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These Hoary Marmots also known as Whistle Pigs are always fun

These Hoary Marmots also known as Whistle Pigs are always fun


A yellow-bellied marmot in Yosemite National Park; this species also lives in British

These Hoary Marmots (also known as Whistle Pigs!) are always fun to spot

Bear Smart Spotted this Hoary Marmot chill'n in the alpine on Blackcomb Mtn.

hoary marmot | File:Hoary marmot.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Hoary Marmot, Glacier NP

Eskimo Kisses - During a hike along the Savage River, we spotted a colony of hoary marmot running around a huge pile of large rocks in the tundra.

MARMOTS....aka the rock chuck, groundhog, whistle pig, woodchuck....a large ground squirrel found in the alpine meadows, mountains, steppes & forest edges ...

Yellow-bellied Marmot Pups Exploring Beyond Their Burrow

Adult Yellow-bellied Marmot on the look out

Hoary marmot

Deosai National Park, long tailed marmots

Happy Ground Hog's Day from Wilbur the Whistle Pig (aka Marmot, aka Ground Hog

Yellow-bellied marmot photo by Natures Pics

Hoary Marmot (Least Concern, Considered Secure In Its Range)

Yellow-bellied marmot photo by Natures Pics

yellow-bellied marmot 0678 ron dudley

A yellow-bellied marmot

The hoary marmot is one of those animals whose name I can never read without hearing the voice of John Cleese pronouncing it, with dramatic pauses, ...

A yellow-bellied marmot in a snow-covered woody area

photo by Natures Pics

Yellow-bellied Marmot crossing a dirt track

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

hoary+marmot+015.jpg (768×1075)

I ...

During ...

Hoary Marmot.

yellow-bellied marmot 0621 ron dudley


yellowo-bellied marmot 0642 ron dudley

Yellow-Bellied Marmot - A Gregarious Whistle Pig

photo of Olympic marmot



A yellow-bellied marmot standing on a sculpture in Princeton, British Columbia

A hoary marmot in Mount Ranier National Park, Washington

Yellow-bellied Marmot pup eating grass

A toothy-grin from a Marmot

A hoary marmot

They are basically a dog on cute, delightful, and huggable steroids.

My window feeder attracts a few squirrels. This one seemed... bigger than usual.

Adult Yellow-bellied Marmot keeping an eye out for its pups

National Geographic Kids Just Joking 5: 300 Hilarious Jokes About Everything, Including Tongue Twisters, Riddles, and More!:

Interesting Facts About Marmots


yellow-bellied marmot 0683 ron dudley


And, I could hardly believe it, just day two of the trip but I already had my first bear sighting! We spotted this black bear thinking about crossing the ...

YELLOW-BELLIED MARMOT (WHISTLE-PIG) – Plump and furry, these mammals are crowd-pleasers. Often sunning on large boulders near the road to the Bells, ...

Hoary Marmots- sometimes called 'the whistlers' or 'whistle pigs' because they

... marmot smoking ...

The Whistling Pigs of Summer

Marmota monax, one of a group of large, ground squirrels

Hoary marmot

For those that wonder what a whistle pig is. He you go. Also know

Many ...

Suzanne was really taken with this little guy, and said “Wouldn't it be neat to have a little stuffed marmot?” Well, her birthday was coming up, ...

A yellow-bellied marmot stands alert in the early morning light at Palouse Falls State

I never realized Cabela had all this White on her 😂😂😂 that's what happens

Jennifer e-mailed that photo within the past hour with this note:

a yellow bellied marmot in the sierra nevada of california

... Creek trail and brought back photos of a yellow-bellied marmot (affectionately known locally as "rock dogs" or "whistle pigs") enjoying the sunshine:

The Whistling Whistler Marmot

It's easy to think of pika as the small, chipmunk-like cousin of the marmot. The two share a high-alpine habitat and are known for a piercing call—but ...

I'm always eager to roam high alpine meadows this summer to watch the antics of these wonderful creatures…the “Whistling Pigs of Summer”!

Which may have been a Hoary Marmot, most common in Alaska, but also found in the Northwest. Just my theory, I'm not a biologist, nor do I play one on TV!

Yellow-bellied Marmots on Groundhog Day

Marmota_flaviventris_(Yellow_Bellied_Marmot),_Yosemite_NP_-_Diliff. Yellow-bellied marmot ...


Since then ...

The Friendly Talking Groundhog

Most impressive, it is the snowiest place in the world, having accumulated 1,140 inches of snow in a single season. For those without a calculator, ...

When we strolled through the marmot meadow, we spotted about five of the animals. Hoary marmots typically live in small colonies that are basically extended ...

Marmot resting on the rocks.

Hoary marmot pups in their coastal burrow. Photo by Erin McKittrick.

A yellow-bellied marmot stands atop a rock in Palouse Falls State Park, Washington


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It is worth noting that the Yellow-bellied Marmot is a host for the tick that carries Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

A yellow-bellied marmot snoozes indolently on a rock, indifferent to the world

How adorable is this little guy? This is Roger, the yellow-bellied marmot

My Love/Hate Relationship with Punxsutawney Phil

Yellow-bellied Marmot pup near a shallow cave

Hoary Marmot Feeding in a Meadow, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State

No less a personage than John James Audubon painted a portrait of the hoary marmot, though it seems the only living one he saw was a caged specimen in ...

A junvenile Hoary Marmot is eating the vegetation amongst the rocks and boulders. This is

Could this critter be any cuter? Arctic Ground Squirrel · Arctic Ground Squirrel, showing typical habitat · A webpage with additional photos and info on ...

An alpine meadow on Mount Rainier is where we most recently encountered a hoary marmot. The "hoary" in the name refers to the grizzled gray fur on an adult ...

As we go through northern Canada we get into the range of the hoary marmot. Again, a far from flattering handle. Marmots are large rodents and are ...

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Yellow-bellied Marmots at Capitol Reef National Park

A red squirrel helps itself to a snack in Algonquin Park


TBH, they probably make you a little jealous.

You would be correct if you guessed that the hoary marmot is related to the groundhog, which likewise sleeps through the winter. The groundhog, also known ...

Well, he has looked longingly at Mr. Marmot for 8 years, always hoping that he would fall off Suzanne's dresser onto the floor where he would become “fair ...

Yellow-bellied Marmot standing on hind legs by fallen tree trunk

distribution map

Dr. James J. S. Johnson marmot-yellow-bellied-lowcrawling