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This tool was called an ADZE Used to shape blocks to make

This tool was called an ADZE Used to shape blocks to make


This tool was called an ADZE. Used to shape blocks to make pyramids.

adze, idea is the shape.make a branch from a single block that is sinuous and a continuous carving from the block. Measuring, prototyping, finishing and ...

Hafted adzes from Hawai'i: left, a stone swivel adze, used for

Bear Creek Hand-Forged Adze - Woodworking. Not only a handy tool but a useful word in Scrabble, also spelled Adz there.

If I didn't already have three different


My antique adze from ebay.

handmade adzes and knives

Camping Bearded Hatchet Axe Combined with Adze Blade Unique | eBay

This toolbox is called škanjel and it has multiple purpose. It's used as a box for putting smaller tools like mallet, adze, ...

Ancient Egyptian wood carving and stone carving tools | Carvings with Stories: a blog about woodcarving

How to Make a Handle for Your Elbow Adze

Hafted adze, toki pou tangata, of wood and nephrite, from New Zealand; part of the Forster collection (Forster

HK adzes

MS152 Miniature honing stone in nice owner made holder with cover; stone is 1 1/2" long and looks to be a natural one, this one must have been used to do ...

Milton Freemans study contained an actual tool list that I used as a guideline for my own tool kit. Originally, little more than an adze, bow drill, ...

Ancient Egyptian Woodcarving

Adze Detail

The familiar Western Adze has a straight-grained handle that fits into a metal socket.

The tool belongs to my girlfriend, she inherited it last year after her grandfather passed away. Ever since we have been wondering what it was used for.

Below is shown a wooden mallet from this time, found at Thebes. See the similarities between the shape of this one ...

blade; while this thing looks pretty ratty, it saw barely any use, it has superficial rust that will easily clean to make ...

bowl adze from claw hammer

This primitive elbow adze has a simple blade lashed onto an elbow-shaped handle.

Here you see the new (left) and old (right) – I'm not sure the old one was ever as long as the new one is…did I really sharpen away that much metal ...

Home made adze for bowl carving

Ancient Egyptian wood carving and stone carving tools

Bench plane (top), block plane (below)

Bowl Adze Kit Hand Forged Bushcraft Tool

Hand Adz - 2 1/4" cutting edge

... is an essential tool, as is a set square, the L-shaped tool used to check the angle and flatness of planes.[102] Both of these tools are found on Roman ...

Adze by JohnC -- Homemade adze constructed from a scaffolding pole and oak. http://www.homemadetools.net/homemade-adze

Evidence for tool edge damage

Tldr: what was this tool used for?

profile used where the frieze and soffit meet, it's a combo of adjacent hollow and round profiles to make for ...

A sharp wood chisel in combination with a forstner wood drill bit is used to form this mortise for a half-lap joint in a timber frame.

spoon gouges

Sonbè, or large adze, used by Basi Fane to carve the

After the hand adze, I switch to carving knives. Here are the three that I used. The hook knife or spoon knife doesn't have a sheath, but it is very ...

bent gouges

Foot adze[edit]


MS86 Smaller bowsaw made of finely grained beech; nice shape to it, it uses sliding toggle to tension the 7" blade; owner mark, free of damage, and suitable ...

... often naturally shaped, and positioned with planks set for the deck(s) above. It is possible when the Lord told Nephi he was to make timbers not ...

The most common method is that the person using the adze stands with legs apart

At the workbench, I added long wooden dogs to hold the shaped bowl for detail work inside & out. A notch on the inside face helps grip the handles.

A hafted tula adze (Hold- away and Stern 2004:

http://www.supertool.com/forsale/feb/t107.jpg $185.00

The two bronze-bladed adzes also date to the 18th Dynasty. The one on the left is from Thebes during the reign of Tuthmosis III which was about 3,493 to ...


Once the adze head was complete, it was lashed to a pre-formed wooden handle, using coconut cordage. Many different adze shapes and sizes were used to ...

The simplest way to support a cylinder is to cut a v-shaped groove in a block of wood and the cylinder will be supported by the sides of the groove.

On a stout low bench, I use 3 pegs and a wedge to fasten the blank for adze work.

But first, I need a little more of an idea of what I'm going to be removing. Here is a pattern that I made to the scale of the wood block.

Axe - A collection of old Australian cutting tools including broad axes, broad hatchets,

... 2 – Adze: Legitimus #853, shipwright's spike tip adze, G+; I. Blood, carpenter's adze, ...


Two axes and an adze.Two axes and an adze.


An adze

Regional distribution of the tula adze (after Veth et al. 2011 : 7)

... Rare form, H.H. Stricker (Originally Reinholds Station, Lancaster Co., later Vinemont area, Berks Co.) carpenter's adze ...


Unmarked poll adz, VG.

Fig 4.

1837 L. & I.J. White 4 3/8" hewing adze, (Sold).

Tool crate.

Here are the three that I used. The hook knife or spoon knife doesn't have a sheath, but it is very important to keep it sharp and without any nicks.

I use mostly bent gouges; those that have a long curve in the shank. My garden-variety ones are Swiss-Made, wide mostly, around 1 1/2″ wide.

Nice lipped shipwright's adz.

Bronze tools

46. Unusual W. BUTCHER curved adz, VG.


Here are the three that I used. The hook knife or spoon knife doesn't have a sheath, but it is very important to keep it sharp and without any nicks.

The drawknife is one of my favorite tools to use, at least when it's sharp and the wood is green and soft. You can take long clean shavings from your work, ...

Adze-on-block (hieroglyph) - Image: Pectoral Rameses II Louvre E79

D.R. Barton poll adz VG.

“(Chairs) ...

Fig. 9

Modern adzes[edit]

In profile the shaft thickens at this point so that the structural strength of the chisel is not compromised. This distinctive shape explains why this tool ...

[17] The tool used by the carver depicted is almost identical to those still used by quarrymen who work by hand in areas of Turkey and Syria.[18]

I also have a 12"+ old Sheffield stainless steel meat carving knife, from a charity shop, which I have sharpened up for wood-carving (it took an edge better ...

A modern planing tool made by Stanley Tools. Click on image to enlarge.

Reproductions of polished stone tools (celt, grooved axe, adze, gouge) that were used for woodwork in North America between 8,000 and 500 years B.P.

... nailing adze, painted head, G.; 12 oz. tack hammer, Vg.; 2 – carpenters claws Sold For 45.00 ...

[27] To quote Blagg, the point is 'the oldest, the simplest and the most versatile of the masons' iron tools.'[28]

The schooner Appledore II under construction.


Basi Fane searching for the dyafereke out of which he would carve the

1837 L. & I.J. White 4 1/4" pole adze, asking $120.

Anvils are a must, they make your work so much easier. The ball hitch is to form on, the blocks are nice to use to work on my knee.

adze detail

The story of tools, November 1944

Originally this shape would have been adzed but neither of us are good enough with the adze yet to take such bold bites, so we chose to cut down to the ...

Small bowls get blocks stacked inside to grab them in the face vise.