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The okapi is also a kosher animal because it chews it39s cud and has

The okapi is also a kosher animal because it chews it39s cud and has


It's a baby Okapi ! An okapi is a short-necked relative of the giraffe whose hind legs look very similar to that of a zebra's.

Meet Mosi the Okapi - Album on Imgur

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Just stumbled across this cool page for Fascinating Pictures | Okapi, Giraffe and Animal

From the forest giraffe to the flufftail: Shocking report reveals that 21,286 animal species are under threat of extinction


Okapi antelope


A four-week-old male okapi calf by San Diego Zoo Global


https://flic.kr/p/21j5oP3 | Okapi | The okapi, also known as the forest giraffe or zebra giraffe, is an artiodactyl mammal native to the northeast of the ...

Okapi photo White Oak Conservation

18 of the strangest animals ever - Slideshows and Picture Stories - TODAY.comThis little

It's no illusion... we're excited to share that 90% of our animals are now back in their habitats after the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.


Okapi mama and baby. in the DRC.

17 Fascinating Animals On The Brink Of Extinction That You Never Even Knew Existed - Roasted

Baby Okapi Click here for more adorable animal pics!

It looks like a zebra cross, but its closest relative is a giraffe. Okapis

Image: Okapi may look like they're related to the zebra family, but

Curious Baby Okapi Explores Habitat for First Time at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Visit the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in Democratic Republic of the Congo! Okapi looks like a cross between a deer and a zebra, but most closely it is related ...

Okapi at London Zoo--have never seen one of these outside a photo,

a ray of hope arrived for this threatened species: a healthy Okapi calf was born on September 15 at the ZOO Antwerpen.

Zoo Antwerpen's royal resident, Yenthe the Okapi, recently gave birth to a new princess. The new calf, Qira, was born November She weighed in at 24 kg lbs) ...

A young Okapi, related to the giraffe.

So, I have an Okapi bias.

After tragedy, Okapi calf represents hope

Okapi, closely related to the giraffe (people R always taking pics of our behinds!) https://delicious.com/purebobby

Okapis! Half zebra, half giraffe (not really)! They are the Arnold

okapi and giraffe. An okapi is kind of like a type of antelope and has

Three months old baby Okapi named Maiko stands next to its mother Lomela, right,


Beautiful Okapi

The okapi's dark tongue is long enough to reach its eyes & ears. #WorldOkapiDay (photo: Mike Wilson)

25 world wonders you must see – before it's too late

The Okapi is an important flagship species for a rain forest habitat that is rapidly vanishing. Over the last decade, the wild Okapi population has dropped ...

Birth of Zebra The unnamed female foal is a Grevy's zebra, which is reportedly the most threatened zebra species on the planet. She was born Saturday and is ...


very old okapi Ikenge

The okapi, also known as the forest giraffe or zebra giraffe, is a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest, located in the northeast of ...





This picture was taken by Tracie Taylor at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The picture really captures the majesty and mystery of okapis! | Animals Rock!

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An Okapi - Part of the giraffe family. Stripes like a zebra.

Cuddlekins Okapi (12-inch)


Rare Okapi. Magazine cover detail. 1937.

Title Okapi #2 Artist Judy Whitton Medium Photograph - Photographs

The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a baby Okapi. The yet-to-be-named male calf was born on November 6 and has been thriving under the care of ...



20 Facts about the Okapi to Impress Your Friends!

Seven pairs of Tahor (clean) animals

The yet-to-be-named newborn, a male, weighed 42 pounds at birth and is the second successful Okapi birth in the ...

Okapi Beauty

New Okapi Royalty at Antwerp Zoo--Antwerp Zoo has a special connection to this beautiful animal. The Zoo is coordinator of the European breeding programme ...

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Okapi, Congo and Giraffe

Baby okapis have a fringe of hair along their spines which disappears when they get older

Dallas Zoo Welcomes 36th Okapi Calf

animal paint doodle sketch on Instagram


Okapi Breeding Program Succeeding at Bronx Zoo.... how funky are they! lol

Chad Wys, Tumblr | Beautiful creatures | Pinterest | Okapi, Beautiful creatures and Animal


Okapi 1901 Explorer and colonial administrator Sir Harry Johnston painted this picture of okapi for a 1901 edition of the Proceedings of the Zoological ...

While it might look like a zebra or horse, the okapi is actually the only living relative of the giraffe. A shy, reclusive forest dweller, little is known ...

“The okapi's dark tongue is long enough to clean its eyes & ears.

Okapia johnstoni - Okapi

Baby Okapi

OKAPI CALF: This rare forest giraffe also known as a okapi was the first of

The African Unicorn - Animal Life

This good looking okapi is from the @Matty Chuah Maryland Zoo in Baltimore . Thanks



One of the animals believed by some to be the mythical origin of the unicorn is the okapi. These bizarre deer-like mammals, which live in the rain forests ...

Another Okapi for Antwerp!

It's a Girl! Okapi Baby First Female In Eleven Years For San Diego Zoo

what a great back end!

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Okapi #fineler

Amazon Rainforest Animals And Plants | Amazon+rainforest+animals+and+plants

A pen drawing of an Okapi, scanned, and edited in photoshop. This was a quick pen sketch.

okapi wallpaper - Buscar con Google

Protecting the endangered okapi and its habitat of the okapi wildlife reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"The okapi, a rare animal that lives in the African Congo. My absolute favorite wild animal." Another pinner said


okapi reaching for a branch | ...but I LOVE okapis! | Pinterest | Okapi, Wildlife and Animal

Diana Sudyka - Okapi in the Birch Trees

Clean animals are those that are permitted to be eaten by Jewish or Islamic dietary law. Food permitted by Mosaic law is termed kosher. The Biblical ...

Okapis are herbivores, feeding on tree leaves and buds, grasses, ferns, fruits and fungi. Although the okapi bears striped markings reminiscent of zebras, ...

Apparently, some okapis don't handle Wagner well- in 1994 a nearby performance of Tannhauser by the Royal Opera resulted in the stress death of one the ...

Okapi Poster by Silk Printing # Size about (90cm x 60cm, 36inch x 24inch

adorable okapi :-) | Okapi | Pinterest | Okapi, Animal and Animal kingdom

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