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Soviet KV-2 № B-4754, was destroyed in the battle for the town of Ostrov

... A child next to the KV-2 ...

SU-152 heavy tank destroyer. Nicknamed "Beast Slayer" by Soviet troops,

Medium tank T-44-100 with D-10T gun 100 mm / czołg

SU-76D - Soviet experimental self-propelled gun

It was lost in battle defending Leningrad with the 123rd Tank Brigade. This tank is also known as "first KV-3", or T-150.

КВ-1 у диорамы «Прорыв блокады Ленинграда». Вид спереди-справа.

A T-34-85 tank on display at Musée des Blindés in April 2007

T-100 - Soviet double-turret heavy tank prototype developed in late 1930s. T-100 and very similiar SMK (other prototype) participated in battles with ...

self propelled artillery. Used in a supporting role for indirect fire because its HE round couldn't penetrate tanks effectively. However, it was effective ...

Tanks in the German Army

Mass produced Soviet tank and arguably the most influential of the war. guns were able to shred German armor until the Tiger and Panther.

OT - 133 T - 26 A 45 - mm cannon was replaced with a flame radiator based on 1937 model. | AFV / Tanks | Pinterest

Protoype of light tank T-60 with 45 mm gun 20-K / Prototyp

Medium tank T-28 / czołg średni T-28

greasegunburgers: “ German soldiers pose with a captured Soviet T-35 “land battleship” ”

Heavy tank IS-2 / czołg ciężki IS-2


Risultati immagini per russian tanks 1945

Ww2 Tanks, Military Vehicles, Division, Army, German, Military, Army Vehicles, Armies


foto van Soviet Tanks of WW 2.

Heavy tank IS-3M / czołg ciężki IS-3M

Soviet 57 mm Guns

Czołg średni T-34-85


KV-2 Another destroyed KV-2 ...

Tanks in the Soviet Union

German troop`s examine abandoned British Churchill tank from the Calgary Regiment , After the Dieppe Raid - 1942 . *note the left track was blown off & is ...

Russian WWII Howitzer 203mm M1931 B4. That's one big hunk of metal.

Ostmodels 1/72 T-100 Russian Heavy tank **review** (by HenkofHolland & Darren Couch)

T-100 Credit: Soviet Tanks of WW2 Facebook page: https://

A column of Soviet T-34 tanks. -

PT-76 amphibious tank on display near the Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II.

Tank Inscriptions

Captured T-34 mod.1943

Tanks in the Japanese Army

Soviet with gun. The great tank was made better in with an new gun and new turret.

Heavy tank Object 279 (1959) / czołg ciężki Obiekt 279 (1959 rok)


WWII cannon in Staunton

Brian Fowler's Legacy

A German tank commander surveying the field atop his Tiger I heavy tank, Russia, Mar 1943 (Photographer Schwahn, German Federal Archive)

Russian T-26 #worldwar2 #tanks

KV-2 Another ...

As a result, the TVP was reworked in 1948, and resulted in the Skoda T 50 and CKD T 51. SPGs were also designed on the chassis of these tanks.

Ostmodels 1/72 SMK Russian Heavy tank **review** (by HenkofHolland & Darren Couch)

T-34/85 Beutepanzer

The old turret was used as a part of an artillery battery. The tank was lost in battle, later repaired, and sent to a training unit.

KV-7, first variant. The second 45 mm gun is almost completely covered by the 76 mm gun. From Solyankin et al, Soviet Heavy SPGs 1941-1945.

KV-1 model 1939 with welded turret. Central front, summer 1941.

The TG Tank during trials. The turret ring for the main turret broke, therefore tests were conducted with the turret permanently facing forward.

Russian ISU-152 tank

Germans Tanks of ww2. T-34 mit 88 tiger gun


A T-35 in Red Square, 1 May 1935. Type, Heavy tank

KV-2 ...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Zvezda 1/72 T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank **building** (by Erhan Atalay)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Soviet Medium Tank Family

The T-35-2 can be harder to distinguish from production T-35s, however inspection of the drivers compartment with the hull machine gun and the escape ...

SU-100Y at Kubinka Tank Museum

The original T-54-1 tank.

Tanks in France

In addition to this, information regarding the German evaluation of the Crusader in North Africa was obtained. The Germans considered the tank quick, ...

Blueprints of the KV-2, U-3 preseries prototype

Medium tanks T-34 Model 1940 / czołgi średnie T-34 Model 1940

From Solyankin et al, Soviet Heavy Tanks 1917-1941


Кв-2 3.jpg

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Both the T-35-1 and T-35-2 were paraded in 1933 on palace square. Notice the round turret roof of the T-35-1. Source: pinimg.com

Monday, 12 August 2013

Inbox + Building Review of the Zvezda 1:100 Scale Heavy Muti-Turret Soviet T-35 Tank - YouTube

Of course, not only Soviet tanks performed rams during WWII. A famous photograph shows a Sherman tank and a Tiger II together. The Sherman rammed the Tiger ...

The first T26E1 was completed by Fisher Tank Division, and arrived at Aberdeen on March 6th, 1944. A demonstration was held on March 30th, ...

Zvezda 1/72 T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank **review** (by Erhan Atalay)


This IS-2 was lost by the 72nd Independent Guards Heavy Tank Regiment on May 1st, in Khotymyr. Judging by the amount of impacts on its armour, it didn't ...

Frontal view of an IS-3. The squat solid-looking front profile and pike nose armor shape are highly distinctive. US Army Ordnance Museum, Aberdeen Maryland ...

Syrian t-34 d30

I haven't seen much about Soviet experiemental tanks on the forum, so I wanted to share a few I came across:

Image from Solyankin et al, "Soviet Self Propelled Guns 1923-1941", Zeughaus, 2008

Russian T-62 Yellow

Interestingly enough, another 502nd heavy tank battalion fought nearby. This was the Soviet 502nd Heavy Flamethrower Tank Battalion, equipped with KV-8 ...

With a similar payload, a missile is more effective. It is not surprising that the Object 268 was the last Soviet heavy assault gun.

... Another view of the KV-2 armed with the 107 mm gun · ww2 soviet armour

American Light Tank M24, Kubinka, NIBT proving grounds, April 1945.