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Thud Pilot Karl Richter 8USAF MEMORIES t

Thud Pilot Karl Richter 8USAF MEMORIES t


1st Lt Karl Richter and Republic F-105D Thunderchief, 1966

USAF F-105 Thunderchief Pilot Capt. Larry Huggins, Vietnam, 1967

Men In Uniform, Vietnam War, Semper Fi, Military, Military Personnel

Corda Hestle was only 12 years old when her father's F-105 Thunderchief was shot

F-105 Wild Weasel pilot in Vietnam.

December 27 ...

Thud and Thud driver



12, Gatafe AB, Spain Date Lost: 670420 Country: Spain Mission: Training Cause: Rotated too early on takeoff Where Lost: Runway 5, Gatafe AB, Spain Pilot: ...

Ace Maker: Lockheed's T-33 Trainer Produced Top-Notch Aviators — Avgeekery.com - News and stories by Aviation Professionals

Thud Pilot MAJ Stan Goldstein

Jet-Thud-F105-Article9-FM09.jpg. “

... Bear 4's chute does not open on landing, but the arresting cable brings him to a stop. Here's Piowaty's aircraft, Thud 415, safe and sound at Udorn.

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8th TFW CO Colonel Robin Olds with 555th TFS Pilots, Vietnam, May 4th,

Retired THUD Pilot And USAF General Charles Boyd Still Loves To Slip The Surly Bonds

35th Tactical Fighter Squadron, DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam, May 1972

... related a story about Lt. Karl Richter entitled, “Here am I. Send me” in its December 1992 edition. Richter, a 1964 graduate of the Air Force Academy, ...

September 18 ...

Ken's mother, Malou King, was a Mississippi farm girl.

Lt. Karl Richter with wingman. Lt. Fred Wilson, after MiG kill

RichterStatue. Memorial statue, 1Lt. Karl Richter, USAF ...


(G)olden guys with Blue Max and New Guys: L/R Back: Unidentified, Rod Giffin (G), George Clausen (G): Buddy Barner, Front: Don Hodge, Bob Smith, Jim Bean, ...


The Stunning Aerial Cinematography of JET PILOT

Merv makes Full Colonel. TEN-HUT!

This Video Is An All-Star Showcase of Nearly Every Tactical Air Command Jet



The USAF Thunderbirds flew specially modified Republic F-105B-15-RE Thunderchiefs for

BREAKING: Air Force X-37B space shuttle lands at Kennedy Space Center — Avgeekery.com - News and stories by Aviation Professionals

Once the command to return to Earth is given by the Air Force, the X-37B automatically descends from low earth orbit, reenters, and flies through the ...

Danger Zone, Vietnam War, Airplanes, Aircraft, Military. 1st Lt Karl Richter and Thud ...

36th TFW, 23rd & 22nd TFS Pilots, Bitburg AFB, Germany, 1966

5889210a7c669.image.jpg. KARL W. RICHTER

Lucky Eckman checks CBU bombs


Ace Maker: Lockheed's T-33 Trainer Produced Top-Notch Aviators — Avgeekery.com - News and stories by Aviation Professionals

Merv Taylor and F-86 in 1950


This is where the thing came out, after entering from the other side! He brought 'er home. Presented by Thud Ridge Web Photo Album.

I saw the pilot slumped forward in the cockpit. The aircraft then stalled and snapped down as I flew past it. I watched the burning MiG until it hit the ...

35th TFS Predeployment to Southeast Asia 1 Apr 72

Air Force Pararescue team members race to their HH-3 Jolly Green Giant, as

8871303338_306bbe3aac_o Test Pilot Lin Hendrix in Republic F-105

Maj. Bill McClelland inspects 85 mm AAA shell damage

Thud with Centerline Pylon Removed, Bomb Bay Opened & Bay Fuel Tank Lowered For Service. Photo credit: Michael Benolkin Photo, presented by cybermodeler.com

Front L to R, Bill Thomas, Jim Barr, Clancy Langford, Dave Igleman, Ed Hartman, John Murphy, Ben Fuhrman, Jack Brooks, Bob Moore, Monty Pharmer, ...

