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Vintage Drag Racing Pete Robinson Pete must have t

Vintage Drag Racing Pete Robinson Pete must have t


Vintage Drag Racing - Pete Robinson - Pete must have known a HVAC guy and did


Unknown outside the South, Robinson took the 1961 NHRA Nationals Top Eliminator in the best

During the Annual NHRA Winter Nationals, “Sneaky Pete” Robinson Cleared the Lights at Witnesses Say a Ground Effect Panel then Separated, and the Car Came ...

Pete Robinson & Bill Word's new Dragmaster Dart shows off Pete's Engineering Company's new “pruned” (machined for weight loss) 6-71 blower case and drive.

Pete Robinson's 'Tinker Toy' AA/FD coming apart prior to the crash.

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Vintage Drag Racing - Pete Robinson

Vintage Drag Racing - Pete Robinson

It was bad enough that these FED's came apart due to the strain created by all that power thrown at the flimsy frame. It was life threatening because the ...

'Sneaky' Pete Robinson's Ford 429 rail - when Ford was supplying/sponsoring the engine to many of the top drivers... | HOT RODS | Pinterest | Ford, ...

Pete Robinson's infamous jack start car. Photo from the Crane Cams catalog

'61 Nationals coverage revealed that after Pete Robinson (far lane)

The late Pete Robinson in his Ford SOHC Cammer powered fueler. I believe this is the same car he was killed in.

It is the multi engine dragster of Noel-Black. Check that front engine placement! What a handful THAT must have been to drive with all 4 wheels ablaze

Competitors and friends Joe Schubeck (left) and Pete Robinson taking a break at the

"Sneaky" Pete Robinson, not only a terrific racer, but a free thinker and gifted engineer. This was his early attempt at using vacuum ground effects.

Pete blasts off the line at the 1961 Nationals against Dean Moon's Mooneyes, driven by

The 1966 NHRA Winternationals was Pete's first out-west event with the SOHC 427 and

Vintage Drag Racing

On any given weekend in SoCal in the 1960's, there were more AA/FD racing than exist in the entire world today. Two, three and even four guys would get ...

Pete is wearing his usual smile. This 1966 photo shows the 2-inch blower

Vintage Drag Racing - Experimenting!

'Sidewinder' transverse engines were tried in the early days of drag racing - even the master 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits tried it.

Drag racing pioneer,Pete Robinson,and his Ford 427 SOHC powered slingshot digger.

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'Sneaky' Pete Robinson's Ford 429 rail - when Ford was supplying/sponsoring the. '

Vintage Drag Racing - Danny Ongais - 1965

Sneaky Pete Robinson

Pete's first SOHC 427 Ford was installed in a Woody Gilmore chassis (Tinker Toy Too


1966 NHRA World Finals Pete Robinson 427 Ford Cammer

The Top 11 Most Ill-Fated Drag Cars Of All Time – A Spooky List

... and then race for the spot. The requirement was the best two out of three runs; beat your opponent and take away his spot on the list and he gets yours.

Vintage Drag Racing - Gasser with a Ford 427 SOHC engine

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Vintage Drag Racing

Pete Robinson's “squeegee” car – One of drag racing's great innovators, Pete Robinson wasn't encumbered by the proverbial box. He was a very smart man and ...


Harvey Crane made his dynamometer available so Pete could validate the theory that cam-chain

Pete Robinson Tinker Toy V Ford Cammer

Vintage Drag Racing

Gary Gabelich's rear engine, monocoque, four wheel drive Vega station wagon funny car – Yep, you read all that right. As you can see in the photo, ...

Lee built car with advice from Atlanta's Pete Robinson, winner of '61 NHRA Nationals with a ...

Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing" ...

Run the Rails

Your mind plays all kinds of major tricks and ugly scenarios to what could possibly go wrong. You have to fight away the blahs and just focus on the job at ...

Vintage Drag Racing

Jackson Brothers

Vintage Drag Racing - JLE

BETFAIR BETTING | Racing Pete Tips up 38/1 winner!

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vintage dragster - Bing images. vintage dragster - Bing images. More information. More information. Vintage Drag Racing - Pete Robinson - Pete must have ...

Vintage Drag Racing - JLE

So-Cal Speed Shop Pete Chapouris memorial gathering

Pete solved chain problems with this unique drive assembly. The lightened gears were machined from

Vintage Drag Racing

Vintage racing · Sissells Automotive

Vintage Drag Racing - Dragster


Vintage Drag Racing - Gassers - Stone, Woods & Cook vs Big John Mazmanian at the Winternationals.

Greer, Black & Prudhome Car

Old ad for Jungle Jim's Funny Car

Racing is all about innovation. Or at least, it used to be. When American G.I.s came back from Europe after “The Big One”, hot rodding became a cultural ...

Vintage Drag Racing... See more. The Snake

Vintage Drag Racing - Fuel Altered - The Genuine Suspension Boys

Pete Robinson and his Ford Cammer AA/FD at the 1967 US Nationals. Thanks to Hugh Greeson for taking the shot and Wayne Holland for submitting it.

Vintage Drag Racing - Altered

Vintage Drag Racing

Among the first drag racers to experiment with aerodynamics, Pete Robinson died following a crash in an experimental high-downforce car.

Vintage Drag Racing at Lions Drag Strip

Vintage Drag Racing


Vintage Drag Racing

Pete Robinson.

Some of my older buddies used to say, "square tubing is for trailers, round tubing is for dragsters". Or, if you had enough square tubing laying around, ...

History - Drag cars in motion.

John Smyser's Terrifying Toronado – If there are a couple of terms in drag racing's history from the 1960s and 1970s that should tip you off to imminent ...

Dragway 42 Vintage 1/4 Mile Drag Racing Top Fuel Dragster Don Garlits Video

I don't recall this very early dragster, however, I do remember when dragsters had hubcaps.

Vintage Drag Racing

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Drag-U-La Exposed! PLUS: Artie's Party, Hot Corporate Double Jangle, and This Week's Squirrel

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Sanford, ME, back when street driven cars were competitive at the drag strip

Vintage Drag Racing - JLE | Wheel Standers | Pinterest | Cars, Mini bike and Auto racing

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Vintage Drag Racing


Vintage Drag Racing

Vintage Drag Racing - JLE | Wheel Standers | Pinterest | Cars, Mini bike and Auto racing

Vintage Drag Racing - Altereds

Built in 1957, Lowell Lister's "Crossfire" sidewinder dragster from Pennsylvania. The gas powered engine (I don't know if it was a Chrysler or a Chevy) ran ...

Injected Arias Hemi Dragster

There is a special drag race culture in the great state of Texas. In the dragster ranks, Eddie Hill is in the Top 10 in both NHRA's and Draglist.com's Top ...