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Voice of the Eyo Masquerade Religiones Mitologa y Espiritual

Voice of the Eyo Masquerade Religiones Mitologa y Espiritual


As dusk approaches after a dazzling array of masqueraders imaging countless aspects of Yoruba life and thought, a final masker – one that synthesizes ...

The Gelede “Mask” is more accurately a headdress, since it rests on top of the head and the wearer's face is covered by a cloth veil.

After getting married themselves, neither Gelede or Efe's partner could have children. The Ifa oracle suggested they try the same ritual that had worked for ...

Most Yoruba myths of origin can be found in the divination narratives knows at Odu Ifa which contains a number of poems called Ese Ifa.

Festivals In Yoruba Tradition And Others Traditional festivals In Nigeria . Post by Admin

Image Of Entrance To Idi Aje Shrine

Foreknowlegde/Bird Eye View

Dancing oshun

The Gelede spectacle of the Yoruba & Fon is a public display by colorful masks which combines art and ritual dance to amuse, educate and inspire worship.

The Yoruba & Fon Markets Are Controlled By Women…To honor Women's economic power and contributions, many Gelede headdresses depict Women's heads carrying ...

The festival begins with an all-night concert called Efe, which features the Efe male mask, who uses satire to entertain and educate.

Gelede masquerades are spectacles performed by the Yoruba people in Nigeria and DanXome that celebrate the Mystical Power Of Women.

Iansã. OrishaMasqueradeIfa ReligionExquisite ...

Las extrañas y “escandalosas” imágenes de la Virgen de la Leche (Tercera parte)

Eyo Festival In Lagos - Voice Behind the Mask

Orisha Obatala Statue Orisha Statue Yoruba Religion Santeria on Etsy, $12.00

This work shall make details information available on different prominence Festival in Yoruba Tradition as well as other important festivals in Nigeria.

Why Catholics should genuflect at mass and adoration. VicenteCarduchoElPaular04PrayingChapelChurchKneel

Miguel Ángel Tarot: Invocaciones y Rituales

Bomba y Plena Traditional dance

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Miguel Ángel Tarot: Invocaciones y Rituales

Erzulie Dantor is a scarred and buxom woman. She's the Black Madonna of Czestochowa,

honeyedexcrements: “ Shango by Micha F. Lindemans The Yoruba god/Divinity of thunder. Many of the Orisha's in actuality represent ancient ansestors to the ...

Gaspare Gasparini Madonna col Bambino e Sant'Antonio Macerata Musei Civici

Virgem Maria


I AM the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever comes to me will have eternal life

Las Revelaciones del Tarot: Creencias - Sus Seguidores y Los Orixas en Candomb.

Elegua abre nuestros caminos padre!

theartofstephen: ““Olokun” Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas ” Founded on August 2014 for you that is Umbanda root and true (a).


Afro-Brazilians Umbanda religious devotee young boy being assisted in ancestral spiritual ritual.

Celebrano Obatala per rimproverarlo – è lui che li ha ridotti cosí – e si vestono

obatala | Tumblr

La Virgen, San Bernardo y donante / Figura femenina - Colección - Museo Nacional del

"Niños y Orishas" - Obbatala

Adamu Orisa was introduced to Lagos by Ejilu and Malaki brothers to Olugbani, the Olori to Oba Ado. Oba Ado was the first ruler of Lagos to have his seat of ...


It is an incredible artistic manifestation of the power of Women which is evident in the concepts, costumes and masks, and location of the spectacle.

Bast Egyptian Cat Goddess Art 5x7 Blank Greeting Card Pagan Mythology Psychedelic Gypsy Goddess Art

Yoruba Santeria Gorras De Ochun by MySpiritualCreations on Etsy

Chango y Ochun ™ Santeros en Houston ™

James C. Lewis - African Gods & Goddesses Re-Envisioned in New “Yorùbá African Orishas” Photography Series

OLORUN. El sol, la concreción perennemente visible de la divinidad.Es la manifestación


04a Valladolid monasterio Valbuena Iglesia retablo San Bernardo Ni - Monasterio de Santa María de Valbuena

Orula is the father of time and lord of divination. His other names are Ifa

Clío by José Luis Muñoz Luque

Dique do Tororó, more orixas. The Orixas are the African gods and goddesses worshipped


Elegua. Dueno de los 7 caminos

Ogum - In Yoruba religion, Ògún is one of the primoridal Orishas, the first

Orixás e anatomia

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Ifasalewa Aworeni on

Ilustración n° 8

Ilustración n° 7

Obatalá (also spells Obbatala or Obatala) is the eldest of the orishas in Yoruba and Santeria and king of the religion in orun (heaven).

This Gelede mask displays two snakes wrapped around gourd rattles at the sides of a peaked hairstyle. The rattles are the regalia of priestesses whose ...


Eyo Festival In Lagos - Voice Behind the Mask | Antropología, Mascaras y África

Esta imagen simula el rostro de Jesus en el manto que la verónica uso para secar

The Orishas

"Niños y Orishas" - Ochun

Babalawos Luis Ramos "Ireteansa" y Raffy Olivencia "Ogbe Ate" del Templo Yoruba

African American Artist, African Art, American Artists, Yoruba Religion, The Wisdom, Orisha, West Africa, Priest, African Americans


YORUBA,SANTERIA. OCHUN OSHUN Folclorico de Oriente Santiago de Cuba

Nigeria, full-length portrait of two adult males in masquerade costumes, wearing draped cloths which completely cover face and body.

Miguel Ángel Tarot: Meditaciones

The Tithe of Abraham

CrouchingEyo - Eyo festival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Um Quê de Negritude - Oxalá

Egungun, Lagos

Yemaya. AfricanosMitología ...

African Belief in Reincarnation: A Philosophical Reappraisal: Innocent C. Onyewuenyi: 9781439254349:

Humans of the Osun-Osogbo Festival


Modern icon of St George by Olga Christine

A mirror for Oshun, the orisha of love, beauty and fresh water. The

Poder Negro, Arte De África Y Afroamericano, Despertar Espiritual, Reina, Ojo, Proverbio Africano, Espíritus Afines, Aries, Proverbios


Nueva entrega de Códigos Sagrados por Agesta Más


In spite of the comical representations that often appear on the headdress, the face below the superstructure remains serene, as if stressing the paradox ...

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Perceptions of the body of the prostitute underwent important changes in the early modern period. The advent of syphilis, the Protestant and Catholic ...

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Artodyssey: Search results for Jorge Rosensvaig

by Gerardo Castro- Yemanja · BaileReligión YorubaOrishaCaribeSantosMitología Yoruba

Mejores 37 imágenes de Happy en Pinterest | Cocinar comida, Alimentos nigerianos y Festivales

Mysteries of African Shamanism: What Can't Be Explained Must Be Experienced

Ibeji Art Print by James C Lewis

Del leopardo de las nieves a Mayakovski / From the Snow Leopard to Mayakovsky by Festival-Internacional De-Poesía De-Medellín - issuu

Cazuela for Orisha Eleggua 8", Elegua, Orishas, Santeria, Yoruba Religion

Yoruba Traditions and African American Religious Nationalism (Religions of the Americas): Tracey E

#Eshu is both an orisha and one of the most well-known deities of

candomble by Eugenio Souza http://www.braziltravelbeaches.com/candomble.