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The family of Dr Harutiun DerGhazarian also known as 39Khadents

The family of Dr Harutiun DerGhazarian also known as 39Khadents


Marash, ca 1880s: Dr. Harutiun Der-Ghazarian's family, also known as 'Khadents' (Source: Mihran Minassian collection)

Armenian family

Standing, left to right: the pastors Kevork Sahagian, Nerses Sareian, Simon Vehabedian, Asadur Solakian, Siragan Aghbabian, Dikran Antreasian, Harutiun ...

The Baltayian family, from Adana. Late-Ottoman era, urban fashion, ca

Documentary about the discovery of a set of historic glass plates, depicting life in Armenia

The trustees of the St Kevork poor aid organisation, 10 May 1895. Seated, left to right: Harutiun Der-Harutiunian, Nazaret Dishchekenian, ...

Euphrates College, Harput

Urfa Ermeni yunculeri

Late-Ottoman era, The Nusayri, also known as Alawis/ (Syrian) Alevi are a religious group, centred in Syria.

Apartment houses were built in various areas of Beirut, including Leilavan (also know as

Kalfayan Sisterhood with Patriarch Galustian (R. R. Ervine photo)

Prime Minister Erdogan (Photo by Nanore Barsoumian, The Armenian Weekly)

Stamp from Simon Petrossian's collection, dated 1896 with the stamp of Naser el din Shah

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The Armenian Alphabet - Did you know? The Western Armenian language is considered an "endangered" language by UNESCO?

'Goldwork' embroidered with metal thread (so-called 'Maraş işi')

A plea to confused Catholics By Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

The heavy silk fabric (with brocaded silver star motif) comes possibly from Iraq, since the seller called it a 'Bağdat bürgü' (burqa from ...

She came from a wealthy family and bequeathed her wealth to Jerusalem and Etchmiadzin. In 1796, the Catholicos sent a few of the nuns to Astrakhan, Russia.