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Victorian gentleman period clothing t Victorian Vintage

Victorian gentleman period clothing t Victorian Vintage


Mens Early Victorian Clothing (1850's - 1870's)

Mens Late Victorian Clothing (1870 - 1890)

Everyone needed to sew a badge into their hat saying that it was legal, and if you didn't, you received huge fines!

Handsome Victorian men --This definitely isn't legit but he is hot ngl

Victorian Mens Hats

Click any image for a close-up and a list of the products shown.

Victorian Mens Hats

... Victorian style for your consideration and inspiration. Click any image for a close-up and a list of the products shown.

Can't resist a good top hat and 'stache!

19th Century Style Men's Shirt

Victorian man.jpg

Historical Emporium -- Mens Late Victorian Clothing -- Robert Delaney, Financier

Mens Victorian Clothing at Gentleman's Emporium

1869 morning dress.

Elements of Early Victorian Style

T. Jefferson Coolidge in overcoat and silk hat. [Library of Congress]

In a gentleman's clothing, any attempt to be conspicuous is in excessively bad taste. If he is wealthy, then the luxury of the clothing consists in the fine ...

Historical Emporium -- Mens Late Victorian Clothing -- Alexander Parrish, Medical Doctor

Victorian Coats

A wrapped Victorian Knecktie

Victorian Males 1800s | WIS1878-S………$19.95

Another good rule for the dressing room: while the gentleman is engaged in dressing, he gives his whole attention to it. He sees that every detail is ...

Victorian Clothing for Men | Period Clothing

Women could do so much with their dress selections. | Victorian era and Victorian

Historical Emporium -- Mens Late Victorian Clothing -- Sebastian Reynolds, Architect

Victorian Mens Hats

Victorian wedding, formal mens clothing. How to get this look using modern clothing.

Gentleman, it's almost hard to take in that suit and tie

Vintage Men's Suits, Mens Suits, The Suits, Fashion Men, Style Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Victorian Fashion, Victorian Era, 1890s Fashion

Above all, let your figure and face have some weight in deciding how far you are to follow fashion. For a very tall man to wear a high, narrow-brimmed hat, ...

1840's mens english fashion - Grimsby · Victorian EraVictorian FashionVintage ...

pocket watch chain (Albert style, with fob & t-bar) w/ · Edwardian HairEdwardian FashionVictorian ...

Victorian Men's Accessories: gloves, cane, spats, pocket watch, pocket square,

1873 ...

Stands like these were commonly used to hold the deceased in a standing position to make them appear to be amongst the living still.

Victorian Men's Tuxedo, Tailcoats, Formalwear Guide Mens Victorian Collar Dress Shirt $59.95 AT vintagedancer

Bustles and elaborate drapery characterize evening dresses of the early 1870s. The gentleman wears evening dress. Detail of "Too Early" by Tissot, 1873

1900s fashion for men

Victorian men in top hats and coats

During the 19th century the silence in England was broken, and police began actively fighting the "problem" of homosexuality.

Victorian Mens Suits & Coats Mens President Abraham Lincoln Civil War Era Costume AT vintagedancer.

Victorian-Era “Head Shots” – 25 Bizarre Photo Manipulations of Faux Decapitations From the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Men Dressed in Drag Victorian Era


Queen Victoria 1845Portrait by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Historical Emporium -- Mens Late Victorian Clothing -- Dickerson Potts, Sportsman

Victorian Mens Hats

Men Dressed in Drag in the Victorian Era – 25 Historical Photos of Drag Queens from the 1800s and Early 1900s

vintage everyday: 28 Photos That Prove Victorians Weren't as Serious as You Thought

1873 ...

Fashionably Victorian in Adrian, Michigan

Top Hats

Frock coat

Old Time Bathing Suit

Victorian Kids Costumes & Shoes- Girls, Boys, Baby, Toddler Liveinu Boys Little

Victorian lady and gentleman. Toilet Sign, vector format. Vintage Victorian Era Engraving style

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at Cowes, Isle of Wight.

victoriandress11. victoriandress8. victoriandress9. victoriandress7. Victorian Dress Victorian Style Clothing2

Amelia Bloomer, Originator of the New Dress from the 1851Illustrated London News

As John Thornton in North and South, based on the 1855 novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. The setting is industrial era Victorian England.

1888 Fashion Plate

Until the late 1800's girls were still wearing corsets. Below is a collection of 37 vintage portraits of beautiful teenage girls from the Victorian era.

German vintage postcard from 1909, showing a loving couple kissing at piano - people of

Edwardian fashion and Victorian costume

19th century male lovers with flower hats

Men's Victorian Clothing

Renaissance man

Fanny And Stella - Two Victorian Gentlemen Who Shocked England


Victorian Clothing for Men | Period Clothing

Victorian couples in riding attire.

Carte de Visite illustrates Victorian shirt collar and silk neckwear. [Library of Congress]

Riding habits 1840s, 1842, late.

Two men in Victorian Era

Victorian Men's Pants

Photograph of Dr. Jaeger - Fashion history.

Frogging (the braided fastenings) was common on uniform jackets, as well as in Chinese clothing. Former military men and Chinese immigrants were both ...


Victorian mens shirts: styles for gentlemen, wild west outlaws, and Steampunk time travelers

According to “The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette,” the first rule of guidance for the 1860s Victorian gentleman in matters of clothing is, "Let the dress ...

Creepiest Headless Portraits From The Victorian Era

From Victorian Fashion plate: First is early 1880's daywear dress; center an 1880's evening

Male and female Edwardian day wear , old fashioned school teacher costumes. Edwardian showgirl and gentleman. Edwardian fashion and Victorian costume


Men Dressed in Drag Victorian Era

Victorian era

Mugshots of Victorian Era Child Criminals (1870s) (16 photos) https:/

Victorian Era facts

1912 evening dresses