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These are 5 of the most widely known and used EHREMR systems

These are 5 of the most widely known and used EHREMR systems


If Physicians Prefer the VA's EHR, Why Is Adoption Outside the VA So Low?

Top 5 Most Widely Used EHRs by Physicians

Among survey participants who used hospital or health systems, the Veterans Administration EHR, VA-CPRS, led the pack overall, with a score of 3.7 (lower ...

EHR systems typically differ between large institutions, such as hospitals, and independent practices. Those used in larger organizations require complex ...

Among independent practices using their own EHR systems, Epic was in first place at 3.5. The Epic EHR has been used the longest (over 20 years).

In 2012, Epic was the most widely used EHR (22%) and was still on top in 2016 (28%). However, there was a dramatic change in the second spot.

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Centricity EMR

emr flow chart

InteGreat EHR

Electronic Requirements for Classification of Hospitals as Having a Comprehensive or Basic Electronic-Records System.

Adoption of Comprehensive and Basic Electronic-Records Systems According to Hospital Characteristics.

Full Size ...

Optum is a software company known for providing a wide range of healthcare technologies. They deliver best-in-class solutions that modernize the way clinics ...

In Medscape's 2012 EHR Report, 74% of participating doctors said they were currently using EHRs, and another 20% were either in the process of ...

TouchWorks EHR is a cloud-based electronic health care record system targeted at medium-size to large practices as well as multi-specialty clinics and ...

Source: healthit.gov

Healthcare Platform

Our survey also included comparing the ease of use of EHRs to traditional methods of record keeping. Those who frequently used the EHR system were more ...

Cerner is a multi-awarded software provider headquartered in North Kansas City. They take pride in designing leading-edge health information technology ...

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is an electronic health record solution designed for small practices, group practices, and health systems. It is a product of NextGen ...

In regard to increased comfort levels with and easier use of EHRs among male versus female physicians, there was only a slight difference: 85% of women said ...

They say they're avoiding EHRs because they interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, are too expensive, and/or the incentives and penalties aren't ...

CureMD hit the market to provide an alternative to large industry players. It's aimed at both hospitals and private practices of all sizes.

EMR Finder Reveals 2017's Top Ten EMR Software.

Electronic health record


Major Perceived Barriers to Adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) among Hospitals with Electronic-Records Systems as Compared with Hospitals without ...

... work allows practitioners to accelerate their various workflows and focus on what matters the most: delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Perceived Facilitators of Adoption of Electronic-Records Systems among Hospitals with Systems as Compared with Hospitals without Systems.

Electronic Medical Record Software – Advantages Of Using These Systems These days, imagining any work

... 38 percent of College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) members identified electronic medical record (EMR) optimization as their ...


Table 5. Barriers to the Adoption of Electronic Health Records.

Practice Fusion is a company founded in 2005 dedicated to improving the healthcare industry through technology. They are known for having the largest ...


Electronic Health Records is a best way of manage your medical information effectively and easily with accurate. This provide a minimum amount of time and ...

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Cerner EMR is a product of a health information technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Cerner solutions are currently being used by more ...

Slide 5. Some EHRs scored fairly well ...

Top 20 Most Popular Electronic Health Records EHRs. >

2. McKesson

Nearly 88,000 ambulatory providers reported using a smaller commercial EHR, showing diversity in the ambulatory EHR market.

... 5.

The 10 Most Common EHR Documentation Errors


Merging Labs in Progress Notes_s

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... professionals regarding the use of EHRs, responses were overwhelmingly positive. This was especially true for how EHR systems affected the workplace.

Some interesting stats on EMR adoption and costs.

Medscape put the productivity question to EHR users another way — how does the software affect your workflow? — and the answers were just as disheartening.

There is a reason this software is popular.

Keys to Gain Value


Established in 1997, they aim to help physicians optimize accuracy and increase overall practice profitability through quality EHR ...

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EMR system used or planned for implementation

5. 5 EMR ...

Framework for Potential EHR-Related National Patient Safety Goals.

They developed the OpenEMR platform which is one of the most popular free EMRs garnering over 7000 downloads per ...

When comparing overall patient sentiment with the number of times they accessed their EHRs, positive sentiment toward EHRs peaked for respondents aged 30 to ...

5 Common EMR Data Migration Questions

Product Review: NextGen

Epic, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, NextGen and MEDITECH have been named the most widely used EHRs by physicians, according to Medscape's 2016 EHR Report.

... 14.

Electronic Medical Records

Rates of Response Regarding Functions of Electronic Health Records and Their Effects.

iClinic World provides you cloud based electronic health records (EHR) software that provides you integrated healthcare IT based system.

... 3. position ...

Table 3: Utilization of electronic health record functionalities by demographics and computer literacy of physicians at governmental hospitals in Eastern ...

Discussion of EMR vs EHR, the history of practice management software, and where healthcare technology is going

Don't Fumble Your Way Through EHR Implementation ! http://www.


Serving 40,000 providers all over the United States, they are known for creating customized software solutions for ...

... EHRs • True • False; 8.

Allscripts Professional EHR is aimed at small to mid-size practices. The 2014 Black Book ranked it “Best of the Best” in Ambulatory EHR Functionality ...

Phenotype algorithm for identifying type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) from electronic medical records

Table 2. Characteristics of Survey Respondents and Their Practices.

Last month, Kalorama Information reported that Cerner Corporation has the highest EHR vendor market share, maintaining a slight edge over ...


Iakovidis points out that step by step is best using a well-thought out strategy, coupled with the understanding that EHR systems are more about information ...


Fig. 1

Differences in Achievement of Composite Standards for Diabetes Care and Outcomes at Practices with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Those with Paper ...

Practice Fusion - eRx

This diagram above shows the market share of ambulatory EHR systems by vendor. It was

Respondents offered some helpful suggestions to make the patient experience more positive while physicians enter data into the EHR.

... information scientists; 11.


Seven years later, those savings have not materialized. Health-care costs have grown by $800 billion, tracking closely to projected increases, ones that did ...

Above is a diagram of electronic medical records vendors' hospital market share provided by Software

Figure 1. A flow chart of the vendor website selection process and results.

Ambulatory Practice EHR Adoption - Meaningful Use Participation

Software Detail