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The Stingray Nebula The Youngest Known Planetary Nebula Hen

The Stingray Nebula The Youngest Known Planetary Nebula Hen


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Stingray Nebula | by NASA Hubble Stingray Nebula | by NASA Hubble

A view of the Stingray Nebula (Hen 1357),

This image is a part of the Hubble Gallery of Planetary Nebulae. Name: IRAS

The Stingray Nebula Hen Is यह Youngest Known Planetary Nebula Ly Away In Ara यह Bright Central White Dwarf Is In यह Middle की यह Green Ring की ...

3-1357, the Stingray Nebula | by Glima49

Fast evolving star SAO 244567 is located in the center of the Stingray nebula.[

Cat's Eye Nebula – NGC 6543

planetary nebula

The Dumbbell Nebula (M27) was the first planetary nebula discovered, by Charles Messier

Ring Nebula (M57) in Lyra

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The Stingray Nebula Hen Is 在Youngest Known Planetary Nebula Ly Away In Ara 在Bright Central White Dwarf Is In 在Middle 的在Green Ring 的Gas Its Companion ...

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Thumbnail of image. NGC 3372: The Carina Nebula ...

Stingray Nebula (Hen 3-1357) in constellation Ara. It is currently the youngest known planetary nebula. About 18000 lightyears away with a radius of 0.08 ...

Behind The Curtain. «

The Glowing Pool Nebula

Young Planetary Nebulae: point_of_no_23 ?

Thumbnail of image. Planetary Nebula ...

Planetary Nebula

Thumbnail of image. M16: The Eagle Nebula ...

Helix Nebula (NGC 7293): Eye of God

Thumbnail of image. NGC 6888: The Crescent Nebula: The ...

Constellation of Ara

The Spirograph Nebula

Thumbnail of image. The Papillon Nebula ...

Our own Sun may eject a similar planetary nebula some 6 billion years from now.

Twin Jet Nebula

NGC 772 (Arp 78) in Aries

The remarkable textures seen in the nebula are newly revealed by the Hubble telescope, and their origin is still uncertain.

Flaming Star Nebula (IC 405, SH 2-229, Caldwell 31) in Auriga

A glimpse into the heart of a dying star

Thumbnail of image. The Helix Nebula: Collision ...

Thumbnail of image. NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula: The Bubble ...

The Ghost Nebula, a reflection nebula in Cepheus

Planetary nebula K 4-55

Owl Nebula. Planetary Nebula

Thumbnail of image. M8: The Lagoon Nebula ...

Hubble reveals previously unseen shocks

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope obtained images of the strikingly unusual planetary nebula, -

The Ring Nebula

Omega Nebula · zoom pic

ngc 6193

Planetary Nebula

New Planet Emerging

the dumbell nebula m27, in the Vulpecula constellation.

Planetary Nebula IRAS 17150-3224

The Stingray Nebula Hen Is The Youngest Known Planetary Nebula Ly Away In Ara The Bright Central White Dwarf Is In The Middle Of The Green Ring Of Gas Its ...

Comet Lulin: Non-periodic Comet (Picture of the Day)

Spiral Planetary Nebula

Butterfly Nebula - Stock Image

Pac-Man Nebula

globular cluster in ara

The gas atoms in the nebula are excited (heated) by the intense ultraviolet radiation from this star and emit strongly at specific wavelengths.

Veil Nebula

NGC 6193 is surrounded by NGC 6188, a faint nebula only normally visible in long-exposure photographs:

Planetary nebula NGC 6818

NGC 2440

Planetary Nebula

This exceptionally bright cluster lies about 16 000 light-years from Earth in the southern constellation of Ara (The Altar). It contains hundreds of very ...

Trifid Nebula (ground-based image)

(September 18, 1994) This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image shows one of the

Close-Up of the Dumbbell Nebula

WFPC2 Mosaic of Carina Nebula Region

spiral galaxy in ara


Star forming region in the nebula NCG 604, in the nearby sprial galaxy M33, as imaged by HST and the Mount Palomar telescope.

Uncovering the Veil Nebula

Sunflower Galaxy

Planetary Nebula

Protoplanetary nebula

The California Nebula, an emission nebula in Pereus. NGC 1499

Rosette Nebula

LH 72, a small group of stars embedded in a nebula in the LMC

Image ...

Dr. Kwok has done extensive research into the formation of planetary nebulae. The great perplexing question among astronomers like him was why there were so ...

Horsehead Nebula or Barnard 33 (Picture of the Day)

NGC 6618

The image's organization is similar to that of a cat's eye. A bright almost pinpoint

globular cluster,ara constellation

Caldwell 9: The Cave Nebula (Picture of the Day)

Nebulae in space Helix nebula Eye of God Space

1/6 उपयोगकर्ता: Planetary गैलरी

IF YOU CAN'T get enough of the animals here on Earth, just look toward the heavens. There you will find eagles, elephants, whales, and more—as long as you ...

Uncovering the Veil Nebula

The Ghost Head Nebula, an emission nebula in the LMC

Giant Twisters in the Lagoon Nebula - Stock Image

Magnetar Formation Mystery Solved?

... nebula in the LMC. Image ...

Cigar Galaxy: Closest Starburst Galaxy (Fact of the Day)

... a reflection nebula in Orion. NGC 2068