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The troll is a fascinating mythological creature wellknown not only

The troll is a fascinating mythological creature wellknown not only


The troll is a fascinating mythological creature, well-known not only in Sweden but

Uggly Trolls - Fascinating Mythical Creatures Of Scandinavia

A beautiful Troll by Brian Froud

theartofanimation: “ Omar Rayyan ” The Troll King (: It's an interesting read.

Uggly Trolls

GIants were well known for eating children long ago. Coyote encountered one of these said giants one day and decided to teach him a lesson. He got the giant ...


The Secret Life of Trolls--sooo interesting, and part of a great series

A cropped version of one of John Bauer's famous troll illustrations.

“ Amazing Fairy Tale Art by Bluefooted Bluefooted on DeviantArt aka (Erin Kelso), is a unique artist. Not only because she has a PhD in evolutionary biology ...

Theodore Kittelsen, The Water Troll Who Only Eats Young Girls

Treefolk by malverro treant troll forest spirit guardian woods moss mushrooms monster beast creature animal |

Fáfnir was a son of the dwarf king

These are super cool! Except for the scary zombie dragon. < < That's not only cool, it's awesome < < Especially the zombie dragon!

Mythological Spirit Of Underground: Guardian Of Miners And Earth's Treasures

The Manananggal is a vampire-like mythical creature of the Philippines. It is described as hideous, scary, often dipicted as female, and capable of severing ...


... teach strangers to play the fiddle in Norway or… make roosters crow in Bosnia. Some are quite funny, others, rather powerful and most of them, ...

Writer's List of Mythical Creatures and Beings #writing #fantasy #magical

the dark troll art idea for the 4 heroes

The Bubak is a creature present in the old Czech folklore. It is usually described as a scarecrow looking monster, with the ability to cry just like a ...

The Sea Troll, 1987

Mythological creatures like gorgons belong in video games

Real-World Goblin Render

The trolls of Scandinavian myths, known as jötnar, are famously ugly giants that turn

Taharqa – The Most Powerful Of The Black Pharaohs

Terrifying Unheard Mythological Creatures Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Monster Issues - Troll

The trolls of Norwegian myths look like humans, except for their tales, which they

Mythical Monsters, Elves, Drarfs - The Vikings for Kids and Teachers Illustration

I've been reading fantasy since I was a little kid, and I've always loved the idea of creatures we don't have here in our reality existing somewhere else.




Mythological basis

Two-headed creatures do not only belong to the realm of myth

They are violent creatures that eats people, believed to be human babies that died before baptism, It is believed that giving them names and showering them ...

Calçoene – Amazon Stonehenge And The Mysterious Amapán Megalithic Culture

Askeladden, the youngest of three sons, is the main character in many Norwegian fairytales

Puss in Boots before the ogre. One of the platters on the table serves human babies (illustrated by Gustave Doré).

Troll Cross - Protection Symbol Believed To Ward Off Evil Powers

Depiction of the Naga Apalala.


Kanontsistonties: The Flying Heads

La Llorona (The weeping Woman) was a woman who committed suicide after drowning her own children in a Mexican river as a means of revenge against her ...

Herculaneum Time Capsule: Ancient Scrolls With Secrets Buried Under Volcanic Ash And Stones

Nordic folklore

Huldra (or called Tallemaja in Swedish) is a troll-like woman living in the woods. She is fair and beautiful, but wild and has a long cow-tail which she ...


Dragons were real in Harry Potter, so... (Credit: David McGill. Myths and Legends

Good or Bad




iStock (background); eBay (trolls)

The Trows of Orkney and Shetland

Artistic depiction of a Hulder. Image source: www.wictorianart.wordpress.com

European Monsters




La Mano Peluda or "The Hairy Hand" is said to belong to a man who was killed during the inquisition in Mexico, chopped up and buried in an old Indian ...

mythological creatures in video games: Troll and I


Fossegrimmen, or just Grim (Foss is Norwegian for Waterfall) is a water- creature. He is a young, handsome man who sits naked under waterfalls, playing the ...


Magical Creatures




The giant monster, known as kaiju in Japanese, is a very different beast from the human-sized nasties you find in movies from Alien to World War Z. Giant ...

This supernatural creature from the Nicaraguan folklore is a shapeshifter. It typically takes the form of an attractive long haired woman who seduces ...

A Writer's List of Mythical Creatures and Beings #writers #fantasy #writing

A multi-headed snake or several snakes? (Credit: Wolfgang Sauber/CC

There's a reason why those Paranormal Activity movies work so well with viewers anxiously seeking scares: The presence of evil is suggested but little is ...


The hero myth can be explained to a large degree within the concept of the 'mono-myth'. In several narratives, the mono-myth, or 'the hero's journey' is a ...

Ireland - Dullahan

A troll couple

Greek mythology



He is, in Norwegian tradition, described as a dark monster with his eyes just above the surface, ...

HubrisWeen, Day 20: Troll Hunter (2010). With so many mythical and legendary monsters in the world, it's amazing ...

For other DMs, the rust monster was a punishment for greedy players who felt entitled to any magic item they want. troll

Laugarbrekka is a well-known stop here on the south side of the peninsula, as later on, it was the home of the extraordinary woman, ...

The Troll

Kikimora is a female house spirit in Slavic mythology, sometimes said to be married to the Domovoi. Kikimora is said to look after the chickens and the ...

Modern trolls.


Adult Swim