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This man makes amazing surreal animations from famous artwork

This man makes amazing surreal animations from famous artwork


It sort of looks like he's holding a golf club, right?


This man makes amazing surreal animations from famous artwork

Evita la sarcopenia, la pérdida muscular que se produce con la edad

Tossing and turning sucks. And UNFORTUNATELY, it can sometimes affect more than just yourself

Surreal, or real? Don't we all put masks on

Hilariously Bizarre GIFs Based on Renaissance Paintings - by James Kerr

Animated GIFs by James Kerr aka Scorpion Dagger | Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog

... check surrealist work on this page ...

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of ...


This ...

The ultimate vision of hell

Most Amazing Surreal Illustrations By Igor Morski


Lindsey Look “Manifest” inches, Oil on illustration board For the “What Lies Beneath” challenge from Month of Fear “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real ...

Lemon Garden And Tea With Cookies

Surreal Paintings That I Create Inspired By Salvador Dalí

What is Surrealism? - Definition, Art & Characteristics - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

'Coffee break chained freedom' made by: Andrey Bobir

Brian Despain – The prodigal son, 2009 - Brian Despain is a famous ...

Mark Kostabi, 1960 ~ Pop Symbolism painter | Tutt'[email protected] | Pittura *. Famous ArtworkMixed Media ArtworkSurrealism ...

Types of Paintings

Blind Artist George Redhawk Creates Beautiful GIFs

check surrealist work on this page ...

In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Surreal Paintings and Art works from around the world. You will be amazed to find the huge no of collections we ...


Salvador Dali Paintings

In 2014, Vogue published an article titled “Why the World's Most Talked-About New Art Dealer Is Instagram”. It wasn't mere hype: Vogue's claim was backed by ...

Important Modern Art Movements

Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali. (Credit: Bettmann/Getty Images). Contents. THE BEGINNING OF SURREALISM; SURREALIST EXPERIMENTS; THE PAINTERS ...

Painter Alim Smith Celebrates Classic Black Twitter Memes With Afro-Surrealist Art - Creators

Audrey Kawasaki Sisters - 50 Examples of Surreal Art <3 <3 ...

This painting ...

photo by Man Ray


The painting above shows a nightclub in which everything around a beautiful girl is melting. Perhaps the artist is trying to portray that the girl is so hot ...

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali Surrealism Dali Melting Clocks

The 30 best animated short films ever made

World-famous animators pick the best animated movies ever, including Disney and Pixar movies, cult movies, kids movies, stop-motion, anime and more

Polish Painter Who Learned To “Photograph Dreams” – His Works Will Give You Nightmares

Most romantic paintings

Modern Dialect Osver700

15+ Mind-Twisting Surreal Illustrations By Guy Billout That Will Make You Look Twice



Mona and the Metal Men. “

man sea ocean mystery love art surrealism illustration women digitalart screenshot mythology computer wallpaper

You dont want it to be pop-ed art...the amazing sculptures

Surrealism Collage


10 Famous Surrealist Paintings That Will Tickle Your Subconscious

surreal painting by jim warren surreal painting

Amazing Surreal Paintings by a Polish Artist Jacek Yerka

... Nikolina Petolas - Surreal Art ...

Magritte-La DÇcalcomanie_1966

The Persistence of Memory (1931), Salvador Dalí

surrealism, dali painting

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa, 1503–19

The 25 Best Animated Films Of The 21st Century So Far

At Olivier Malingue, A Conversation on Surrealism

Even ...

Henry Ford Hospital -Frida Kahlo,1932

abstract paintings

The Enigma of William Tell by Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali made paintings in different movements, including surrealism

René Magritte : a Belgian passion for Surrealist art

“The Street” (Caroline Leaf, 1976)"

Fantastic Planet (1973)

Surreal Collage Art by Marcel Lisboa

How have women been represented, underrepresented, and misrepresented in art history?

The 30 best animated short films ever made

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940

Artists ...

Famous Self-Portraits Art History Vincent van Gogh Famous Self Portraits

The Surreal Digital Art of Lee Mora. “

Fantastic Planet is a 1973 animated science fiction film set on another planet where alien beings the size of giants keep humans as tiny pets.

Faceless Composition ...

Installation view of Nina Chanel Abney, Hothouse, 2016, at the Whitney Museum of

Image by Gala Darling

1 ...

Surreal disturbing digital art

Drawing for Felix in Exile by William Kentridge. Estimate R2-2.5 million

Pyromallis is the co-founder of Viral Graphics, a music-related artwork collaborative set up back in 2006 with fellow artist and music aficionado, ...