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A USAF photo F-105D Thunderchief Pilot Capt. Samuel E. Waters. (Photo: USAF)

... where he commanded the 531st Fighter Squadron flying F-100s. Later, as the Wing operations officer. He oversaw pilots flying RF-101s, and AD-102s.

F-105 pilots often ran into so many hostile attacks on the way to and exiting from their targets that our refueling aircraft, normally the KC-135, ...


We hurried to the city of Korat, my first of only two visits there, to acquire black “formal flight suits” for that event, which were adorned with the usual ...

Around the clock+ Hanoi special 2 + munitions.

check U.S. Air Force Academy 60th Anniversary Edition

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Studying didn't agree with Ken. With dreadful grades, “I was invited not to come back,” he told me jokingly. He made another stab at it, taking courses at ...

The fact that many downed pilots returned to fly again says a great deal about their courage and even more about the guts and skills of our Air Rescue crews ...

November 7 ...

Flying the F-4 Phantom in Combat

Zachary Rhyner - Staff Sergeant Zachary Rhyner on patrol with an Army Special Forces team in

By Dale Boggie

B28IN nuclear bomb carried by the F-105 "Thud." This was a bomb built for high altitude freefall or retarded (parachute), airburst or contact, ...

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Richard Etchberger - Chief Master Sgt. Richard L. "Dick" Etchberger in Southeast

Osprey Combat Aircraft 097 - USAF and VNAF A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam

The quote on the painting also appears on the base of the bronze statue of Richter at the Air Force Academy.

Robert Michael White - Congratulated after a test flight

How an impoverished child of the Great Depression wound up flying sophisticated jet aircraft is a story of determination, skill, and, Ken is absolutely ...

November 19 ...

Osprey Combat Aircraft 107 - F-105 Thunderchief MiG Killers of the Vietnam War

We lost two thuds yesterday on a target two miles from this target. We average seven losses a month. “There ain't no way. Why me? I'm golden!

Benny Hilburn reflected that “I wasn't afraid of getting shot down.

as I remember it. I only sat there for a sortie one time, and that was on one last flight for the month's flight pay before we graduated.

34th Sqd. Black Suit Party: Rows Left to Right, Top Row: Hugh Davis, Harry Paddon, Dalton Leftwich. Middle Row: Skeets Heinzig, Larry Hoppe, ...

Amazon.fr - Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds - Robin Olds, Christina Olds, Ed Rasimus - Livres

Mike happily obliged and after the day's events were over I went over to the T-29; a couple of museum restoration people and I went aboard.

F-105 Thunderchief Pilot Capt. C. Glen Nix, Vietnam, July 1966

Osprey - Combat Aircraft 093 - A-6 Intruder Units of the Vietnam War

... 1968 and February 27, 1968, VO-67 lost nine men in each of Crews 2 and 5, and the pilot and one crewmen of Crew 7 to enemy fire or navigational errors.

Osprey - Combat Aircraft 089 - F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War

Osprey Combat Aircraft 007 - F-8 Crusader Units of the Vietnam War

TARPA_TOPICS by TWA Active Retired Pilots Assn. - issuu

Brazelton had almost finished his 100-mission tour when he got smoked. It was August 7, 1966, north of Hanoi. “I was dropping CBUs on a 120-mm anti-aircraft ...

mounting bracket on the rim of the astrodome. Perfect. Almost. You with sharp eyes will note that the astrocompass is pointed 90 degrees off of where it ...

Pilot is wearing the Joint Helmet Mounted Cuing System which allows

Entering the bird from the aft hatch (that bailout strap that used to be there is gone) the first things you see are a couple of driftmeters and an APN-9 ...


We discussed world affairs, and Curtis expanded a bit on the effects of the war on him. “There were a lot of funerals i didn't attend [after the war].