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There is more to leaving corporate Scientology than walking out the

There is more to leaving corporate Scientology than walking out the


There is more to leaving corporate Scientology than walking out the door. A guide to

Ruthless by Ron Miscavige

Church founder L Ron Hubbard, whose book Dianetics has sold more than 21 million copies, in the office of his Sussex home in 1959. Photograph: Getty Images

Despite Scientology's best efforts, a Bunker reader attended Saturday's grand opening

Leah Remini once believed in it. Tom Cruise still believes in it. The "it" would be the mysterious and sometimes devious Church of Scientology.

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Wright, Lawrence

Proof: https://i.redd.it/ri3zbip14g0y.jpg

American religious leader, science fiction novelist, L. Ron Hubbard, Church of Scientology

The questionable tactics used by Scientology linked rehab firm on Irish drug addicts – Patricia Devlin

Paul Haggis

Leaving the Fold / Third-generation Scientologist grows disillusioned with faith

Kenny Braun/Knopf

When you make a movie about Scientology, Scientology comes to you: A walk with Louis Theroux ...

scientology stress_test

Scientologists Dave McGregor (second from the left) and Ricardo Garcia (left) teach a relative of a patient their touch healing treatment method at a ...

Tom Cruise & Scientology: How Much Does It Cost Him?

Suggestions for Scientology whistleblowers: Find a safe point and then speak up. By David

What happens when you try to leave the Church of Scientology? | World news | The Guardian


The relationship between the Nation of Islam and scientology is becoming stranger and stranger.

Leaving Scientology e-book. Get the ...

Priscilla Presley

A couple of photo ops. An NFL player single-handedly did more for relief in Houston than ...

The trauma of leaving Scientology: 'Who wants to believe they've thrown away their best years?'

There is more to leaving corporate Scientology than walking out the door. A guide to doing an honest doubt formula by David "OldAuditor" St. Lawren…

Every now and then scientology accidentally exposes the truth about their actual size in their own words.

The most infamous resident here is Rae Smith ...

To be honest, I am still catching my breath from the airing of Going Clear last night. Thank you to everyone who wrote, texted, tweeted, ...

Leah Remini narrates and hosts 'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.'

Leah Remini Scientology A&E

This just published, shocking story underlines the cruelty and criminal behaviour that happens all too often in scientology. It has to end.

David Miscavige

Scientology's Totally Insane Recruitment Methods - Chris Shelton - Critical Thinker at Large


Tom Cruise Reportedly Won't Leave Scientology for 11-Year-Old Daughter Suri


Will Tom Cruise leave Scientology for Suri?

Janis Gillham Grady on Scientology jail: 'LRH had been like a father to me. So much betrayal!'

Asked how high he got in Scientology's levels of study, Haggis said, “All the way to the top.”

New lease of life: Nicole Kidman was full of joy as she left an attorney's

Scientology, Jason Beghe

From Gawker. I was a Scientologist ...

Tom Cruise could be leaving the Church of Scientology

A&E's Leah Remini Show to Tackle Scientology "Abuse" and "Harassment". There will be a ...

Tom Cruise Scientology Suri

"A human being feels able and competent only so long as he is permitted to contribute as much or more than he has contributed to him.

What a contrast to Chris's excerpt…

Getty Images

Photo of Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International - Los Angeles, CA, United States

Tracy Ekstrand is a former follower of Scientology and its Sea Organization. (Photo by Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath' Examines Family Dynamics in the Church

David Miscavige and l Ron Hubbard parody illustration by Anonymous for The Art of deception by

He left because he didn't have a high view of his father and the last straw was when his father sold secrets to the Russians.

tom cruise: Tom Cruise reaches breaking point, ready to leave Scientology for daughter Suri - The Economic Times


Swing band frontman lifts lid on his life as a Scientologist

Though it made its HBO premiere nearly two weeks ago, people are still talking about Going Clear, Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney's enlightening ...

PHOTO: Leah Remini sits down for an exclusive interview with ABC News 20/20

So here it is, Scientology 101 :

Zeni Bundo outside the Church of Scientology community centre in Firhouse, Dublin Photo: Mark

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Is Tom Cruise Considering Leaving Scientology For Realz???

He regularly lent cash to senior members for food and was once accompanied to an ATM to prove he didn't have more. People around him were running up ...

In case you don't read comments I lol'd


Harry Palmer and Scientology Newspaper Series | New Religious Movements | Ufo Religions

The science fiction writer and Scientology founder, L Ron Hubbard

Katie Holmes Suri tom cruise valkyrie premiere japan

Even when he “started glowing bright red” and was told it was the “radiation leaving his body” he stuck with it.

Family pride: Joe Reaiche's former wife Carole and their four children - from left Alanna

Jessica Goldberg opens up about Scientology comparisons to the cult at the center of Hulu's upcoming


Scientology: Inside the Cult

Danny and Alana Masterson in 2012.

Tom Cruise

... Scientology does everything it can to brainwash you into only listening to Scientologists and not trusting outside sources. If you try to leave the ...

Filmmaker David Farrier was a paid up member of the most controversial religion in the world

by Florida artist Boo Ehrsam on the subject of Hubbard's 'Make money, make more

Counterfeit Dreams: One Man's Journey Into and Out of the World of Scientology: Jefferson Hawkins: 9780615375649: Amazon.com: Books

leah remini troublemaker. Pinterest. Children are largely left on their own in Scientology.

Jason Beghe, Jason Lee, Leah Remini. Getty Images. The Church of Scientology ...

David Miscavige speaks during the opening ceremony of the Church of Scientology in Pasadena, California

Scientologist pair running for office double down on their denials about church involvement

Three of Scientology's elite parishioners keep faith, but leave the church

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What Happens When You Leave Scientology? Here's What We Know From Those Who Left

Writer/director Alex Gibney arrives at the screening of the HBO documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” at the Bing Theatre at LACMA ...

'Their job is to avoid me at all costs': With the Emmy's a

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath


Hello, I'm Tara Reile, you may have seen me on the TV show, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. I was adopted at the age of 2 into the cult of ...

'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath' Season 2, Episode 3 | Hollywood Reporter