smokey Mountains National Park – North Carolina

2014 Elk Rut Wrap-Up - Final Days

elk by road sign | shutterstock

Irish Elk Side (white background).jpg


Elk – Yellowstone National Park

An amazing wildlife in some of the beautiful woodland.

The name "elk" is a bit confusing because in Europe, moose are called "elk." Also in Europe, the red deer is considered the same species as North America's ...

Images of a few members of the family Cervidae (clockwise from top left) consisting of the red deer, the sika deer, the barasingha, the reindeer, ...

bull elk, wapiti, Rocky Mountain National Park, Cervus canadensis

Photo: Yellowstone National Park


wv elk calf

elk closeup

Just the other morning, we had this lovely elk feeding in our backyard, when he decided to sit down for a rest. I spent the next 20 minutes just gazing at ...

WapitiAn elk I saw being majestic as fuck ...

In part three of our series on hunting in Red Dead Redemption, we'll be giving you the inside word on where to find particular animals.

If you want to cause a traffic jam on the Icefield Highway in Canada, the way to do it is with these magnificent creatures. How often we would ride along ...


Reproduction and lifecycle[edit]


“An elk or wapiti, Cervus canadensis canadensis. Note the characteristic white rump patch.”

bull elk with cows, harem, wapiti, Rocky Mountain National Park, Cervus canadensis

Single bull elk are vulnerable to predation by wolves

Male elk bugling during the fall rut. Large male elk are known as bulls.

The elk or wapiti is one of the largest species within the deer family in North

... Learn About The White Tailed Deer

elk rut

The answer to this question is “Yes”, and has implications that extend far beyond scientific curiosity. It has a direct impact on how the elk that currently ...


Ted celebrating his ginormous Hill Ranch wapiti monster!

Elk – Yellowstone National Park

North American elk – bedded bull (late summer). Rocky Mountain National Park

elk lifestyle

red-deer Red Deer (Cervus elaphus), known also as an Elk or Wapiti in ...

Male elk lose their antlers in late winter, and grow a new pair in the spring ...

Sambar Deer

Elk / Wapiti (Cervus elaphus)

large male bull elk laying down in the grass

Elk at the South Rim, Grand Canyon. Taken from a safe distance.

Elk Description

Mike Roberts

Elk are also known as Wapiti, a First Nation word that roughly translates to "light coloured deer".

Elk – Yellowstone National Park

A bison charges an elk near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Elk/Wapiti. Black Tailed Deer

mule bull elk making a bugle call during the rutting season

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park


Nearby states are also excited by the programs so Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia may soon also have beautiful deer monsters of their own for the first ...

The 11 point red type stag, he has some wapiti blood in him but is not the sort of animal we want breeding.


Red Deer

The Tule Elk of California

Tips for the Best Elktober Escape