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This is an asian Monkey and they are really intelligent so don39t let

This is an asian Monkey and they are really intelligent so don39t let


This is an asian Monkey and they are really intelligent so don't let their looks deceave you.(DML).

monkeys in asi

Native to Asia, rhesus monkeys are highly social, raising their young in a communal atmosphere. Photograph by Shane Moore

A monkey's face peering out from a ...

There are Machiavellian monkey, it is a specific species of this kind.

Monkeys may not be native to central Florida, but a colony of rhesus macaques has

In Delhi, more monkeys mean more problems

Fearguth's Rules of Order Now is not the time to ask an angry monkey if Boudreaux's Butt Paste might help.

Monkeys at Khao Takiab (Chopsticks hill)

Capuchin monkeys are widely considered to be one of the most intelligent monkey species.

This week, I left beautiful Australia behind and began my journey to southeast Asia. Our first port of call in the exotic East was Bali, and it was ...

Leaf Monkey - Red-Shanked Douc Langurs are native to Southeast Asia, most notably parts of Southern China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Two Baby Orangutans Born Just Weeks Apart

Apes and lemurs are not monkeys

Monkeys don't eat bananas. Shock. Horror! No, they don't, at least not in the wild. That's because bananas are cultivated and wild monkeys do not usually ...

Grey-shanked ...

Monkey perching on statue in Ubud Monkey Forest, Indonesia

This looks like one, tough monkey.

The Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, a very rare weirdly nosed monkey from China that they didn't "discover" until the 1990s. It's diet consists of lichen which ...

Like other Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has monkeys. They are cute and cheeky, but they are carriers of disease and accomplished thieves.

Curious baby monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand.

Baby Monkey oh my god that face.it's so cute! I just can't!

Monkeys That Are Kept as Pets

Jessie Lau

Whether it's to shelter from the rain if you visit Ubud in rainy season, to enjoy the beautiful views or to just sit back and relax after a day of ...

Monkeys communicate with such agility, don't they?


Emperor tamarin, a New World monkey



Because of our biological, genetic, behavioral and intellectual similarities, they are used on our behalf in pharmaceutical, biomedical, ...

Mother and Baby monkey hugging. A truly amazing image. A testimony to the fact that love comes in all shapes and sizes. And if animals can express …

Golden Snub-nosed monkey snarling

~~The Gibbon by toon_ee~~

I don't buy the "only white monkey" - there

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Japanese Macaque baby enjoying a relaxing moment in a hot spring, in Jigokudani, Japan

Lesula monkey are newly discovered and these are found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa.

Is it Ethically Right to Keep Spider Monkeys as Pets?

You don't have to stray far from the tourist trail in Thailand before you come across monkeys in Thailand. Just plan a holiday in Krabi and Railay Beach, ...

Monkeys Eating Fruit at the Monkey Forest


baboon extreme close-up

New World Monkeys: These monkeys live in the neotropical forests of the "new world".New World Monkeys range vastly in size - some are quite tiny, ...

Macaque at the Monkey Forest. Ubud

Monkey Quotes & Sayings 1200x800

Terror in the Monkey Forest

Monkeys love a relaxing hot soak as much as anyone

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Pygmy marmosets are the world's smallest monkeys

Only New World monkeys have prehensile tails

Golden Snub-nosed monkeys delousing eachother

Ubud Monkey Forest Bali Baby Monkey Eating Banana


Uploaded 2 years ago

Uploaded 3 years ago

Closeup of a white-headed langur holding onto a branch while it holds a green

Chimpanzees and monkeys have entered the Stone Age

Join the herd!

Image titled Take Care of a Monkey Step 7

Golden Snub-nosed monkey delousing eachother

Animal Extreme close-up - Saki Monkey

monkey mother and baby

In Delhi, more monkeys mean more problems | Global Ideas | DW | 21.02.2017

Can you tell the difference between an ape and a monkey? Many people call all primates monkeys, when in fact apes and monkeys are two kinds of animals under ...

Closeup head golden snub-nosed monkey

A rhesus monkey ...

Have you spent your entire life peeling bananas the WRONG way? Video demonstrates the squish-free monkey method - upside down | Daily Mail Online

Ubud monkey forest laughing monkey

If you see some primate that looks like an ape, but it has a tail, walks on all fours with a level back, and has a long, doglike face, it's a baboon.

Ubud Monkey Forest Bali featured image

Ubud monkey forest baby monkey and mother


Spider Monkey - New World

Image titled Take Care of a Monkey Step 10

Funny Monkeys Stealing Things Compilation July 2014

Unlike dogs and cats, monkeys are not companion animals. The best place for them is in an environment that ...

... trying to hide from the monkeys! Don't let that put you off though, it's well worth a visit and these amazing intelligent creatures are so fun to watch.

Do Capuchin Monkeys Make Good Pets?



Macaque Behavior

Pain: The monkey looks at its injury forlornly, hunched over and scared

The proboscis monkey (nasalis larvatus) so called because of its prominent nose, which, incidentally, only males possess. It is thought that they use them ...

Golden snub-nosed monkey climing in the trees

Barbary macaque

Langur monkeys grieve over fake monkey - Spy in the Wild: Episode 1 Preview - BBC One - YouTube

Japanese Macaques bathing in hot springs near Nagano, Japan.

Langurs may be the "good" monkeys, but they still beg. (AFP/Getty Images)