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This is known as quotFake Miniaturequot or tilt shift photography I want to

This is known as quotFake Miniaturequot or tilt shift photography I want to


Photo Gallery of sample tilt-shift photos made using TiltShiftMaker

Michael Elliott's 365 Project photo for May 2014 - Chinatown Tinytown. Find this Pin and more on Tilt-Shift ...

Tilt-shift Photography

London - tilt shift photography

Photograph Paris Tilt-Shift by Alexandra (Petrova) & Bharath Wootla on

Ankara Fake Tilt-Shift by cheyrek

I would so want this toy Parliament set if it really existed!

40 Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography - Speckyboy Design Magazine

And if you need some more inspiration to go out and create your own tilt- shift effect ...

Tilt-Shift Photography: It's A Small World After All

Tilt Shift Photo: Awesome tilt shift effect to London's famous Big Ben clock. This Photo was uploaded by

Prague - Charles Bridge Fake Tilt Shift by Paul MacKinnon on 500px

Tilt–shift photography is the use of camera movements on small and medium format cameras, sometimes specifically referring to the use of tilt for selective

Image credit:

How to use Photoshop's Lens Blur tool for tilt-shift fakery (Part 1 of 2)

How to Create a Tilt-Shift Effect in Lightroom

These photographs, by Jasper Leonard, appear to have reduced the Big Apple to a

Tilt-Shift - Photoshop Tutorial : With very little effort, you can take existing photographs of everyday scenes and make them look like miniature models!

2356c17825b6b66c68d64569b5982851--tilt-shift-photography-travel-photography .jpg

Tilt shift Paris.

It basically gives an effect that looks like the objects in the image have been shrunk to a very small size. In tilt shift photography ...

Tilt-shift Photography

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Such creative and unique type of photography as tilt-shift photography or so-called "miniature faking" became very popular nowadays.

Step 2: Go to Pixlr editor - upload your photo - duplicate the background layer.

Tilt-shift photography captures your subject in a miniature, almost fake looking appearance. This affect can be accomplished by way of a tilt-shift lens, ...

Tilt-Shift Miniature Faking | 74 Amazing Tilt-shift miniature faking photographs

Make Tilt-shift style miniature scenes from your photos

Miniature World - Fake Tilt Shift Miniatures

Step 5: To give a little bit illusion on the photo, manage the sharpness in the middle of the image, or you can boost color by clicking the "adjustment" ...

Focusing Tilt-Shift Lenses

Tilt-shift From Strasbourg Cathedral's Roof. To get miniature photos from a camera you only need inspiration; It ...

Easily change the area in focus for a new perspective. tilt-shift photo

miniature photography example What is Tilt Shift Photography?

Miniature faking - Digitally blurred miniature fake of Jodhpur

Toronto Gas Station by John Ehmann


The effect – a dazzling bird's-eye perspective - is thanks to a photographic technique

Tilt-shift overload

Tilt-Shift Miniature Fake Technique in Photo-shop CS

Melbourne City View Tilt Shift by daniellepowell82

Tilt Shift Construction Shot from the Duke Energy building in Cincinnati, OH. Subject is

The tutorial is heavy on the post-processing step, showing you not just how to fake the miniature effect by adding a blur, but also adding in some grain and ...

Leonard's book contains quotes about New York from the likes of Ayn Rand and Alistair Cooke

Tilt-shift Photography

Downloads up to 2000 pixels width/height are completely free! - just upload and go. » Try using this photo. Create tilt-shift ...

Tilt-shift Photography

example of tilt shift photography What is Tilt Shift Photography?

He continues on to explain that the technique is often applied in post (so not true tilt-shift), and is “harder-hitting” in this particular time-lapse as ...

Start by going to Layer > Duplicate Layer to make a copy of your background. Then go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer and choose Curves.

Miniature A miniature traffic scene. This is a fake

12mm, f/13, 1.7 sec.

Christopher Jobson

Tilt Shift Photography - makes things look miniature!


Here's one I did a while back.

Create Tilt-shift Miniature Effect in Photoshop

I would so want this toy Parliament set if it really existed!

How to Create Your Own Tilt-Shift Photograph in Photoshop

St. Peter's, Vatican City in tilt shift

How to Achieve Miniature Effect via Online

But they are in fact real pieces of space porn digitally manipulated to look like tilt-shift photographs.

Here is the original unedited image

Tilt Shift Photography – Video Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt Shift Antananarivo

Tilt-shift Photography (21)

Create a quick and dirty tilt-shift effect to images in PowerPoint

Now it's time to pick the area to keep in focus. Select your Background Copy Layer, and type B on your keyboard to get the Brush tool.



miniature scene What is Tilt Shift Photography?


tilt shift photography

miniature stadium scene What is Tilt Shift Photography?

1 - tilt shift photography

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... achieving tilt shift photography. Photoshop or sites like tiltshiftmaker.com are great when you want to achieve the effect using image editing.

Finally, here's a photo showing how big the coin actually is:

I recommend using it with only lighter weight primes, like normal or wide angles. Definitely not with modern zooms.

Basics of Tilt shift photography

Tilt-shift Photography

This is the newer version of the original 24mm, released in 2009, the Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L II Tilt Shift Lens: The photos above are to ...

Are these Matchbox cars? Nope, real ones.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

what is tilt shift photography What is Tilt Shift Photography?

Leonard said that he took 13,000 pictures altogether during his odyssey to the Big Apple

Finally ...


Next I played with the saturation and colours to make it look a bit like a model (if you look at model railways the trees are always an unnatural shade of ...

iPhone Tilt Shift

Do ...

My favorite tilt-shift photo. It ...

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We have on caveat: we believe this to be true, lens-based, analog tilt-shift, but we're not 100% sure. The camera is Japanese, and its description and all ...