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The first Afghan ruler known to be photographed was Amir Sher Ali

The first Afghan ruler known to be photographed was Amir Sher Ali


The first Afghan ruler known to be photographed was Amir Sher Ali. The photograph below was taken in 1869 by John Burke at the Ambala Durbar (a grand ...

Sher Ali Khan, Emir of Afghanistan, (1900). Sher Ali Khan (

The first Afghan ruler known to be photographed was Amir Sher Ali. The photograph below was taken in 1869 by John Burke at the Ambala Durbar (a gra…

Earliest Pashtun photograph with Afghan Emir Sher Ali Khan, of the Barakzai Dynasty, with his son, Prince Abdullah Jan and the Afghan Malaks.

Afghanistan Knowledge Base Book about Amir Dost Mohammad Khan, Afghan King

Sher Ali, 1825-1879, Amir of Afghanistan, From British Battles on Land

Sher Ali Khan

Dost Mohammad Khan of Afghanistan.jpg

Portrait of Sher Ali Khan Amir of Afghanistan illustration from the magazine The Graphic volume XVIII


Indian Viceroy Lord Mayo Receives Amir of Afghanistan, Sher Ali Khan at Ambala, 1869

Amir Sher Ali's sketch in "The Graphics" weekly newspaper, London, November 30, 1878.

Dost Mohammad Khan in 1841 sitting with one of his sons.

A photograph of Amanullah Khan, the Amir of Afghanistan. - Stock Image

Sher Shah Suri

Emir of Afghanistan · MohammadAyoubKhan.jpg

Leaders of Afghanistan from 1773-1867 Afghan Images Social Net Work: سی افغانستان:



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The war resulted in two likely firsts for Afghanistan, both courtesy of the British Royal Air Force. These were: a revolutionary new perspective of the ...


Amir Drawing - Sher Ali Khan by Granger

Dr. Bellew as an interpreter (left) with Amir Sher Ali Khan (centre

Gandamak, Afghanistan in May 1879. Seated from left to right: British officers Mr. Jenkyns and Major Cavagnari, Amir Yakub Khan (in the centre), ...

Source material for this essay included: Omar Khan's From Kashmir to Kabul and his article War Photography in Nineteenth Century India and Afghanistan, ...

... with Amir Sher Ali Khan (centre), Colonel Frederick Pollock (standing) and Colonel Crawford Trotter Chamberlain (right) in an 1869 photograph in the ...

1929 Afghanistan--from Darius to Amanullah by Macmunn s.pdf | Afghanistan | Pashtuns

The 1960s also brought colour photography facilities to Afghanistan.

Wazir Akbar Khan

Ahmad Shah

Dost Mohammad Khan (Emir of Afghanistan) Dost Mohammad Khan ruler of Afghanistan Britannicacom

Nasher (Kharoti clan) - Sher Khan Nasher, Loe Khan, ca. 1910

... dangerous situation thus created; at 6:00 the same evening the King's 19 year old son, Prince Muhammad Zahir Shah, was proclaimed King of Afghanistan.

Painting depicting the Amir of Afghanistan receiving an Afridi deputation at Kabul - Stock Image

Dost Mahommed Khan, ruler of Afghanistan, 19th century. Artist: Unknown - Stock

The Great Game - People of Central Asia c. 1861–1880.

Abdur Rahman Khan - Abdur Rahman Khan during his younger years.

HM King Amanullah Khan

Hulton Deutsch / Contributor

European influence in Afghanistan - Prince Akbar Khan, son of Dost Mohammad Khan.


Amir Drawing - Abdur Rahman Khan Consolidated by Illustrated London News Ltd/Mar

The last king of Afghanistan[edit]

Hotaki dynasty and Durrani Empire

Dost Mohammad Khan (Emir of Afghanistan) Life of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan of

Khan Habibullah Khan

Other features. '

King Sher Ali Khan with CD Charles Chamberlain and Sir Richard F. Pollock in 1869

"Abdur Rahman, the late Amir of Afghanistan: drawing by Lady Helen Graham"

Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880): Yakub (Yakoob) Khan, ruler of Afghanistan, being shown details of British guns during

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Has Afghan music made a comeback?

Mohammed Nadir Shah - Image: Nadir Khan of Afghanistan

Cavagnari sitting with a group of Afghan tribesmen

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Battle in Afghanistan.jpg

Afghan King Amir sher Ali Pulled in Two Directions by Russian Bear and British Lion In

The Amir Abd al-Rahman Khan

Amir Abdur Rahman, Emir of Afghanistan

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Second Anglo-Afghan War: Attack on Ali Masjid by British Peshawar Valley Field Force

Portrait of Muhammad Tewfik Pasha (1852-1892), khedive of Egypt and Sudan from 1879 to 1892, from a photograph by Calamita, engraving by Centenari fro.


What Was the Great Game? Afghanistan's ...

Habibullah Khan

Faizullah Khan

Amir Drawing - Amir Khan by Sahar Mirza

Shukria Barakzai, is an Afghan politician, journalist and entrepreneur, and a prominent Muslim feminist. She belongs to the Barakzai tribe

Battle of Kandahar

Frederic Villiers

A Pathan Moustache Hair's Worth: Afghans in Bollywood, Bollywood in Afghanistan | Afghanistan Analysts Network

Amir Khan

Ahmad Shah Ayubi continues his father's trade -- building and repairing harmoniums and other instruments at a shop he set up recently in the mostly ...

Aga Khan Ensemble

One of their stops was to the short‐lived Weimar Republic. Such an impression did they make, their visit inspired the lyrics of a popular and rather bizarre ...

Archaeologists have found evidence indicating that human activity in Afghanistan goes back more than 50,000 years. In fact, the earliest domestication of ...

Nevertheless, it retained its own princes and its submission was lax, its fealty loose. There was as yet no permanent occupation of Kabul by Islam.

Mohammad Amir Khan

In this photograph taken November 14, 2014, Pakistan's former military ruler General (retd

Amir Muhammad Akhundzada

Lord Mayo

Amir Drawing - Amir Of Bahrain by Arul Shroffe


Diwan of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail seated at the center with Nawab Sher Khan Kutb-

Mahmud Tarzi, son of Ghulam Muhammad Tarzi, became the pioneer of Afghan journalism, he belonged to the Tarzi royal family

Courtesy of Khalilullah Enayat Seraj Collection, WAMP .

Amir Taj on Flickr.com

Lawrence about Miranshah, "Round us....are low bare porcelain-coloured hills, with....a broken-bottle skyline....the quietness is so intense that i rub my ...

Source: The Alkazai Collection of Photography