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The Weyburn Mental Hospital Psychedelic Abandoned and Asylum

The Weyburn Mental Hospital Psychedelic Abandoned and Asylum


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Six Abandoned Asylums with Genuinely Chilling Backstories

Boarded windows and a silent facade.

truecrimefiend: “ The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is an abandoned asylum located in Victoria, Australia. It was used as a mental hospital from 1867 to it is ...

The Weyburn Mental Institution was built in 1920 and opened in 1921. This is probably the most elusive UE site in Saskatchewan. Access is currently very ...

Photos of the old Weyburn Mental Hospital. Leader-Post files.

sunland mental hospital-fl

Weyburn Mental Hospital. Mental Health HospitalsMansion HousesHaunted ...

Mental Hospital at Weyburn An Archaeology of Madness - Part 2

mental hospital Terrible things went on in all these abandoned hospitals.

Abandoned asylum

Salem Oregon Mental Hospital | the Oregon State Hospital are stacked on shelves in Salem. The Oregon .

Mental Hospital at Weyburn An Archaeology of Madness - Part 1

The Weyburn Mental Hospital. Share This. Crumbling brick hints at the decay within.

The Empty Places. America's Historic Mental Institutions

Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany, NY ~~ Rolling Hills was originally known as

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Weston, WV

"Psychotherapy" There are millions of these hospital, they did horrible things in them." The people should not be forgotten.

Souris Valley, Weyburn Mental Hospital

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center's Building 25. Long IslandQueensAbandoned HospitalHospitalsBuildingsAbandoned ...

Rusted bed frame in outdoor porch at abandoned mental hospital;

Weyburn Mental Hospital | Abandoned Asylum Saskatchewan - Vanished Compass

Weyburn Mental Hospital, view from the long road leading up to it. Insane AsylumHaunted ...

Slaughterhouse - Broughton State Hospital, North Carolina Abandoned Slaughterhouse, Abandoned Hospital From the book Asylum by Christopher Payne Can anyone ...

Weyburn Mental Hospital aerial view The ...

Dilapidated Hospital Photography

Riverview Hospital. HospitalsAbandonedCanadaLeft ...

Severalls Mental Hospital

Insane Asylums facts


Weyburn Mental Hospital. Abandoned AsylumsHospitalsCompass

The very haunted Century Manor, an abandoned psychiatric hospital on the Hamilton Mountain.

The Dejarnette Sanitorium. Staunton, Virginia. HospitalsVirginiaWesterns

From the book Asylum: Inside The Closed World Of State Mental Hospitals by photographer Christopher Payne | One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest | Pinterest | ...

Old abandoned children's mental institution in Belmont/Waltham Massachusetts

Entrace to an abandoned Weyburn, 2008. Via Wikimedia.

Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum weston state hospital. Abandoned AsylumsWest VirginiaFamily HistoryMental ...

Säter mental institution in Sweden.- This hospital opened in 1912 and was the largest

Clock Tower at Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Weston, WV

Beechworth mental hospital or May Day Hills. Closed Ward March 1992. Photo: Viva

Severalls Mental Hospital (Severalls Hospital) Abandoned Britain - Photographing Ruins

Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center. HospitalsAbandonedParksLeft ...

Weyburn Mental Hospital. Photo courtesy Weyburn Historical Museum (Zoo Line)

Callan Park Hospital for the Insane - Photography site

Severalls Mental Hospital | Abandoned Britain - Photographing Ruins by Hercio Dias | Abandoned old buildings | Pinterest | Abandoned and Playground

Ontario, Hospitals, Abandoned, Exploring

Bartonville Insane Asylum, Bartonville, IL - Built in 1895, Bartonville Insane Asylum, also known as the Peoria State Hospital or the Illinois Asylum for ...

Saskatchewan Hospital today.

Osawatomie Mental Hospital - Osawatomie, Kansas AKA "The Hill"

Aradale Mental Hospital | ... Productions | Beechworth Haunted Mental Asylum | Location Photography

Taunton State Hospital, Massachusetts by Tom Kirsch. The Asylum: ...

Tower Callan Park Former Mental Hospital by Val in Sydney, via Flickr

Callan Park Former Mental hospital by Val in Sydney, via Flickr

... Abandoned Mental Hospital – Insane Asylum. See more. Sometimes the most frightening places you can imagine really exist. Find out more in Matthew

Cleveland State Hospital | Cleveland State Hospital main entrance Cleveland State Hospital

Crates of Caskets - Photo of the Abandoned Northwood Asylum

From the book Asylum: Inside The Closed World Of State Mental Hospitals by photographer Christopher

So want to do this- Aradale Ghost Tours - Ararat Lunatic Asylum

Abandoned buildings

Sunbury Mental Hospital, Victoria.

Mercywood was a mental hospital before closing down. security guards heard the elevators moving when the building was empty. Sounds would come from…

Willard Asylum for the chronically insane

Abandoned Riverview Insane Asylum, Canada

Satanic Insanity: The New York City Farm Colony

6 of the Scariest Abandoned Mental Asylums in America | Stuff You Should Know

abandoned mental hospital in Georgia- i think i spent the last 25 years here

London Asylum for the Insane in London, Ontario, Canada abandoned

Willard Asylum for the Insane, Ovid, New York

Willard Asylum, New York, What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman

Abandoned part of the Peoria Insane Asylum

Asylum by the lake by AshtonPal, via Flickr. Abandoned AsylumsAbandoned PlacesPsychiatric HospitalCreepy ...

Abandoned Denbigh Insane Asylum

Old insane asylum.

Spotlight - Photo of the Abandoned Northampton State Hospital

Callan Park Former Mental hospital - college of arts by Val in Sydney, via Flickr

An abandoned southwestern hospital in Detroit. don't get shot here.

Eloise mental hospital | Asylums and other creepy places | Pinterest | Asylum

The Abandoned Wing

Abandoned places · The Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital ...

Volterra Psychiatric hospital

Haunted hospitals | psychiatric hospital building 8 may 07 2005 abandoned mental hospital .

Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane

Old Psychiatric Hospitals | Centre Lawn Building at Riverview, B.C.'s old psychiatric hospital

Binghamton State Hospital. New York (aka NYS Inebriate Asylum). 1864-1993

A Day at Willard Asylum for the Insane: Recently, the former Willard Asylum for the (chronically) Insane in Ovid, NY, and later known as the Willard State ...

Broken Symmetry - Photo of the Abandoned Central Islip State Hospital

on the property of St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital – St. Thomas, Ontario | Various Abandoned Mental Hospitals | Pinterest | Psychiatric hospital, ...

12 Abandoned Insane Asylums and Sanatoriums


Severalls Mental Hospital | Abandoned Britain - Photographing Ruins by Hercio Dias | Abandoned old buildings | Pinterest | Abandoned and Playground

High Dependency Unit in Whittingham Hospital, Lancashire, England

Napsbury Mental Hospital

The Sontiainen

Banbridge old hospital. Abandoned AsylumsAbandoned PlacesHospitalsDerelict ...