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This Picture Gets Huge YouShouldClickIt SupernaturalCast

This Picture Gets Huge YouShouldClickIt SupernaturalCast


Community Post: 20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving

I was polite with you being tall, I can deal with you being handsome, but perfect hair? Damn you to hell!

One is one of the most adorable things ever. The other is a cat. < < only in supernatural, Satan is a cutie and we love him

SPN Cast autographs | #JibCon14

Will you just drink your fucking water and get off the stage?

supernatural cast tumblr textpost gifset misha collins mark sheppard castiel and crowley funny lol

I would melt into a puddle on the ground after I left and I start screaming because JENSEN ACKLES!I would scream the screaming puddle, ECTOPLASM

Young and old Sammy; "The Supernatural casting director must sleep so well at night

I think that Dean says that because he knows that most of his best memories are of Sam, even if it's just his little brother saving him from some monster.

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Well, those demons are actually polite. BUT they didn't want word to get out that they were bringing in angels, so had him audition as a demon

[GIFSET] 10x13 Halt And Catch Fire (from the clip) "I mean

Why we love Dean Winchester [GIFSET] Dean: A Summary :) Third down in the first column. Pay attention to it. That one doesn't get recognized nearly enough.

Jared I swear you keep going on with this and you'll end up killing me (My mom and I have this theory about Jared's "crotch" being HUGE haha)

Lol of course he knew they were roommates for awhile

sweet potato he is.

Jared and Jensen talk about doing a funny episode in which they finally save Adam

That's why we love the Supernatural cast!

Supernatural fandom

[gifset] Jensen singing to Jared -NerdHQ15 < < < click it, you


"Jared is, I would say offensively tall" thank you for being amazing Richard speight Jr.

Click through for this person's op story--this is how the SPN cast shows

[gifset] Eric Kripke (“What Is and What Should Never Be” commentary

Cas is just "Oh look, they're pointing guns at us. What a big fucking surprise!" >>>This just sums up the show.


11x22 We Happy Few // Lucifer: What I was, was your child. Supernatural ...

Watch the Supernatural parody of Shake it Off it's by the Hillywood Show and they did an amazing job < <

Felicia's baby Misha offering to babysit ❤

I love how this cast plays along at photo-ops. People pay a lot of money for these, and the cast really tries to give them something special.

I love how Jensen is genuinely surprised, like we all wouldn't pay anything. jared/Sammy's got a sense of humour although i wouldn't put it past him to sell ...

He's an amazing actor!! Every emotion is portrayed so flawlessly that I'd


Jared gets a big old hand full of Rob butt at the start of the main panel (VegasCon)

Could we all just kiss Jim on the cheek " DallasCon2014 photo op :D · Supernatural ConventionSupernatural CastJim ...

(gif set) "If you had a message for the fans getting ready to watch Season what would it be?

Just hangin w/my buds, covered in, um, kittens.gettin set 2 watch the season 13 premiere of tonight.no big deal. How's ur night look?

Love Hurts - I totally wanted to hug him right then.

Thank You Jensen for the demonstration! Jensen describing the snake scene from Yellow Fever :

novachester: "can we do something cute, like just be looking at each other. Supernatural ...

[SET OF GIFS] playing each other #SupernaturalCast

Haha Misha

Character bleed: sometimes, it's adorable and a blessing. Supernatural ...

We got stars and together for an epic photoshoot! Click the link in our bio to see all the photos! : for EW

Jared honey, maybe you should go to bed now

Chuck & Gabriel are best friends--- don't you mean God & Gabriel?

they seriously do such a great job casting look a likes on this show tbh

"My face says, they're so tall!" - Joy Regullano with Jensen and Jared, bts Fan Fiction - This is EXACTLY how I felt when I got my photo op!only way more ...

Wish this would happen to mee

And here we have a rare photograph of the Supernatural cast...there's absolutely

Jensen, Mark and Clif getting ready to live tweet 11x03 The Bad Seed

I don't understand how you're bill-paying, hard-working, professional, married adults with children. How do you get any work done I don't understand ...

I explained to Jensen that Hannah and I got jerk/bitch tattoos and wanted to show them in the photo op. You should have seen Jensen's face omfg and the wary ...

entertainmentweekly: “ Be still our hearts! See 4 Exclusive Photos of the Supernatural Cast ”

[gifset] Jensen <3 Danneel :) CCA2014. Supernatural ...

Supernatural. I just like it when they laugh. It's good to see. I

How do these two still manage to look like male models, even in that blindingly bright lighting? It's a Supernatural thing.

World's largest gummy bear

Best supernatural pic ever! Little dean/big dean and little sam/big sam! (Jared Padalecki, Colin Ford, Jensen Ackles and Ridge Canipe)

This another pic of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki with fans and a lucky dog in Austin. Apparently Jensen's car broke down in a gas station close where ...

Supernatural Convention Event Chicago, IL - Creation Entertainment

Saddest moment ever.later Dean: "If you ever mention Lisa and Ben to me again I will break you nose." His life has been filled with abuse and torture, ...

Some lovely Sebisha #Supernatural

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Misha Collins

Jensen about he's big brother's reaction to "Swan Song" [gifset]

Supernatural cast... mmm. Love them!

Jensen's and Jared's kids!

one day I'll get to meet them

I'm fully confident that they could make a show simply out

"What project would Jared and Jensen cast each other in?" This is sooo funny.

supernatural wayward sisters | Wayward Sisters: Cast confermato al Comic Con, lo spinoff .

Supernatural ~ Yet, another fantastic SPN moment that wasn't scripted, Misha wan't paying attention, so Richard intervened

For a guy who was only in five SPN episodes, you'd never know it from the incredible relationship he has with the cast. #RichardSpeightJr and SPN Cast

497 best Jared Padalecki images on Pinterest | Supernatural, Celebs and Winchester boys

Just a normal conversation with the spn cast 🤷🏼 ♀ 👏

[gifset] Jensen Ackles Meme: Personality traits - Kind, Caring, Considerate.

Supernatural Sam

One of my favorite gag reel scenes!

I love how Sam, quite literally collapses on the bed and sleeps, so obediently :) < < < FEEELLLSSS! Little big man, the feels rn

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64 Hilariously Random "Supernatural" Convention ...

Oh my gosh someday I will get a photo op just like this

This cast is so bomb I can't

#Supernatural #Supernatural200th

19 best The Rhodesmaster Fan images on Pinterest | Kim rhodes, Big sisters and Daughters

[gifset] 10x03 Soul Survivor #SPN #Dean

You should have not listened to that song

JJ: They are my boys (Tom & Shep)

Get yours.. 2016/17 #SuperNatural

Supernatural casting - nailed it!

I would like to see the supernatural cast at the heart of Texas comic con in March

They even got the casting right!!! This

HD is here for you c: ______ I'm sorry (actually no, I'm not) but I just can't stop making videos.

Supernatural fandom /omg that's so sad that they didn't have to lie once to get into a mental hospital

[gifset] SPN cast according to Season 9 gag reel ;)

It's not every day that I get the chance to meet two of my favorite actors

Remembered he's a giant puppy/moose hybrid.

[gifset] His range of expressions in such a short span is just one more

BC Misha will figure out a way